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!Free Ebook ⚖ A Touch of Passion ♸ Lose Yourself In A Touch Of Passion Whether It S The Beauty In A Song Or The Magic Of A Kiss, The Agony Of Heartbreak Or The Hunger Of Yearning, Explore Ecstasy And Desire In These Captivating Full Length, Award Winning Novels Written By Bestselling, USA Today And NY Times Authors, This Boxed Set Has It All Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance, Victorian Romance, Western Romance, Romantic Suspense, Wounded Warrior Romance, Military Romance, And Literary Fiction These Sensual Tales Of Love With A Strong Female Lead Will Leave You With A Smile On Your Lips And Music In Your Heart Thanks To The Readers Who Love The Romance Novels In This Anthology, A Touch Of Passion Has Just Become TheWINNER Of The Romance Reviews Readers Choice Awards The Music Of Us By Uvi Poznansky Bestselling Author Lenny Goes As Far Back As The Moment He Met Natasha During WWII, When He Was A Soldier And She A Star Natasha Was A Riddle To Him Then, And With All The Changes She Has Gone Through, She Still Is Love Me Tender By Mimi Barbour NY Times And USA Today Bestselling Author How Could Anne Return To Texas Knowing That Her Son Would Be Meeting A Father Who Didn T Know He Existed And How Could She Go Back To Face The Only Man She D Ever Truly Loved That Unforgettable Kiss By Tamara Ferguson TopBestselling Author, Romance Reviews Readers Choice Award Winner New Adult Since Kate Callahan Will Be Running The Family Construction Business Someday, She Doesn T Have Time For Love Until Fate Steps In By Way Of An Unforgettable Kiss From Architectural Intern Michael MurphyPerfect For Him By Suzanne Jenkins Bestselling Author As They Danced, Jason Whispered Words Of Love To Harley, While Her Oncologist S Terrifying Diagnosis Kept Ricocheting In Her Skull To Ensure He D Be Okay After She Was Gone, Harley Would Take Matters Of Love Into Her Own HandsNellie By Cynthia Woolf Bestselling Author Saloon Owner Blake Malone Is A Bachelor And Likes It That Way Nellie Wallace, A Widow, Needs A Husband But Never Expected A Man Like Him Can Nellie And Blake Make A Marriage Out Of Mutual Need, Without Love Being Involved Ambrosia By The Sea By Traci Hall USA Today Bestselling Author After A Bitter Betrayal By Her Late Husband, Self Taught Chef Celia Langdon Moved To The Sea, Where Dive Shop Owner Dax Smith Dared Her To Heal From The HeartThe Single Daddy Club By Donna Fasano USA Today Bestselling Author Ex Military Man Derrick Is Solitary And Satisfied Until Timmy S Dropped Into His Lap And Derrick Must Become A Daddy Fate Has Denied Anna A Family Of Her Own, But She Has Plenty Of Love To Give, If Only Someone Would Notice A collection of twelve romances by twelve different authors They are a wide range of stories and authors I ve had the pleasure of reading The Single Daddy Club Derrick by Donna Fasano and I m looking forward to reading the rest.Former military man Derrick Richmond left the military to be a full time daddy to his godson Timmy when his father is killed serving his country Anna Maxwell is Timmy s teacher and notices that Timmy is struggling to socialize with his classmates and offers to help single dad Derrick out, but their relationship soon develops into a romantic one A relationship that Derrick isthan happy to dive right into, but Anna is pulling away fast and Derrick is soon trying to find out what went wrong when their relationship seems to feel just right I was given an ARC for an honest review All conclusions and mine and mine alone. I have been given this box set as an ARC for my honest review I have only read one book so far but will up date the review as I read the others.The Single Daddy Club by Donna Fasano Book 1 Derrick.I have read some of Donna s books before and I have always loved them and this book did not disappoint me either.Derrick and his cousin James are military men and they loved their jobs until one fateful day James was killed in a routine training drill, leaving Derrick the guardian to his godson Timmy Derrick is use to being single and having only himself to care for so when Timmy who is only 5 years old arrives to live with him he is at a loss at how to care for a child, when Timmy has been with him for 10 months he is called to a teacher parent meeting because of Timmy s behavior in class and Derrick feels guilty because he has been preoccupied with other things and may have missed the signs that something was wrong Derricks meeting with Timmy s teacher gets off to a bad start when she fails to meet him at the school office and after waiting for a few minutes he sets off to go and find her After the initial irritation of the misunderstanding of where they were supposed to meet Derrick sees his answer to his prayers standing in front of him and asks Anna to help him understand Timmy and help him with his parenting skill and to give him tips on how to improve Anna reluctantly agrees to help him but wonders on if Derrick wants to hear what she will have to say This is a beautiful love story of a woman who does not want to get into a serious relationship as she is unable to have a family and does not want to see the disappointment in another mans eyes when he finds out that she can not give him children and of a strong alpha male who will do everything in his power to win her over This story is full of compassion, love, family values, its heartwarming and has an alpha hero, and I loved every page of it Now to go and buy book 2 to read about Jason. Thus far I have only read book one but I am already reading book two.This is so worth the money.This is an amazing love story of a generation removed Ben returns but finds that all is not as it should be.And thus start our journey into how a soldier fell for a young girl who made piano keys sing.Not the most sophisticated of men our hero however loves deeply Appreciatesthan others of his age and thus the girl with the mood swings who s mother hate him tries nonetheless to get as close to this young woman as he can for he sees her as a woman, and he sees her in her music and such passion, such determination, such fear needs love.But will love be enough.As always this author does not disappoint This book, even though it is strictly speaking a romance is a study of the best and the worst of the mundane we all call life.I loved it Pick up your own copy and see what you think. I thoroughly enjoy anthologies such as this one that offer such a wide array of authors, writing styles and story lines This is a smorgasbord of wonderful romance stories, and as I sit here writing I was trying to think about just one to focus on without much luck I LOVED this entire set, would highly recommend it for any avid romance readers kindle nook device as you will want to revisit this one Wonderful job highly recommend Beautiful collection that includesthan one writer and will touch the hearts of those reading the stories I like the collection because readers are able to get a peek into each authors writing style and take a journey through their well written stories This is a great collection to read by a warm fire on a cold night Step inside the pages and get lost in some very well written and beautiful stories. Pure Enjoyment Smashing, pieces of real mastery, nicely interwoven, a pleasure to read, very enjoyable I ve read five of the books in the box set and I enjoyed each one of them.The Single Daddy Club Derrick by Donna FasanoThis book is really great I like the way Derrick try to woo Anna He was pretty persistent and Anna was stubborn too It was like cat and mouse chasing each other He was sweet and thoughtful and she was passionate and caring Great match Ambrosia by the Sea by Traci HallThis is the first book by Traci that I read I enjoyed reading the story although Celia was a bit difficult in the beginning since she was trying to prove herself I like how Dax tried to weasel his way to her heart.Nellie by Cynthia WoolfI felt that a man like Blake was a bit unreal He immediately like Nellie s children and that was kind of fast Nellie was nice and I like the drama.That Unforgettable Kiss by Tamara FergusonThis book was talking about fate Michael was not a perfect guy but he made a great couple with Kate Kate was a smart woman except in the matter of heart She had a misunderstanding with Michael causing six years of being apart They became mature though after they met again I like the scene close to the bridge and there is a bit of thrill in it.Love Me Tender by Mimi BarbourI really like this story Anne is a great character and I really love her son.I received the box set in exchange of an honest review. FREE ontoday 12 23 2017 What a great bargain for romance lovers The box set contains a wide range of books, some of which I had already read, and some new.I loved Uvi Poznansky s The Music of Us.The author has a unique sharp and poignant writing style and with the change of perspectives she gives the characters further depth Great writing, a fascinating premise and wonderful insight in human nature make this a read very worth your time Love Me Tender by Mimi Barbour follows on nicely with a twisted and complex story of love, secrets and truth Just in Case by Elisabeth Marx is a passionate and touchign story about forbidden love Tamara Ferguson delivers a great family saga and love story and Regina Pucket depicts the painful side of love, experienced by a film star.The first few books are stunning romances with deep and thoughtful stories and topics There is a sense that this isthan just romance Here, a crush can become life changing, feelings can affect entire lives deeply and irrevocably The passionf rom the title is not meant in a purely sexual way or not in a sexual way at all but in the sense of stirring the human heart.The box set brings together some great writing talent with unique styles and voices.There is historical romance, rock star romance and somelight hearted or playful novels, too Some great titles and a feast for romance lovers.