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Emma Grayson has come on in leaps and bounds since we were first introduced to her in A Single Step, book 1 of the Grayson Trilogy, as a damaged woman who suffered significant personal losses, the death of her child and the resulting breakdown of her marriage From the beginning tantalising questions have been dropped into the narrative For instance, who anonymously delivered the advert for the position at Melton Manor estate to Emma As turned out, it was the perfect job for her and relocation was exactly what she needed for a fresh start Emma has reserves of strength which even she doesn t yet realise.Then there are the hints concerning Emma s childhood and adoptive sets of parents, as well as the question of the mystery person who saved Emma, Grace and the children during the attack on the Manor I couldn t wait to read this final instalment to find the answers Georgia Rose takes the plot in completely unexpected and satisfying directions as Emma struggles to process her incredible story, which is revealed as the book progresses.Emma and Trent are now married and life has settled back into a routine of sorts after the tension and turmoil over the summer months Trent and Cavendish are still spending periods of time away from the Manor, trying to close down the Polzin organisation On his return home after a week away, Trent is overjoyed when Emma tells him she s pregnant It s a time of mixed emotions for Emma, bringing back memories of the child she lost, feelings of guilt and worries about her ability to raise another child safely.Emma s relationships with Cavendish, Grace and everyone at the Manor are deepening and they all offer support which Emma is finding easier to accept as she is able to show feelings and emotions And although Emma is finding cutting down on her workload frustrating she understands and agrees with Trent s concerns But a quiet life is impossible in the immediate future as danger stalks Emma and puts her and Trent in a high risk situation It takes the combined efforts of the others at the Manor and someone Emma thought gone forever to resolve the situation.There s a slightly different tone to this book compared to the last Much less action, but that s in no way detrimental to the story as there s lots of heart stopping drama Thicker Than Water is very character driven, emotional and reflective, about relationships and how far people will go for those they love It s extremely well written and crafted, with surprises and suspense, and completely held my attention from the beginning Emma and Trent have grown and developed into wonderful characters, along with the other inhabitants of the Manor This is a series I will want to read again There s a wonderful added extra at the end of the book, don t be tempted to sneak a peek though It s a great note to finish on. Thicker Than Water brings the story of Emma and Trent to a very satisfactory conclusion Georgia Rose has answered all the questions thrown up in the first two books, and we are left feeling that while Emma may have wished things to end differently, she and Trent are out there now, getting on with their lives, and hopefully happy An exciting, sensitive book with realistic characters Highly recommended. Fabulous Thicker Than Water is book 3 of the Grayson trilogy and brings to a conclusion the tale around Emma Grayson a divorcee who lost a child and wanted to start a new life She runs the horse yard on a private estate which is a front for a secret organisation.In this book Emma has now married estate Manager Trent and finds herself pregnant A mysterious package arrives for her via MI6 and sets off alarm bells which lead to revelations about her past life But Emma is also in grave danger from a terrorist group known as the Polzin who circle ever closer in search of revenge.This book had a slow start but the tension picked up in the second third, leading to an action packed finish I would recommend reading this series from the beginning to get the most from the storyline. I m not typically drawn to this genre of book which I d define as romantic thriller but I ve enjoyed this writer s take on the topic of books and writers on her blog, so it seemed time to explore some of her narrative work I picked up copies of all three of her Grayson Trilogy and was immediately swept up into the saga of Emma Grayson Though I ve read the entire series A Single Step, Before the Dawn, and this one, Thicker Than Water I am leaving my review here because my perspective is about the trilogy as a whole rather than any one of the three books , which would accurately be described as Parts One, Two and Three of an unfolding narrative, rather than three standalone books But I urge readers to start from the beginning with the first book, necessary to getting the full arc of the story, and certainly the most enjoyable way to experience it Georgia Rose is a skilled, engaging writer who pulls you into the story immediately, without an overabundance of hyperbole and fluff, which I particularly enjoyed Her protagonist, Emma Grayson, is a young woman brought up in foster care, who s lost her only child by illness, her marriage by affair her husband s , and her entire sense of self due to the critical mass of these devastating events She takes a job as a stable master at a large and somewhat enigmatic manor out in the English countryside, looking both to find solitude and detach from life as she s known it, and this is where the story unfolds There is the requisite cast of characters that inspires immediate laying of bets as to who will be become her romantic interest I guessed correctly , but despite that unavoidably predictable element these ARE romance novels , Rose finds a way to roll out her story with a depth and detail that is unexpected I particularly enjoyed the specificity with which she describes Emma s job as a stable master the arcane details of caring for horses and their environs was not only educational and interesting, it contributed a very visceral backdrop for the plot, which was expertly interwoven throughout Another touching and thoughtful plot element was the emotional and very relatable journey Emma experiences in continuing to mourn her daughter As readers, we could feel the loss and agony along with her, and Rose does an excellent job of bringing this in and out of the story without making the topic maudlin or manipulative The impact of losing a child becomes a very salient part of Emma s character and the journey she s on, impacting the choices she makes, both good and less good, and we are always led to feel both empathetic and hopeful that she will traverse that loss to allow herself a happy life once again The other characters in the book, from the man she falls in love with, to the noble couple who own the Manor, to the other Manor staff, are individually defined, with specific character traits and compelling roles in the drama, and, again, Rose shows her skill in fleshing those out in ways that are rich in detail and personal narrative The thriller plot line which I won t give away was unexpected and initially struck me as a bit larger than life certainly the life we re set up to believe Emma will be living , but once you hop on board and just decide to take this wild ride inclusive of international espionage and some nefarious characters up to no good it s darkly suspenseful and quite the page turner Rose s imaginative twists and nail biting turns are exciting and visual, and here is where a reader is obligated to read all three books to get the full spectrum of that storyline and its denouement Which is also true of the romantic side of this tale Emma s slow opening up, of her heart, her trust, her willingness to once again embrace life and love, is tender and affecting, and we WANT her to get there Rose pushes her character, sometimes to uncomfortable places, to force her face all the corners of her life, past and present, dark and light, allowing her to come into her own as a newly realized woman, and for the reader, it is a lovely journey I thoroughly enjoyed this series and recommend it to readers, even those who don t normally turn to romancebecause it s certainly than just that Additionally, it s written by an author who obviously put a lot of care and attention into creating not only an engaging story, but a physical book put together with a professional touch, from the well formatted interior to the beautiful covers, something I, for one, always appreciate The final part of this trilogy has a most unexpected and unusual twist I certainly hadn t seen it coming Once again a very well plotted novel with excellent characterisation Emma and Trent have had a wonderful romance across all three books made so interesting by the exciting thriller into which their love story is woven I really enjoyed reading this novel plus the extra section at the end. Georgia Rose knows what makes a standard thriller She just doesn t play with those rules This isn t exactly a surprise In my review of A Single Step, the first book in her Grayson series, I noted that Her version of gothic does indeed involve an orphaned heroine, the grieving Emma Grayson But from that point on, Georgia Rose grabs hold of the gothic genre with both hands and makes it her own In my review of the next book in the series, Before the Dawn, I pointed out that she d done much the same with the standard thriller format She lays meticulous groundwork, allowing us to see Emma s doubts and fears The action rises to edge of your seat levels in the middle of the book, followed by the piece you seldom get to see in other thrillers as Emma and her friends come to terms with the lingering effects of the violence that engulfed Melton Manor But it s in the final book of the trilogy, Thicker Than Water, that Georgia Rose both subverts and embodies the thriller format Like the two earlier books, this can be read as a standalone But take it from me don t do it You might be able to get by without seeing the way Emma s new friends help her rebuild a life that s been shattered by tragedy You might not need to see how her new romance develops from its first fragile beginnings Certainly, there s enough steam generated between Emma and Trent in Thicker Than Water to convince readers of the ongoing romance You might even piece together the plots of the enemies who were vanquished and the ones still threatening the peaceful life at Melton Manor.But you would still miss important clues You wouldn t be looking for an explanation of the mysterious arrival of the job advert that sent Emma to the Manor in Book 1 You couldn t wonder about the unknown guardian angel who saved her and her friends and then disappeared in Book 2 Or the tiny clues and hints that there was something unexplained about Emma s background.If you do start with Thicker Than Water, you ll still get a hell of a thrill ride And you ll still get to watch Georgia Rose take apart the standard thriller as she tells that story From the opening scene where Emma is hanging on with both hands to the temporary reprieve of peace and hard won happiness, to the looming realization that danger still threatens, to the unexpected news that ties her future to an unknown past the action moves at an ever increasing pace, but on its own terms Instead of glamorous scene changes that span the globe, Emma s universe is the tiny, very British, very rural world of Melton Manor, village, and pub Instead of car chases and cliffhangers, her enemies target her home Instead of a deadline or timer ticking down to disaster, there is an inescapable countdown that is both universal and immediately personal.And very best of all, in what I now recognize as Georgia s signature style, we see the aftermath What happens after the villains do their worst What does it mean for the survivors And what is the cost of victory Five stars for Thicker Than Water, a thriller that thinks, that takes time to build relationships, and that charts the aftermath This is such a satisfying conclusion to a terrific series I would be sad to say goodbye, except for two things First, this is clearly a series that I ll reread often And second, Georgia has included a special gift at the end, the perfect little present for those who ve made the journey with Emma and her friends No peekingI received this book for free from the publisher or author in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review Thicker Than Water is the final instalment of Georgia Rose s The Grayson Trilogy As a massive fan of the first two novels, it was with a mixture of excitement and trepidation that I approached this story On the one hand, I couldn t wait to find out what was happening to the central characters, Emma and Trent, along with the finely crafted supporting characters but, on the other, did I really want my investment in their world to be over I needn t have worried because Rose rewards her readers with the most satisfying finale to what has been a captivating trilogy One of the strengths of these stories is their refusal to be pigeon holed into any particular genre and Thicker Than Water has something to offer most readers It s part love story, part family drama, part suspense with a big pinch of action adventure thrown in for good measure The story opens with Emma and Trent settling into domesticity as a married couple When Emma finds herself pregnant, readers of the earlier stories will understand why the news provokes a complex reaction in her As she and Trent work through the emotional turmoil, Rose manages to create even depth to their characters and relationship For me, one of Rose s skills is the way she is able to describe the everyday parts of life with an authenticity that we can all relate to The novel changes pace about a quarter of the way in with the arrival of a mysterious package which brings a new character Zakhar Volkov into Emma s world, with life changing ramifications As Trent and Cavendish are still dealing with the fallout of their run in with the Polzin family in Before The Dawn, the situation travels full circle back to the Manor with dire consequences It is during the resolution of this dispute that we are taken on a rollercoaster ride of action adventure with real moments of edge of your seat tension What I like about Thicker Than Water is the fact that as well as being a page turner it raises many philosophical issues Perhaps most importantly it explores the idea of whether we need to know our past before we can successfully embrace our future Emma has had a troubled life with a childhood spent in foster care Rose uses this novel to allow Emma to make peace with both her childhood and the death of her first child I also found myself pondering the rather timely question of whether there s a place for an intelligence service operating with few limits in a world threatened by terrorism and other dangerous criminal enterprises The introduction of Volkov, who is an assassin, raises questions of morality as he only kills people who are bad and seemingly deserve it This moral dilemma becomes even thornier when Trent likens his own role to that of Volkov Rose doesn t give us simple answers and this lends the novel a sense of gravity Thicker Than Water could be enjoyed as a standalone novel but to get the maximum enjoyment I would recommend it to be read as part of the wonderful Grayson Trilogy If you want a novel that will make you feel as though you are actually a part of this mysterious, thrilling world then give yourself over to Georgia Rose Be warned though set aside a good few hours reading time because, once you start reading, you won t want to put this book down. Amazing the twists this novel took really left me gasping and on the edge of my seat It was certainly of a tear jeaker than I was expecting I could only hope to show the same level of imagination that Ms Rose showed in writing this trilogy Brovo Ms Rose I loved all three books. ^Pdf ⇻ Thicker Than Water (The Grayson Trilogy #3) ↵ Vaguely Aware Of The Tremor In My Hand I Ran My Fingers Up Through The Thick Locks Of His Dark Hair Fear Clutched At My Heart As I Sensed The Icy Tendrils Of Grief Reaching For Me Once As The Overseas Action Steps Up A Gear For Trent, Emma Has Her Own Challenges To Face Loyalties Are Tested And Vengeance Sought When She Attracts Interest From An Unwelcome Source Because Someone Is Coming Someone Who Has Emma In Their SightsSomeone Who Will Turn Her Life Upside Down Forever