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The first person narrative by an autistic man is as the description notes , reminiscent of the teenage narrative in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night I don t know a lot about autism , but what I do know is that I certainly felt the tension and anxiety that Todd feels as he described when he is having an attack of volts and we clearly see how much he really wants to go home There s a sweetness here as Todd looks up the definition of love on Mr C , a computer There s also sadness when Todd remembers his childhood and the beatings by his father and torture by his younger brother Nate who only visits on occasion Even now after all the years , it s clear that Nate is not looking out for his brothers best interest The saddest thing is how much Todd misses his mother who has since died , and through his memories we know how much she loved her best boy and how much it broke her heart to place him in this home There is also the joy of his mother s love that Todd has never lost.He s been in the home for 40 years , but things begin to change when Martine arrives It s disconcerting when he stops taking his medication, and becomes caught in a mess created by an unscrupulous employee Thankfully there is a caring staff member named Raykene , who makes life better for Todd when he finds that you just can t go back Thankfully , because you can t help but want there to be some semblance of happiness and a peaceful life for this man Gottlieb gives background info on autism at various points in the book when Todd asks Mr C the computer and Mr B , the Encyclopedia Britanica that his mother gave him and that he still reads In addition to a character that you care about, we learn some of what the author knows about autism through is experience with an autistic brother Thank you W.W Norton and Edelweiss. (((Book))) ⇲ Best Boy ↼ Sent To A Therapeutic Community For Autism At The Age Of Eleven, Todd Aaron, Now In His Fifties, Is The Old Fox Of Payton LivingCenter A Joyous Man Who Rereads The Encyclopedia Compulsively, He Is Unnerved By The Sudden Arrivals Of A Menacing New Staffer And A Disruptive, Brain Injured Roommate His Equilibrium Is Further Worsened By Martine, A One Eyed New Resident Who Has Romantic Intentions And Convinces Him To Go Off His Meds To Feel Normal Again Undone By These Pressures, Todd Attempts An Escape To Return Home To His Younger Brother And To A Childhood That Now Inhabits Only His Dreams Written Astonishingly In The First Person Voice Of An Autistic, Adult Man, Best Boy With Its Unforgettable Portraits Of Todd S Beloved Mother, Whose Sweet Voice Still Sings From The Grave, And A Staffer Named Raykene, Who Says That Todd Reflects The Beauty Of His Creation Is A Piercing, Achingly Funny, Finally Shattering Novel No Reader Can Ever Forget Most often it takes a few chapters before I can truly say, I m enjoying this book Not so with Best Boy I liked it from page one, in the spot I met Todd Aaron You see, Todd is easy to like He is joyful but routine smart but simple inquisitive but tentative Well who isn t I say Sometimes Todd gets the volts That comes with his autism.So what s this story about It s about Todd, yes, but through Todd s narrative, I found that it was the story about people He has spent 41 years at Payton LivingCenter, almost all of his life He has his music, his daily activities, his Mr Bthe Encyclopedia Britannicaand sometimes Mr CComputer , because he likes information That s all he needs Nope, it s really not He may think in different terms React in a different manner But, the end result is the same Like us, he needs others He needs family And a place that is home Best Boy made me think about each of those things.If you decide to read this book and I recommend that you do , Todd s going to take you on an adventure The trip isn t far in the physical sense, but it may go a long, long ways into your heart I said that I liked it from page one Well, by page 100 I liked itPage 175 Yep,Page 220 Let me thank my friend Liz, who recommended this book that made me laugh so many times , gave me the fuzzies, the tunnel eyes, introduced me to a character I ll never forget, and taught me new words, like crusherating.Also, it included one of the best lines in recent memory, seemingly spoken by a bird alongside the road, although it really came from ToddHome is in your head You were a best boy who became a beautiful man and made everybody who knew you very proud Imagine seeing the world through the eyes of someone who is completely defenseless against it Someone incapable of deception, who does not distinguish laughter from contempt in people he doesn t know A person who experiences a completely different world than the one you and I inhabit both scarier andwondrous Now imagine just how easily he could be taken advantage of, or become lost, confused, and paralyzed with fear Wouldn t you just want to protect him Todd Aaron is a lovely, autistic man in his 50s who resides in a community with others like him He s been content there for 40 years but what he wants most of all is to go home to where he lived as a child, and find a memory of his mother to hold Todd s account is written so that the reader is presented with only what he hears and sees, nothingThere are no nuances, undertones or inferences drawn, beyond the very simplest of which Todd is capable In this way we re left to fill in the blanks ourselves and I have to tell you, it was superbly done It s a straightforward, undiluted, first person perspective that brought me to tearsthan once I must also warn you, there were times I wanted to punch certain people in the face repeatedly when you read it you ll know who I mean Do I even need to add that I loved this book If you enjoy books that really make you feel, then please read Best Boy. This story is told by Todd Aaron, a man in his 50s who is autistic I thought the author did a great job writing from his point of view I have always had a special place in my heart for people with special needs, and I am interested in stories like this that are told well I loved this book BEST BOY stole my heart So many raw emotions feelings sensations were purged from me through this deceptively quiet, micro suspense novel love, tenderness, anger, frustration, joy, innocence, angst, vulnerability, fear, heartbreak, sweetness Everyone in book club today, with the exception of one, had nothing but glowingly wonderful things to say about this bittersweet novel And even the one thought it was exceptionally well written she just couldn t fully connect with the narrator We enjoyed discussing all aspects of the book from BOTH a literary and casual reader perspective Author Eli Gottlieb did a fabulous job giving credence and believability to an otherwise unreliable narrative Penned sparsely, butthan apt at expressing the often inexpressible that can only be known between the lines and or outside the pages I also feel like both the major and minor characters were developed adequately and appropriately to carry the story yet not so fully developed as to seem unbelievably construed by an autistic voice Truly, on the surface, this novel might not seem to go anywhere, per se At least not in the typical literary arch model And too, we as readers expect protagonists to change, evolve, grow, morph, or come to some sort of self realization and or enlightenment over time But for those on the mid to lower end of the autism spectrum, grand enlightenment and or full emotional engagement awareness doesn t apply All in all, an absolutely stellar read for me From beginning to end, I found this a most satisfying and fully engaging great read.FIVE Deceptively Quiet and Profound, Emotionally Impacting STARS I absolutely loved this book I know that a large part of my enjoyment of it, is because my son is on the autism spectrum I saw a lot of him in Todd It also was a good look into what might go through my son s mind at times, why he struggles in certain situations My own personal experiences aside, this book was beautifully written It makes you laugh, it makes you cry It was a great read. Todd, an autistic man has lived at Payton Living Center for decades Todd was dropped off at the age of 13, when his family could no longer tolerate his occasional violent outbursts Told by his mother when she leaves him to be the best boy possible, Todd has tried to live by the rules and finds happiness in the memories of his beloved mother Now his brother is his caretaker, someone who was cruel to Todd as a boy, and now does his duty from what a appears to be a guilty conscious Lucky for Todd, he has Rakene, a compassionate and caring women, for his daily care But his world is shaken by his new brain damaged roommate and the arrival of a new staff member who Todd is wary of from the moment they meet Todd wants to go home, and visit his childhood residence, with no concept of how to get there His thoughts on the Living Center This wasn t home It pretended to be It pretended with all its might that it was filled with people who were my family and also that it was the right place for me But none of these things were true and they never would be I wanted to take my hand and shatter the window and the pretendingness into little bits My real life was still going on somehow in the spaces of the house where I was born and the woods behind it What I was seeing now out the window was a fake projection of a family like a movie on a sheet that they showed us once at a special needs summer camp Though intuitive, Todd lacks the skills to navigate the world outside the Living Center But Todd is so muchthan what he displays to others To quote Todd they talked around me They talked at me They threw words at me like I was the wall of the barn They thought I didn t understand but sometimes I did Todd is a good reminder that all people, especially those that are disabled, are so muchthan what we see on the outside A final quote I can t stop remembering what happened to me long ago, but that s all right I don t mind I was a Best Boy and a good little camper and now I m a lucky man Somebody always loved me Really 4.5 stars This wasn t my home It pretended to be It pretended with all its might that it was filled with people who were my family and also that it was the right place for me But none of these things were true and they never would be 3.5 starsFor me this is a story about love the beautiful kind his mom and Raykene and thecomplicated kind his brother and sister in law There are many novels about kids with autism but this is the first one I ve read about an adult, which gives you a very different perspective Todd s descriptions about the medicines effect on him and how he sees other people are very powerful Do not expect another Curious incident of the dog at night time, this is very different quiet and thoughtful.My only criticism is that I thought the villain could have been toned down a bit A quick but touching read. When his mother brought Todd Aaron to the Payton Living Center, she gave her autistic son words to live by Life has a song of happiness at the heart of it, but you can only hear that song if you work hard and are always a Best Boy and do exactly what you are told Forty years later, Todd has a childlike innocence, enjoys music, and has an excellent memory for information in the Encyclopedia Britannica Mr B and on the computer Mr C He s a good worker on the lawn crew or cafeteria line When he gets upset, Todd feels the volts coming on, but can chase the feeling away by biting his hand His most supportive staff member, a warm woman named Raykene, helps provide stability and affection.Things change when a perfect storm of events converge The institution hires an untrustworthy man who resembles Todd s abusive father Todd s new housemate is a bad match for him A new resident, the beautiful Martine, tells him how to fake taking his pills to get off the mind numbing Risperdal which keeps him tranquil Todd gets the idea of going home to live, forgetting that his parents are long dead and his complicated relationship with his brother Todd just wants to go back to that place where he felt enveloped in his mother s love.The author, Eli Gottlieb, has a brother with autism who is the inspiration for this novel and his first book, The Boy Who Went Away Gottlieb wrote Best Boy with Todd as the narrator showing how he experiences his surroundings, life in an institutional setting, and family dynamics I m glad I spent some time in Todd s company.