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[Free Kindle] ☣ Living Life to the Fullest with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome ♷ Kevin Muldowney, MsPT Has Been Treating People With Ehlers Danlos Syndrome SinceAs A Physical Therapist, He Has Developed An Exercise Protocol To Help Stabilized The Many Joint Subluxations Dislocations Associated With This Genetic Disorder This Book Is Intended For The Person Diagnosed With EDS To Both Inform Them About The Healthcare Team Needed To Properly Treat Them As Well As To Guide Both The Physical Therapist And Their Patient With EDS Through The Muldowney Exercise Protocol This Book Will Cover Such Topics As How Joints Sublux In This Population, How To Find The Right Physical Therapist, How To Exercise Without Injury And What Physical Therapy Techniques Works Best By The End Of This Protocol People With EDS Should Be Better Informed About What Is Going On With Their Body And How To Make It Better Was fairly simple to follow and good sized text Directions mostly simple and was able to find the parts I needed to read and just glance over the parts for the PT Will update my review after the PT reviews it and sees if it is doable.Does list some EDS specific movement restrictions, some that last just until you get to the part of the protocol that works that skill, and some that are lifelong for EDSers, so would have preferred to have those in one place like at front of book somewhere or even just referenced to an appendix list instead of scattered throughout. Absolutely life changing This book isn t perfect there are some editing errors and formatting issues but the program it contains is amazing It has, with no exaggeration, literally changed my life I have been working through the exercises for over a year now, and can see such a huge improvment in my strength, stamina, posture, movement, and day to day function I can work again, I can sit in a chair like a normal human being, I can hold parts of my body in place I know, I know, it sounds too good to be true But after years of failed medical and exercise therapy programs, this one really does work I can t say enough about this book. 2.5 stars This book was recommended to me by one of my physical therapists It helped out with the sacral instability issues I was having, but my concern is that it comes across as being one size fits all for Ehlers Danlos patients I would never be able to complete the upper extremity work recommended with the extremely poor condition of my shoulders One surgical repair done and one soon to come The progression is very regimented and while that can sometimes be a good thing, at other times it is not At one point, the program has 90 minutes of stretching per day That is really over the top in my opinion and would be very hard for a large number of people to find time for If you are unemployed and home bound, I m sure you would have the time Many ED patients have jobs to keep and families to raise I barely squeak out 30 minutes of exercise a day Additionally, I found the production to be fairly amateur Taking the pics in front of a blank white gray etc screen would likely have beenuseful Exercise stretching pics with the model wearing big baggy shirts and shorts don t really work for me either Even the size and weight of the book was an issue for me I would have preferred a large paperback that could be easily opened to a specific page instead of a huge hard cover It was crazy expensive, and hard for me to hold at times I do feel that I will use the book again in the future, but I believe there are many improvements that could be made to make it a much better resource for people struggling with this crazy disease.