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As a debut novel, this is really good The hero, Dorin is sweet but also protective and a total badass The heroine, Brooke is also very sweet and together they re the perfect match This is pretty low angst and the drama involved brings this couple closer together That s my favorite type of story. 3.5 stars I was totally entertained by this debut novella by Colbie Carter, despite some slightly unbelievable twists to the plot and a few copy editing errors If you enjoyed the movie Taken with Liam Neeson or the Bourne trilogy movies, you ll like this book There is a ton of high octane action, some stereotypical, evil bad guys, and a few unexpected plot turns At first I thought this was going to be one of those dark, Stockholm syndrome books that are so popular right now, but with a sex trade angle I am happy to report that was an incorrect assumption Carter draws an excellent hero Dorin s story starts in Bucharest, where as a young child he is recruited into the CIA As a jaded and experienced agent, he falls hard for the girl he rescues, and she comes to rely deeply on him I very much liked both lead characters Brooke is naive, but not stupid She is in a strange place, at the mercy of horrible men, and still shows amazing grit There is lot of action and emotion and romantic steam packed into this under 150 page novella, yet it never lacks in character or plot development The narrative is lean and mean and very good There is even a touching epilogue I will certainly be looking forfrom Colbie Carter I was so impressed by the sharpshooter level focus of this adrenaline ride that I am overlooking the florid approach to the protagonists and the handful of grammar errors and awarding five stars. This story had potential, but I would like itif the author didn t tell us so soon about the identity of the person who betrayed h Andbuild up between H and h would be better. great story, well written, intense and powerful this women sold into the sex trade after being tricked or kidnapped, knowing this actually happens in real life realising just how vulnerable women are in this day and age, its scary stories like this, although fiction it does make you think i m glad i m not a person that travels, id be terrified if I did I felt for the child at the beginning of this, to be that young and scared, fending for himself as an adult he wants a settled life and family, who can blame him for that I would really recommend this book, it grips you and keeps the interest right to the end This book is Colbie Carter s first I have to say I m very impressed by it My only complaint is I wish it would have been a littledark gritty but I m a bit demented so Brooke Kennedy is a 24 year old medical student at John Hopkins in Maryland She is in Bucharest to visit her Father who is the American Ambassador to Romania While out to dinner with her Father she suddenly feels ill after drinking a sip of her wine, on her way to the bathroom she gets kidnapped by two men Dorin Milosovici is a 32 year old Romanian born CIA agent who is back in Bucharest to take down Europe s biggest human sex trafficker Dorin goes to a club under his alias to have a meeting with Anton Vasile, requesting merchandise for a customer, Anton invites him to the auction he is having in two days When Brooke wakes up she s being taken from the trunk of a car to a building where she s led down steps She is put in a chair in walks Anton Vasile telling her he now owns her will sell her so she might as well get used to it When Dorin goes to the auction he is shocked to see the American girl that the State Department reported missing Brooke is standing on stage drugged out of her mind Dorin knows he can t blow his cover so he bids on her ending up paying 20,000 for her The next day after sleeping off the drugs Dorin takes a very grateful Brooke to the American Embassy so she can be debriefed, he gives her his number in case she ever needs anything When some very unsettling things happen relating to her kidnapping who was really involved she calls Dorin for help Dorin s cover is blown he is on his way to a CIA safe house in Bulgaria with Brooke keeping her safe alive is his main concern. This story kept me on my toes Wow, Brooke hasn t seen her face in years with him working for the U.S Embassy in another Country While visiting she sure didn t expect to be kidnapped and being sold in the sex Slave trade Dorin is undercover and wanting to busy the biggest badest guy in the Sex Slave trade When he get info on a U.S girl being kidnapped its his mission to save her With spy s criminal and a betrayal can Dorin get Brooke back to safety or will she be lost among all the others in the Sex trade. *DOWNLOAD EBOOK ☔ Sold Into Salvation ↡ Brooke Kennedy Has Always Led A Sheltered Life Shy, Quiet, And Brainy, She Invested All Of Her Time Into Her Education To Become A Doctor But When She Takes A Vacation Halfway Across The World To Visit Her Father Who Is Living In Romania, Her Tightly Stitched World Is Ripped Apart At The Seams When She Is Snatched Into The Sex Trade, And Sold At Auction But Being Bought Turned Out To Be Her Salvation, And When The Dark Secret Behind Her Kidnapping Is Uncovered, She Must Turn To The Man Who Bought Her In Order To SurviveRomanian Born CIA Operative Dorin Milosovici Lives His Life With His Survival Being His Only Concern Being A Street Kid In Bucharest Only Prepared Him For A Life As A Soldier, Then A Spy When The Agency Sends Him Back To His Homeland For An Undercover Operation, He Is Less Than Thrilled But When A Kidnapped American Woman Is Placed On The Auction Block, Drugged Out Of Her Mind, He Posts The Winning Bid In Order To Save Her When Brooke Comes To Him In Danger Once Again, It S No Longer Only His Survival He Must Fight For His Cover Is Blown, The Only Thing That Matters Now Is Getting He And Brooke Back To The United States Safely He Just Never Expected To Fall For The Introverted, Innocent Kidnapping Victim In His Care Colbie Carter s first novel Sold into Salvation was an impressive start for a new author We are introduced to Brooke, medical student and daughter of the US Ambassador to Romania, as she is traveling to visit her father for a rare visit While visiting her world is turned upside down This story contains enough intrigue, betrayal, lust and affection to keep you engrossed and wanting to see how it all ends I look forward tonovels by Ms Carter andstories containing the characters from Sold into Salvation. This is a story about women sold into the sex slave market with a surprising twist This is very much a suspenseful and erotic romance story which most women will enjoy It is about a CI AThis story has a little bit of everything It has the really good guy, the really bad guy, some fast suspenseful car chases, and a lot of lustful lovemaking and eroticism, but nothing kinky Most women will really love it I can t speak for the other half of the humanoid species Honestly, I think they will enjoy it too Kathy R Blackman