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Jet Taylor has settled into his life over the years He owns a bar and is kind of happy He has been seeing one of his employees, but nothing really there When a newbie into town walks in he realizes she is his mate.Kailee Britten is a female bear shifter who has just moved into town Suddenly, she meets the amazing bartender who sets her on fire She is reluctantly putting on the brakes because of a past detrimental relationship.Then her father comes into town and all heck breaks loose Jet never thought his past would catch up with him. I had the honor of reading the first book in this series and I have to say that his book was just as awesome If you have not read the 1st book do not worry because this can be read as a standalone Terra Wolf and Amelia Jade has done and amazing job I remember how much I like Jet Taylor from the 1st book He is this handsome bear shifter that owns a local bar He was such a great man that would not hesitate to help his fellow friend out and let s hope that karma came back on him and he ripped that goodness Jet was to a point in his life were he and his bear were in sync and wanted to settle down He longed for the right woman and to have a few little cubs running around Finding himself stuck with a woman like Sandra had to be hard Sandra was this awful hateful human being Sometimes you get to a point in your life were it is time to cut all ties.You have to find it funny how fate steps in at times and steers you in the way you need to go Kailee Britten finds herself settling in the town of Bear Bluff She did not desire to settle there but circumstances brought her there I really liked Kailee She was this beautiful plus size bear shifter that was not afraid to speak her mind She had made some mistakes and did not want to repeat them.What a shock it must have been for Kailee and Jet to first lay eyes on each other in Jet s bar They both knew there was something special going on between the two of them Though the human side did not want to make the first move the bear was within was ready to stake it s claim Almost funny both was fighting the urge to protect each other when need to be It must be hard to have something so strong within you fighting to get free and help put your feet on the right path..LOLJet and Kailee both find themselves in a very dangerous situation Sorry will have to read the book to find out what happen, but trust me it is worth reading to find out There is some distrust, hurt, and healing for both Jet and Kailee You will so love this story and will not want to put it down Terra and Amelia are one of my drop everything for authors Love their books. [Free Pdf] ♲ Outlaw Bear (Bluff Bears, #2) ⚑ All Jet Taylor Wanted Was To Settle Down, Find His Mate, And Raise Some Cubs How Hard Could It Be For The Former Con Man Turned Honest Bartender, It Seems Nothing Can Be Done The Easy Way Especially When It Comes To Meeting A Nice Girl Oh Sure, Kailee Britten Is A Tall, Full Figured, Gorgeous, Smart And Successful Woman That Sets His Bear Into A Frenzy Any Time He Looks At Her Everything About Her Screams Mate To Him, And He Can Tell Part Of Her Feels The Same However, She Just Moved To Bear Bluff S After A Nasty Divorce And Is Intent On Rebuilding Her Life With A New Direction But When He Overhears A Phone Call Between Her And Her Father, He Realizes That The Two Of Them Have In Common Than He Could Ever Have Imagined For Jet, This Is One Blast From His Past That He Would Have Preferred To Stay Dormant, But He Ll Do Whatever He Has To For The Woman He Believes To Be His Mate This Is A , Word STANDALONE Novella With NO CLIFFHANGER It Is Book In The Bluff Bears World, But Can Be Read On Its Own Great series I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.I love a good shifter book, and this one certainly fits that description The authors have given us a book that has some honest to goodness raw meat to chew on with this one The plot has been very well thought out and executed I understand that this book is part of a series, but is totally standalone I have not read the first bookyet There are no cliffhangers The story starts with Jet Taylor, a hunky bear shifter that has left the world of crime behind to start his life new on the right side of the law He purchased a bar and fixed it up and is running it on the up and uplegally In walks Kailee, a woman that has just gotten out of an abusive marriage and is looking at starting a new life for herself They seem to have an instant rapport, but she is relationship shy after her divorce This is a must read, as you will want to know all of the trouble they both get into as they try and avoid each other yet still get along with their bears It is packed full of excitement, a bit of violence, some extremely wacky characters and a dash of some very hot sex You won t want to miss out on any of it I loved it and am excited to read from these authors Well done Once again I liked the story but not the heroine.What is it with the heroines in this series, they are all hard and unlikeable Yes, they have a rotten experience as background but really.I like a feisty strong female but these women are just too mean to the men in their lives because they have been hurt before You don t tar everyone with the same brush then have sex with them because your body is telling you too as they are your mate.Kailee and her father were not even close and she saw what her father could do and even though she listened to Jet s tale she had already condemned him Even knowing her father set her up and pushed her to Bear Bluffs for his own ends, Kailee goes home to find her father and some others, no spoiler who then hold her for ransom Her own father drugs her and hurts her for money and after Jet saves her she still does not believe it.She at least apologises, grovels a bit and admits she was acting like a bitch.Jet had made mistakes in his youth but had been redeeming himself for 14 years, that is not a short period of time He had removed himself from that life and had a good life in Bear Bluffs running a business He was likeable and as honest as he could be by telling Kailee all about his past after her father tried to kill him in front of her. Outlaw Bear Bear Bluffs, 2 by Amelia JadeIn his past, Jet lived a life of crime He has since turned his life around and is living on the straight and narrow His bar is basically his life now, though he would love to find his mate and start a family Life has been lonely and he is ready for Kailee comes into his bar She is new to town and Jet feels a connection to her, but she shuts him down instantly He doesn t know what her story is, but he sure wants to find out and see if they can form something great.Kailee has just gotten out of a bad marriage and she isn t looking to get into another relationship Men are not to be trusted Her father and her ex have both taught her that She knows that there is some kind of connection between her and Jet, the bartender, but she has no interest in starting anything Things start to really heat up when her father comes to visit and several things come to light. Book TwoJet owns a bar in a small mountain town He has a past In walks Kailee, new gal in town She is looking for a fresh start Jet is a bear shifter He is smittenat the tail end of an attempted relationship with Sandra, who seems to play him against the human mayor of the town, TomKailee has his heart, right in her paws Jet has a past filled with everything he d like to forget He has been living a clean and decent life since moving to this town of shifters and buying his bar Kailee hates criminals and bad guys Liars and cons She is unaware of her father and his lifestyle But Jet isn t Once he figures out who her father isThis book was good enough, but Jet was in the first book, too, and he was called Jeb all the way through it I was confused. Even though The Bluff Bear books can be read as stand alone books, it was nice reading this one after Rouge Bear since the main character Jet was introduced in the previous book I liked getting to read about a character that seemed interesting, but hadn t been elaborated on in the previous story So, if you like bad boys shifters with hearts of gold and damaged in love woman who learn to trust and love again, then book 1 and 2 are for you They are both fun quick reads. Nice continuationGood writing Great characters but challenging to connect with them Felt like it need a little something A quick read