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10 08 2015I have two reactions right now 1 Apollo 2 And yes, this means we ll get to know what s going on with fan favorite characters Leo and Nico And, of course, Percabeth. That s it, I died PERCABETH, GUYS 09 17 15HOLY FREAKING SHIT Brb peeing my pants in excitement Although I hope it s like the original Percy Jackson and the Olympians series rather than Heroes of Olympus. Is anything sadder than the sound of a god hitting a pile of garbage bagsOr to paraphrase, is there anything sadder than your favorite author becoming a sellout It s blatantly obvious Riordan isn t even trying any He knows he can put out a steaming heap of crap and Percy fangirls and Solangelo diehards would still be clawing over each other for a copy, sending This Hidden Disappointment to the top of the NYT bestseller s list.I don t understand Solangelo Will and Nico They never had chemistry They were slapped together in The Blood of Olympus for the sole purpose of Nico getting over Percy Yeah, it was sweet then and I was drunk on the magic of the finale, but their relationship is never fleshed out They re presented as this oh so cute couple and we re automatically supposed to be on board because they re gay.To that, I say We ship Percy and Annabeth because they have history. They went to hell and back for each other Their relationship weathered problems, like Luke and Rachel They work so incredibly well as a couple and a team as The House of Hades demonstrated.What do Will and Nico have A few conversations behind the Hades cabin I expected their relationship to develop in The Hidden Oracle, not a simple PSA about LGBTQIA rights from Riordan through Apollo I m glad we re seeing diversity in campers, with Chinese and Brazilian demigods, but the way they re presented feels like a big neon sign flashing, Look how inclusive I m being Solangelo isn t the problem I can live with them and the obvious fanservice in the form of view spoiler Leo hide spoiler #FREE à The Hidden Oracle á My Name Is Apollo I Used To Be A GodBut That Was Before I Was Cast Down From Olympus A Terrible Misunderstanding And Woke Up In A New York Dumpster I Persuaded Percy Jackson To Give Me A Lift To Camp Half Blood But The Place Is In Chaos Demigods Are Going Missing And The All Seeing Oracles Have Fallen To A Mysterious Enemy Known Only As The BeastI Figured That Regaining Zeus S Favour Would Involve A Series Of Harrowing Trials, And I Was Right I Usually Am My First Task Protect The Final Oracle, Hidden Away For Millennia If I Fail, The Beast Will Control The Future, But Worse I Ll Be Stuck As A Teenage Boy Forever NOOOOOO OMG That final chapter killed me and brought me to life at the same time Apollo s team in this trials will be THE DREAM TEAM I m so excited to read the adventures of these three Also, everytime Percy appeared I couldn t stop SMILING OH And Apollo was FANTASTIC He made me laugh out loud every two paragraphs Humor on point I really loved this book.UPDATE 05 10 2015 WE HAVE THE SYNOPSIS AND THIS IS EVEN BETTER THAN I EXPECTED I ve always loved the way uncle Rick writes Apollo and all the gods, tbh This is gonna be so epic and hilarious And I can t wait to see of my babies at Camp Half Blood Nico, Will, Jason, Piper, Leo And hopefully also Percy and Annabeth and Hazel and Frank YES PLEASEEEEEE.I M FANGIRLING SO MUCH.First impressions, September 2015 OMFG OMFG OMFG.EDIT I don t understand why people complain so much about Rick sticking to this universe and being like Cassandra Clare SO WHAT IF THE AUTHORS LOVE THE UNIVERSE THEY CREATED LET THEM BE They are the authors and they can write whatever they want If you don t want to read of their amazing books, then you don t have to do it There are plenty of people including me who are VERY EXCITED for this new series and for all of Cassie s new Shadowhunter Chronicles, too. Things can turn out differently, Apollo That s the nice thing about being human We only have one life, but we can choose what kind of story it s going to beDammit, Rick Riordan This book was actually really good WHAT THE HELL When I first heard about Trials of Apollo, I had very mixed feelings On one hand I felt like, Jeez Rick, please don t turn into a huge sell out On the other hand, I was like, I GET TO BE REUNITED WITH ALL THE PJO HOO CHARACTERS YET AGAIN YESSSS Honestly, the premise which is that Apollo turns mortal a punishment from Zeus and has to attend Camp Half Blood sounds like someone s fanfiction idea or something So I was a little like, Oh boy, how is this going to last for an entire book an entire five book series for that matter I guess I can only speak for the first book so far, but somehow it works I was honestly just going to read this book for kicks and to find out what had happened to certain PJO HoO characters But I ended up being way invested in the story than I thought I would be Not only is this book good, but I seriously think it s the best thing Rick Riordan has written in the past few years I liked this book than Magnus Chase and honestly I think I liked it than Blood of Olympus as well What I liked Apollo s narration Oh my goodness, it s hilarious I always loved Apollo in the PJO books, and it s amazing to get to read a whole story in his perspective Somehow he manages to be super conceited but also so lovable at the same time And I think it s because we all know he actually has a heart, hidden underneath all that vanity But also, it s hilarious to see him trying to adjust to being mortal Oh, and I loved that all the chapter titles were haikus It s not a journey story I think this may be the first ever Rick Riordan book where the characters don t go on an epic quest Not that I don t mind a good journey story, but I was relieved this book didn t follow the typical Riordan formula.This is where The Kane Chronicles and Magnus Chase, and even Heroes of Olympus fell a little flat for me I liked them, but it was starting to feel like the same story over and over again the characters go on some long journey, they meet a bunch of quirky mythological beings along the way The Hidden Oracle, on the other hand, mostly just takes place at Camp Half Blood Yet, there is still tension, mystery, and conflict without the characters having to wander all over the country Towards the end, I got the sense it was setting up for a journey story in the next book s , but I at least appreciate that Rick stepped out of his comfort zone for this first installment Percy Jackson gets a freakin break I was excited Percy was in this book, of course and I found it hilarious that Meg immediately has a crush on him oh my god, everyone is in love with this kid But I also liked that Percy didn t stick around for the whole book as much as I love him He s just like, Look, I ll give you a ride to camp and I ll check in this weekend but I also have a life and stuff I m sure he ll get dragged into shenanigans in this series, but I m also glad to see him trying to live a normal life trying to catch up on schoolwork, thinking about college, etc LetPercyLive2k16 The humor Rick really brought it with the humor in this one I haven t laughed so much at a book in a long time Then the glow become brighter a holographic golden sickle with a few sheaves of wheat, rotating just above Meg McCaffrey.A boy in the crowd gasped She s a communist A girl who d been sitting at Cabin Four s table gave him a disgusted sneer No, Damien, that s my mom s symbolJust oh my gosh dies of laughter MEG I love Meg I love that she wears glasses and eats a lot and has a little bit of hair above her upper lip I love that she s a daughter of Demeter, and that being a child of the harvest agriculture goddess is actually portrayed as being pretty badass I love how endearingly odd she is I love that she gets to be an important part of the story, when most of the time a similar character would have to take the sidelines.I also love the friendship between Meg and Apollo He starts off thinking she s a total nuisance and then ends up really caring about her in the end, and just mY HEART THE SOLANGELO OH MY GOD OH MY GOD I was grinning my head off about these two throughout the whole book I am ridiculously happy to finally see a canon gay couple in one of Riordan s books, and it was worth the wait These two are PERFECT, OMFGWill put his hand on Nico s shoulder Nico, we need to have another talk about your people skills Hey, I m just stating the obvious If this is Apollo, and he dies, we re all in trouble Will turned to me I apologize for my boyfriend Nico rolled his eyes Could you not Would you prefer special guy Will asked Or significant other Significant annoyance, in your case, Nico grumbledBOYFRIEND. HE SAID BOYFRIENDNico, I said at last, shouldn t you be sitting at the Hades table He shrugged Technically, yes But if I sit alone at my table, strange things happen Cracks open in the floor Zombies crawl out and start roaming around It s a mood disorder I can t control it That s what I told Chiron And is it true I asked.Nico smiled thinly I have a note from my doctor Will raised his hand I m his doctorCAN YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING THESE TWO DORKS I CAN T HANDLE IT.And you know what I also love I love that Apollo is so open about being bisexual Honestly this just means so, so much to me The first time Apollo mentioned that his two true loves had been Daphne and Hyacinthus my jaw kinda dropped, because I really hadn t expected Rick Riordan to acknowledge that.And I was already happy with that one little nod to Apollo s sexuality, but it doesn t end there Apollo clearly states at one point that he has been in relationships with numerous men and women, and throughout the story he notes the attractiveness of both male and female characters I had expected that at most Rick Riordan would hint that Apollo was bisexual, so I was just overjoyed that he didn t try to hide it at all In all seriousness, this representation means a lot to me There were no LGBTQIA characters in the books I read as a kid None. I don t think I saw queer characters in a book until I was like 15 So to see a book like this, where there is both a canon gay couple and a bisexual protagonist, and to know that gay and bisexual kids could grow up reading this book series and actually feel represented that gives me so many feelings I wish I d had this kind of representation when I was a kid What didn t work for me As I said, I did appreciate that this book took things a little slowly than most of Riordan s books However, I did wish there d been a little bit going on The whole book felt like it was building up to something bigger which isn t necessarily a bad thing, but it also made it feel a little incomplete The references to modern technology Look, I know Rick Riordan wants to appeal to the cool kids and all, but at times I found this a little cringe worthy All the references to things like Skype, YouTube, Snapchat, etc tend to feel forced and unnecessary to me not only that, but they re probably going to seem silly and obsolete to any kid who reads this book in ten years There was a major plot twist I was a little iffy about view spoiler I m talking about the whole thing where Meg sort of betrays Apollo It was a tad clich d and I was slightly disappointed that Riordan took it that route I just feel like the same plotline has been done a million times However, I did like that it added depth to her character It s pretty messed up how much Nero has manipulated and emotionally abused her hide spoiler 3.5 stars Yesterday, he was the mighty and melodious Apollo, son of Zeus Today, he is Lester Papadopoulos, a mere, ungifted mortal.There s only one thing for him to do now join the demigods at Camp Half Blood.What makes The Hidden Oracle incredibly interesting is Apollo himself Yes, he is one narcissistic personage with high standards and a peculiar appreciation for poetry.And, yes, he is tremendously flawed, there is no denying that But funnily enough, that s what makes him so likeable.Plus, there is nothing endearing than seeing a god care for his half human offspring Apollo is very protective when it comes to his children and friends.No one can say that he only cares about himself.As usual with any Rick Riordan book, The Hidden Oracle is filled with adventure, action, danger, mythology, monstrous creatures, originality, friendship and fun moments My qualm It acts too much as the spin off to The Heroes of Olympus, which is a series I could not bring myself to finish.It can be read without having any knowledge of the aforementioned series, but there are countless of mentions of characters from it many are actually part of this new series as well.My suggestion is that you at least read the first book in The Heroes of Olympus if you have the time, for the author does not present the old characters in grand detail he basically assumes we are already acquainted with them.The Hidden Oracle is a highly entertaining new series containing a large set of characters and many adventures It plunges the god of music, prophecy and healing, Apollo, into a dozen cut throat situations.I read it in a single day and look extremely forward to the sequel.Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin 1 5 stars A Tired Spin on the Same Old Formula I ll be perfectly blunt you don t look to Riordan for originality We all know this to be true Hell, the very first Percy Jackson books rode the Harry Potter ripoff wave to C List stardom and even then he just rewrote ancient myths in a modern format Now he s going back to his roots and just ripping off his previous stories under that hypnotic guise of nostalgia We return to Camp Half Blood Prince and meet some familiar characters like Percy and Nico, only to go on the same old adventures.The main difference here is that Apollo has been stripped of his godly powers and must face a road to redemption instead of just being a godly offspring This theme, again, is heavily borrowed from pre existing mythology Percy s return is a mirror of Annabeth s in the Sword of Summer which leads me to believe that since these two series are released near each other and seem to have the same timeline that they will at some point at least partially intersect But Percy s reappearance being very much like his girlfriend s before him again shows that Riordan is running out of fresh material and reusing his own plots.Cringey Dad Jokes Mythology Edition SMH Rick writes Apollo in his own voice desperately unhip yet trying way too effing hard to be cool. And completely oblivious to this fact as a writer His references are outdated and will go over the heads of the target Middle Grade audience They won t get the mess that was the 2007 Britney Spears VMA performance unless they care enough to google it because they either weren t born at the time or were watching cartoons instead And this is something that is mentioned on page one, yet the whole book is littered with these gems This is also the basis of Riordan s books The gods got bizay with mortals So it comes pun intended as no surprise that Apollo has had many lovers, both female and male a fact that Riordan seems to hammer yep, still punnin home at every possible chance to prove how hip both he and Apollo are with teh ghey stuff when he finds out his son has a boyfriend This is peak Riordan dad joke cringe right here, because he continually beats heh punz this long dead horse way past trying to make any point that he s so kewl with it.If that wasn t bad enough, each chapter heading has increasingly lame haikus over them I feel like this whole book could have used a good editor to show Riordan that so much of it is just cringey or trite but according to a source with the same publisher, they just don t care about quality and expect the author to do it all I guess Riordan in his utmost dweebiness thought this was a good effort, then again, he also chose this as his book jacket picture No, seriously This guy thought this was a flattering pic Yikes The villain here is laughably melodramatic, and not in a good way It s like watching Bailee Madison in basically any of her roles, just chewing the scenery and not believable at all Honestly, how the hell does that annoying actress get roles She has no talent whatsoever This was tons of fun The perspective of a god is great to read from, especially since Apollo made for a hilarious narrator While I didn t enjoy it quite as much as his other books, it was still great Suffice to say, Apollo, you are awesome This book made me literally LOL multiple times and brought a smile to my face seeing old characters I love again YAY Ill be uploading my review to my youtube channel this week 4.5 I LOVED THIS A review will be up on my channel on Friday