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@Read Book ß Halloween III; Season of the Witch ¼ Do You Know Where Your Kids Are Tonight The Streets Are Quiet Dead Quiet As The Shadows Lengthen And Night Falls It S Halloween Blood Chilling Screams Pierce The Air Grinning Skulls And Grotesque Shapes Lurk In The Gathering Darkness It S Halloween The Streets Are Filling With Small Cloaked Figures They Re Just Kids, Right The Doorbell Rings And Your Flesh Creeps But It S All In Fun, Isn T It No This Halloween Is Different It S The Last One oh my god this book THIS BOOK its like a dog that just peed on the rug you say no NO how could they do this to the halloween series i get that they wanted to renew the whole series, getting a fresh start but HOW could you think that changing this entire setup and all of the characters is good this actually would have worked way better as a stand alone movie just titled the season of the witch throughout my entire read through i was waiting for michael myers to apear until i realized that i was almost done with this book this has to be the worst halloween movie AND book but at least they dont try to cash in on the success of the first two movies with remakes wait THERE WERE REMAKES I ve always loved this movie and now, I can love the book Neither feature Michael Myers, but they are part of The Halloween Franchise made famous by John Carpenter.Thank you so much, Mr Carpenter You are truly one of the greats Like the movie, this book does not disappoint They capture that Halloween Fall spirit that is inside you.If you love the movie or the holiday, you ll LOVE this book Happy Halloween Jack Martin does a better job here than with his book adaptation of John Carpenter s The Fog, writing as Dennis Etchison , which lacks the spooky descriptive atmosphere that wonderfully saturates H3, example Challis divided the curtains and saw a jury of black crows disarranging the yellow green creepers of a pumpkin bed that had been neglected in the harvesting, the largest of the melons were cracked open like fiery skulls with shriveled features pecked into their faces to reveal decay within and if you re a fan of the unique and under appreciated film starring Tom Atkins, you ll most definitely appreciate his efforts in this book It s a quick suspenseful read, and follows the movie pretty much exactly, with a few minor changes and additions, most thankfully notably character development on Challis and Ellie I would ve loved background on Cochran since he s a fascinatingly evil character with the most sinister, ingenious holiday trick ever conceived Maybe someone someday will give us a bit on him and his terrifying wind up army Happy Halloween Reviled by many as the black sheep of the Halloween series, Halloween III Season of the Witch is the only entry in the series not to include the iconic villain Michael Myers Regardless of whether or not it should be part of the Halloween series, if you pretend for a moment that it is not part of any series and you stand it on its own, I think you will find an enjoyable horror novel with a unique plot I thoroughly enjoyed Halloween III Season of the Witch, and would certainly recommend it to anyone who likes reading horror novels.The Good Bizarre and interesting storyline that actually truly fits the occasion of Halloween The ending I can t say anything about it without spoilers, but I think it was a nice touch that goes against the typical horror movie ending A villain that does not fit the mold of the average horror movie antagonist back when it was written Where most antagonists of the day were monstrous and unthinking killers, this one is not.The Bad The characters tend to be a bit stereotypical and shallow While the main character, Dan Challis, is fleshed out pretty well, most of the rest are not Having viewpoints from different characters would have been a nice touch The Silver Shamrock jingle It is described as playing to the tune of London Bridge This is a very accurate description based on what is played in the movie However, you cannot appreciate the full effect of the jingle on your mind without hearing it It s hard to hold this against the novelization for obvious reasons, but it must be noted if you have seen the film.