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Old school but nice Would like to see the driver punished and a developed ending Did enjoyed reading though. Our heroine Iris had spent all her life in a convent and she would soon become a nun But Mother Superior sent her to be governess for the son of Greek tycoon Zonar Mavrakis He is a widower and a lonely man but he falls fast and hard for Iris She resists him and temptation with all her strength but Zonar is one determined man Loved the sweet innocent heroine, the alpha but very loving hero and heroine s inner struggle, her worries and doubts felt very real to me. @Kindle ⚾ Love is the Honey ⚢ Love Was Forbidden In Her Chosen LifeIris Ardath, Abandoned In Infancy, Had Spent All Her Life Behind The Convent Walls Of St Clare S She Fully Expected That She Would Take The Veil And Spend Her Years Safe In The Quiet Cloisters But Mother Superior Decided That Iris Needed To Know Something Of The World First So She Sent Her To Be Governess For Aleko, Son Of The Vibrant, Worldly, Sophisticated Zonar Mavrakis Love Was Something For Others Iris Was Sure Of It Until She Was Thrust Into The Life Of This Powerful But Lost And Lonely Man Stay with me, Iris Don t leave me alone to go to the devil, by the gods, if you need a good cause, then take me on The proud Zonar begging his little nun, Iris, to stay with him made my heart sing I loved every page of this book Iris was abandoned as a baby and raised in a convent At 18, she is now considering becoming a nun Until her Mother Superior sends her to be a governess to Zonar s young son, Aleko This brought about changes in her life that had her questioning her belief that she should be a nun What I loved most about this book was the look into Iris s life and seeing her loneliness and sadness And her coming to the realization that she was alone and would never have love and affection if she too her vows She enjoyed the luxuries that living as a governess gave, but it was the affection and the human contact that she desired than anything else And Zonar knew this and used it to help her come to her ultimate realization This had so many shades of The Sound of Music that I almost visualized Julie Andrews as Iris I truly loved this book and highly recommend it I know it s one that I will read again in the future Now I m off to find a copy of Lion and Fenella s book. Okay I did not like the first book because i hated the Hero and sometimes the heroine I was shipping the heroine with the brother in law Zonar And now reading Zonar s story I still go for Fenella heroine of book 1 and Zonar hahahahaha I like their chemistry compared to Iris.She s too innocent for him He s too old and worldly for herThe chef glanced at Zonar Mavrakis This is the first time I ve met your son and daughter sir Iris didn t know where to look, while Aleko broke into a gleeful laugh at his father s expense To Iris relief her employer didn t take the remark too seriously In a dry tone of voice he explained that she was Aleko s governessAnd I noticed that Iris did not really want to have a dalliance with her employer which I understand because she wanted to take the veil in the future And Zonar did not respect that insisting to the point of almost forced seduction which for me is a form of sexual assault by the way He forced himself on hergaaah Being raised with not much exposure to men and their manliness ahem ahem silliness and stupidity sometimes fell for him.Gaaah I think it s not love really I also noticed that Ms Violet likes her Heroes to be sooo alpha that they force themselves on the heroines sexually. Can t resist connected stories Mavrakis 02Ver o ViolentoViolet WinspearSabrina 115Abril1980Meu Deus Os homens da fam lia Mavrakis s o terr veis Conquistadores de primeira linha N o importa se s o homens adultos ou um pequeno garotinho, te conquistam no primeiro olhar.Coitada da ris n o teve nenhuma chance com o autorit rio e sexy Zonar J o garotinho Aleko um doce, como todo menininho.Apesar de ser conquistada no primeiro instante, ris lutou contra esse sentimento com todas as suas for as, mas Zonar muito homem, para deix la escapar um texto antigo, mas completamente arrebatador, ador vel E Zonar t o grego e passional, que dif cil n o se apaixonar.ADORO RECOMENDAD SSIMO An overall sense of enjoying the read Take it framed in the the time and style it was written this vintage isn t so cringey I couldn t stand it even in context.I haven t read many Winspear titles but I get the impression she likes worthy heroines and conflicted heroes sometimes that really works for me and sometimes it winds up wet rag and overbearing boor This one worked for me I have a pile yet so we ll see how it goes.The heroine is probably too young and too innocent for marriage and this hero and I want for her to experience a bit life before giving it over to the hero On the moon hand, she is ready and wanting to live simply and cloistered, and this way she ll have that contentedly but also with the world at her feet Let s hope that since her sweetness and innocence is part of what intrigued and drew the hero in, it continues to humble and keep him true to her I was sold well enough that it will.He is swooning in love by the end, and his final page declarations were great Why can she not devote herself to him his son their children, indeed There s no reason she couldn t have fallen in love with him either I won t take that agency from her, for all her unworldliness.I wanted to have a bit on page of her deprivations and loneliness And how that matched to his voids But I can imagine them sharing and healing those as they go into their future and that s a nice imagining The setting is interesting Winspear has some lovely, lyrical turns of phrase Hero has a wonderful relationship with his son, not something always seen or outlined in books with kids. Wow I loved this one I don t read much by Violet Winspear these days, but she was one of my most favorite authors back in the day.This one packed a very subtle punch A young woman leaves the convent on a short term assignment to be governess to a wealthy young boy She needs to determine if being a nun is the right decision for her having experienced no other life since she was abandoned at birth and given to the nuns to raise her.The hero is sadly bitter after his pregnant wife dies in a horrible car accident and he has to deliver his son on the side of the road He goes through the motions of life with very little feeling, except for his young son that he adores He definitely earns Dad of the year in HP land and l liked how Winspear played out this angle because it made a very bitter, wealthy playboy into a rather scrumptious heroStay with me, Iris Don t leave me to go to the devil, by the gods, if you need a good cause, then take me onWho could resist sigh Love is the Honey is the second book in the series I liked Zonar in The Child of Judas and I was very happy to see he found some happiness after all I only hope he changes his ways because he confessed in The Child of Judas that even though he really loved his first wife, his wondering eyes never stopped while married and it was a cause of problem in his first marriage Iris is very naive and doesn t want conflicts so I can see Zonar taking advantage of the situation The reason I can t trust him is because even though according to him, he loved her from the very start, he was still wining and dining the lovely Colette until the middle of the very last chapter.