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I ve put off writing this review for far too long, because I just don t know what to say It did draw me in at the beginning, but then kept me at a distance from the characters In the story, a fathers mental illness is passed to one of the sons, and is told through his eyes While this gave me an inside look at the thoughts and actions of one with such an illness, it also distanced me from the deeper emotions of the family I was left with a feeling of this is what happened For me, I really missed not having a personal connection to the story I did absolutely love Haslett s writing though Very sophisticated, yet not overly so I got to look up many words that I was only somewhat familiar with Thank you Kindle While this book may have not hit the spot for me, I will be checking out his others. Imagi e Me G ne by Adam Haslett is a 2016 Little, Brown and Company publication Once I have chosen a book that is pretty far outside of my normal reading range, continuing on my quest to expand my reading habits a little.I had NO idea what to expect, really, but this novel is truly remarkable in its unflinching portrait of a family coping with mental illness When Margaret marries John she is fully aware of his bouts with depression, these episodes he has, but she is in love with him and marries him despite the adversity they will face in life From that point on, the family they have together will often face insurmountable challenges, hardships and incredible pain as they watch the ones they love suffer from a slippery malady that draws them further and further from the love and warmth they need, but can t seem to digest, as they continue to slide into a dark abyss First of all, this story is not a sugar coated, watered down for public consumption type of novel It is realistic and stark, and because of the subject matter, it is heavy with little or no respite.However, the characters are rich, well drawn, and I did care very much what happened to this family I hoped with them, suffered with them, and cried with them, and you will too Watching them work so hard to keep their heads above water, but seeing them flail about, drowning as the tide pulls them under, is difficult to watch But, would I do anything differently I don t know How far do you go for someone you love Where do you become resigned to their fate How do manage to let go For the first time I saw him now as a man, not a member of a family A separate person, who had been trying as hard as he could for most of his life simply to get by While very thought provoking, raw, and emotional, this book is pretty sad and if you are not one who handles that kind of outcome, this is not the book for you I admit this is certainly not the type of book I would want to read too often, and I usually do steer away for anything that suggests a less than rosy outcome, but I am glad to see someone write such an honest and bold depiction of mental illness, one that will stick with you for a long time to come I came away with much insight about those who struggle with this disease and for the families and love ones who suffer through that journey along with them 3.5 rounded to 4 [Kindle] ☩ Imagine Me Gone ☨ When Margaret S Fianc , John, Is Hospitalized For Depression In S London, She Faces A Choice Carry On With Their Plans Despite What She Now Knows Of His Condition, Or Back Away From The Suffering It May Bring Her She Decides To Marry Him Imagine Me Gone Is The Unforgettable Story Of What Unfolds From This Act Of Love And Faith At The Heart Of It Is Their Eldest Son, Michael, A Brilliant, Anxious Music Fanatic Who Makes Sense Of The World Through Parody Over The Span Of Decades, His Younger Siblings The Savvy And Responsible Celia And The Ambitious And Tightly Controlled Alec Struggle Along With Their Mother To Care For Michael S Increasingly Troubled And Precarious Existence 5ish stars What a quietly devastating book It s written so naturally, just following the lives of its characters over decades without seeming like it s trying to make a statement or push an agenda Haslett does not shy away from asking some tough questions and doesn t give easy answers He brilliantly explores the themes of the novel for which mental illness is of a catalyst than a direct focus Each of the characters in the five member family who the novel revolves around is as human as any fictionalized character I can think of In a lot of ways, Haslett s character work reminds me of Anne Tyler s which is as big a compliment as I can think of Like Tyler, Haslett s compassion for his characters shines through though he makes no attempt to glamorize or justify any of them Each of the characters lives their own lives, has their own ups and downs and while none of them is defined by mental illness, it is continuously affecting each of them in various ways Though we re never even told their last name, I recognize each of them, if not necessarily in myself then in other people I know and associate with And not because I am aware of anyone dealing with the same challenges as this family but because they re humans just trying to make it through whatever challenges life throws their way I had to amend my list of top 5 books from 2016 to accommodate this and, just sayin, if I were on the Pulitzer jury I d have had no hesitation awarding it to this book Posted in Mr Philip s Library NO SPOILERS Full disclosure book abandoned at page 57 out of 357 pages This book starts with a contemplative tone but is quickly plagued by pages of dragging exposition Haslett structured his narrative from different viewpoints, with each chapter narrated by a different character from a single family The focus in the early pages is mostly on the father, John, a reserved man who s struggled with mental illness but seems to be managing well at this point Characters are mildly interesting, and Haslett gave them distinct voices He did include dialogue to break up the large blocks of exposition and add some verve to the story, but it can be annoying to read, as it s not set off from the paragraphs, nor is it contained within quotation marks It s also on the sparse side.In some ways the story in these first 57 pages is too ruminative the opening lacks punch to hook the reader and therefore requires patience There s a strong melancholy feel to all of it, a passivity that Haslett probably felt made sense given the premise but can be a real slog after a short while.Final verdict A story about a man with depression that starts off depressingly Skip it NOTE I received this as an Advance Reader Copy from Goodreads in May 2016. The Hook Many fine reviews from my GR friends, I saw this book everywhere When it was on sale in e book format I jumped at the opportunity to join the fans The Line Interestingly I did not highlight one word in this book.The Sinker More was promised than delivered This is a difficult statement for me to make about a book that has garnered such high praise I liked it I didn t love it Though well written, Imagi e Me Go e left me with little emotional impact Depression and mental illness are hard subjects to explore Haslett captures the helplessness of a family to deal with the mental swings of a loved one Perhaps this one hits too close to home so that decisions made in portrayal of characters and their outcome seem off Perhaps I didn t care enough to try to save anyone Perhaps that was the point A loved one who is mentally ill consumes a great deal of energy and I just didn t have it for this book. 5 starsI guess I m going to have to adjust my Best Novels of 2016 listWhat kills me is I had Adam Haslett s Imagine Me Gone on my e book queue for well over six months Even after the announcement of its inclusion on the National Book Award shortlist, even after reading slobbery reviews of it particularly the one in the NY Times , even after my trusted friend Julie gave Haslett s short story collection You Are Not a Stranger Here a glowing 5 star review here on Goodreads, I steadfastly kept ignoring its presence on my queue until the Pulitzer Prizes were announced two days ago, when I learned this had lost out to the terrific The Underground Railroad for the coveted honor Curiosity won out over my aversion to dip into what every review I ve read has highlighted, sometimes pejoratively a novel about mental health disorders and their effect on the family unit.What a bonehead move it was to delay reading this I was completely blown away with Haslett s spin on the overly familiar Familial Dysfunction genre It wasn t love at first read , though It took me a while to really immerse myself into the travails of this family of five, as related in a revolving first person p.o.v It becomes immediately apparent that something is amiss with the brood of John and Margaret, intimating something dire is about to unfold in the present but Haslett s going to take his sweet time dissecting via life long flashback every little element of the mess intimated at the start What starts as perfunctory turns painstakingly detailed as the siblings the loquacious fabulist elder Michael, his younger sibs Celia and Alec , then Mom and Dad, give us pertinent clues that there s something awful brewing in this family s core Once you think you might have a handle on the root cause, Haslett throws a subtle curveball to alter your perception ever so slightly Yeah, most assuredly, Dad s going through some major depression issues, which inevitably affect the overall dynamic, but why And what the hell is up with Michael Who seems perpetually to be in la la land, from adolescence through middle age Who is stuck in a soundtrack loop of disco house trip hop acid electronica thrash and whose thought patterns and convo are bizarrely in stasis mode obsessing over slavery and reparations White America owes blacks The initial slow burn smolders to a crackling inferno by book s end, with every character either being a sympathetic figure, or at very least relatable The exhaustive exposition evidenced at the start, we end up realizing, is not wasted blah blah You end up figuring out early what s going to happen, but it s the whys that will if you re anything like me and can see yourself in these finely drawn characters end up rattling you to the core and render you blubbering by book s end.Yeah, this is a sad tomato of a novel but its realism, candor and accessibility makes it a must read, and one I m happy to say that deserves its kudos I loved this. 5 This should be a terribly depressing book, but it seems to be written with such affection for the characters who all loved each other, that I cared about them and the places they went Lots of walks, seeing scenery that included mushrooms,those extraordinary zigzags of brown crescents wending their way up the bark of the older trees like staircases for the Lilliputians We re introduced to two generations of a family dealing with anxiety and depression the monster , as the father calls itthe monster has its funnel driven into the back of your head and is sucking the light coming through your eyes straight out of you into the mouth of oblivion This is a close knit family, but not so closely knit that everything always holds together Bits unravel here and there as individuals try to break free of the demands of caring for the people they love but who wear them out They each have their own ways of antagonising the others but also of caring deeply and looking after the others.Each chapter is told by one member John and Margaret, the parents of Michael, Celia and Alec Margaret is a young American working in England and dating the very British John They plan to marry, but thenJohn s clock began to run slowlyHe winds down and refrains from his usual animated discussions about current affairs While she s away visiting her parents in the States, John ends up in hospital, apparently not for the first time John s father simply tells her,We were rather hoping all this business was done with His mother finds it most unpleasant There is a point later in the book where John has come home from work and she knows he s worriedHe needs to be asked He won t talk about it of his own accord He imagines that if he can contain it inside himself its resolution will be contained as well That everything will work out his upbringing distilled into a superstition And that says it all about his background Don t talk about it, and maybe it will go away.But it doesn t It comes and goes, Margaret s exhausted with three kids and also because John s exhausted, since that s what depression does Michael is particularly trying He s an articulate, difficult young teen probably on the spectrum we might say today , who talks about and collects music Insightful and bright beyond his years, he is also extremely needy Actually they are all needy, but Michael s seems to be a in your face I NEED YOU NOW OR ELSE kind of needy When they take a cruise ship back to England, Michael writes a detailed diary of the voyage, where all the passengers were greased up, chained in irons and sold as slaves at ports along the way This fantasy introduces both his imagination and his obsessive theory that there is a universal black memory of the slave trade that haunts and affects today s black society and music A permanent, genetic haunting that nobody s acknowledging except him.He also becomes obsessed with black people and certain kinds of music, and I admit I became as exasperated with all these esoteric to me musical references as almost everyone in his life is As an adult, he makes mix tapes, is a DJ, writes music reviews, but smothers the people he loves and fixates on He catalogues his various medications, but when he s down, he relies on his family and exes to talk him through it for hours Each member of the family is a strong character, and I was taken with the fact that all the voices are quite different I don t recall ever trying to remember whose story I was reading We might think we know what WE would do in their circumstances, but when we see Celia, for example, as an adult in San Francisco talking on the phone to one of the others, we watching her slip back into family mode, as most of us do Perfectly done.And as John says about his daughterI m momentarily astonished at her existence this child of mine How narrowly we all avoid never having been as though, if I am not careful between here and the parking lot, I might go astray and she will be canceled, stolen back by not being, like a thief grabbing her through an open window John used to play Imagine Me Gone with his kids get them out in a boat, stop the engine, and pretend to nap, telling them they had to figure out how to get them all home Suddenly he is imagining What if Michael is the most annoying character, but he is also so smart and sardonic and funny in his way, and the others have such strong stories of their own, that it s a very satisfying book.I really loved it Many thanks to NetGalley and Little, Brown, and Company for a copy to review All quotations are from the review copy and subject to change. Anyone one who has any type of mental illness, or who has a family member or friend who has struggled with one knows how pervasive it is All consuming, bigger than life itself, so it is not surprising that this book is very difficult to read, disturbing and heartbreaking Yet, the author does a wonderful job explaining not only the inner life of the sufferer but giving voice to all family members He treats his characters, with insight, respect and compassion Michaels story is the most impactful in this novel, his story like the illness itself is large, larger than the other family members who tell their stories This family though, has suffered plenty already and it is amazing how they all care for each other, try to take care of each other Protect their mother and try continuously to help their brother We get a pretty clear picture of Michael s illness, his obsessiveness, through his musings, his outlandish stories but the author also tries to show Michael as a person separate from his illness, his interest in music and his record collection, black history and reparations Although everything he does is carried to the extreme, anxiety ridden This is not a book for everyone It is plenty sad but it does show family unity, family and friends caring for each other, tying their best to get on with their own lives while still being there for the person, brother, son who needs them the most.ARC from publisher. Update 4 20 16 I wrote this review yesterday I m still thinking about this family and the challenges they lived with After talking to a friend about a disturbing scene I have chosen to update this review to give a warning I don t want to give spoilers but I think its fair to say that this book might not be the best choice if you are living with a loved one who is very depressed, or suffers with a mental illness That said.its an insightful book well written much compassion.with enjoyable bright textured characters I suggest reading several reviews This was an engrossing look at the power of mental illness a deeply personal story about what happens when that power overwhelms a family of five Adam Haslett wrote a courageous novel allowing us to see what it s like to live with a serious illness from different standpoints the family John, Margaret, Michael, Celia, and Alec What I found admirable, throughout this story, is blame was never a weapon howeverthrough the storytelling which feels so realistic , it s clear how messy and complicated it is in trying to help a person with this illness Very well written the multiple perspectives opens our eyes to what an entire family struggles with as a unit This is a compelling story revealing the human impact for those who suffer directly and for those who love the sufferer It s not easy to make sense out of the chaos irrational rages fears anxiety medications what works what doesn t depression denial feeling helpless guilt shame isolation codependency feeling empty or manipulated but Adam Haslett wrote a compassionate storyeach of the characters warmheartedness and their rapport with each other cultivate an inspiring presence regardless to limits around bailing others out and or listening to periodic tirades For family members in distress.this novel is gut wrenchingyet there are many moments of Goosie Good Feelings , too Thank You, Little Brown and Company, Netgalley, and Adam Haslett