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This book starts with a seventeen year old girl coming to terms with the fact she s dying Now going on from that, you would expect this book to full of doom and gloom Instead, it is funny and heartbreaking at the same time Prudence makes a decision to do something that she has never dared to before, based on the fact of what does it matter now anyway What follows on is a mystery story that will keep you intrigued and engrossed as you turn the pages The slowly developing relationship between our two main characters was fantastic to read about One of the things that makes this book so superb is that our Main Male is on the spectrum Now it s not clearly defined in there, but you do know he is highly functioning and his life could have been normal if he d been given the right circumstances I loved Cass and his quirks and definitely want to readabout him.Well written and with a smooth pace, and well rounded, developed characters There were no grammatical errors that I found This is the first book in a series and it does come with a cliffhanger ending I honestly can t wait to readHighly recommended I received this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review MerissaArchaeolibrarian I Dig Good Books I received this book to give an honest review.I didn t know what to really expect with this book you have Prudence who is dying decides to do one thing that sets everything into motion On her street there is a house that everyone calls the spook house you all know people have stories about houses and what are in them Well Prudence decides to knock on the door one day and when it opens it takes her by surprise it seems there is a young man living there who we learn is named Cassius There isto Cassius than meets the eye and Prudence is determined to make him her friend She wants to show him how the world is and that he doesn t have to hide inside, but it seems as though there is a reason behind it all What will Prudence uncover while trying to rescue Cassius Cassius was a character who I felt for all over To be treated the way he was in his home and outside of it broke my heart I liked how the author brought in a touchy subject to some people and that being Asperger s Not a lot of people know what it is and the author does mention it within the book It just goes to show you that people who have Asperger s can be normal people with just a few ticks you just have to treat them that way It seems the town has a secret and there are some who want to keep what is found hidden.Now when we meet Prudence at first she seems to be just a young woman who is shy and rather stay to herself but as we read on we see her open upand becomevocal when she doesn t like the way things go or how people are treated One in particular Cassius I liked that about her she didn t back down or give up no matter what was thrown in her path The way she treated Cassius was perfect She had patience with him she didn t judge him It was nice to have a character show compassion towards someone who may seem different to others Now it seemed that it is always raining in their town that I am surprised it has not become a flood how in the heck does it rain that much haha Had to bring this up as I don t think it was ever sunny.I was very impressed with this book as I said at the beginning I had no clue what to expect Was it a mystery Was it about a young girl and boy falling in love Is it about death It had the right amount of everything to make it a good story to read in one sitting I do hope there iscoming on Marigold Lane. [Download E-pub] ♺ 17 Marigold Lane ♈ In A Town Like Flintlock, Prudence Penderhaus Was A Freak A Weirdo A Loser Of Epic ProportionsThat Was Until One Word Changed Her Life, And The Town Of Flintlock, ForeverWhen A Moment Of Long Awaited Courage Brings Her To The Porch Of The Town Dubbed Spook House, Uncovering An Odd Boy No One Knew Existed Is Only The Beginning NAME IS PRUDENCE PENDERHAUS I VE NEVER DONE ANYTHING REMARKABLE NEVER EVEN BOTHERED TO LOOK UP UNTIL THE DAY I FOUND OUT I WAS DYING I had the privilege of getting a early look at this one I am continuously amazed by Gil s ability to weave an intriguing tale with characters that defy the norms This one is no different Prudence Penderhaus isn t the typical type of teenager even before she learns she s sick She tries to stick to the shadows hoping not to stand out which is a difficult feat considering everything from her height to her hair makes her stick out like a sore thumb But all the things that make her different are what make her the perfect candidate for this particular adventure If she were normal she wouldn t be willing to take the chance that leads her to uncover a mystery right down the road Cassius Shooster isn t a typical teen either At least Prudence is neurotypical NT while Cass has Asperger s, a disorder on the autism spectrum that makes it difficult for him to understand things NTs take for granted in social interaction like figures of speech, inflection, sarcasm, and body languge Life for him is very different than others his age I love the way Gil develops her characters Never content to have the stereotypical cast of characters, she sets hers apart from the flock Prue is strong despite her illness and she is determined not to let fear dictate her life She is a teenage girl but she isn t concerned with clothes, makeup, boys, etc she hasimportant things to worry about Instead of boy bands, she d rather obsess about horror flicks She is fiercely protective of her new friend and doesn t care one bit that others try to warn her away from the strange boy All of this adds up to create a wonderful character that would normally be relegated to the background but Gil brings this oddity front and center and makes her the heroine of the tale.Then she extends her cast of main characters to include a boy that, under normal circumstances, would be secondary at best yet she brings him out of the shadows figuratively and literally Cass s characters is superbly crafted If you are unfamiliar with autism spectrum disorder ASD , let me explain a little something every person with ASD is different While many share similar mannerisms or quirks, ASD effects everyone differently I have a teenage son on the spectrum and while he hasdifficulties than Cass, I recognized the aspects unique to the spectrum just like I do when I encounter Aspies and other ASD individuals so I found Gil s depiction to be spot on His tale, which unfolds in the story, is complex and at times heartbreaking but there is also hope for something better.The story is filled with twists and turns and it kept me glued to my computer screen until I finished reading the entire thing It is YA but don t let that deter you It isn t one of those teen angst filled books It is a well written, intriguing story that just happens to center around a couple of teenagers close enough to adulthood to behave like humans I loved the story and Gil has created yet another world that I want to get lost in I hope to seePrudence Penderhaus stories in the future because this one definitely earned a 5 star rating and has me hungry for . Couldn t put it down, loved this story First, many thanks go to the author, R.M Gil, who provided a free copy of 17 Marigold Lane in exchange for an honest review I ve now got a new series that I m addicted to, thank you ever so much It is not very often in life that one gets the opportunity to be truly brave Prudence is afforded such an opportunity when she is diagnosed with cancer With the attitude of what do I have to lose , she knocks on the door of the creepiest house on the street, the one all of the kids whisper about When the door is answered by a boy about her own age the adventure begins In such a small town, she knows everyone everyone knows everyone How did this fascinating boy, Cassius, come to grow up right down the street from her without her noticing I loved Cassius And Pru And Pru s mom, she was the best I loved Cas and Pru s constant pop culture and movie references, I love their dynamic, how they just jived together I loved how the minute she saw him she adopted him, and was ready to fight to the death for him They are just two of those characters that you fall in love with, right from the first word The mystery surrounding Cassius was well played out and well done I HATED his parents, just as I was supposed to And the final piece of the mystery threw me for a loop I didn t see it coming I amthan ready for the next book in this series This is a great young adult read If you love a smartass, caring, take no crap, odd teenager, you will love this book This book is filled with mystery, secrets, lies, murder, and oddness we can t forget about the weirdos It kept my attention for the entire time and had my mind coming up with different scenarios the entire time I was actually wrong about all of my ideas, which very rarely happens I had no clue what would happen next.Prudence, or Pru, Penderhaus lives in the small town of Flintlock She has just received devastating newsstage 3 cancer She is an odd girl, a movie buff, a social outcast, awkward, and extremely tall with red hair She hasn t really done anything in her short seventeen years Receiving this diagnosis causes her to start living, she wants to leave her mark Every small town has that one very spooky house In Flintlock, that house is 17 Marigold Lane After being bullied and covered in sugary stickyness, Pru decides to knock on the door She just has to see the inside of that house In case there is a coffin in the living room What greets her catches her totally off guard and turns her into a modern day Nancy Drew and a one girl crew of Mystery Incorporated Cassius Shooster lives at 17 Marigold Lane One big issue thereNo one knows he exists That is, until Pru put on her big girl, brave panties and knocked on that door He s been locked inside for his entire life, by his parents Pru knows what she has to do, teach Cassius how to be human He s never been outside before, Pru changes that and by doing so, she changes everything and opens up a huge chest of worms that some people in Flintlock buried.Secrets start coming out and mysteries are being solved I was learning my town hadsecrets stuffed in its closet than a dirty politician I really loved how passionate Pru is, and how she stood her ground, even to the Sheriff of Flintlock She knew she was right and would not back down What did she have to lose She s dieing anyways Her friend Bonnie is a little badass And by the end of the book, she has a fewto add to her mystery solving team I will be readingof this series, when they come out I m hooked and I m a weirdo too And as Pru says Weirdos should stick together. Book Review 17 Marigold Lane This is the first book in the Prudence Penderhaus series and ends in with a cliffhanger.Prudence is a 17 year old girl, just diagnosed with cancer She is a social misfit at school Her lack of future causes her to knock on a door she had always been afraid to knock on, where fate introduces her to Cassius Cassius has a form of high functioning Aspergers, but is hidden away by his abusive parents.I love the way Cassius is so literal The Aspergers is shown realistically and Pru s reaction to it is so sweet to see Pru s upcoming chemo causes her to be muchdaring and brave than she normally is She starts becoming mouthy and spouting everything she feels It is wonderful to see a wallflower break out of her mold, even though an illness caused the new personality traits.I can t wait to see a relationship form between Pru and Cassius She doesn t have Aspergers, but she is just as socially stunted as he is, making them a good fit for each other There is a mystery that is solved, but all the bad guys are not paying the price by the end of the book Of course, Pru s cancer is not to be overlooked either I am a reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock This is a heart wrenching, wonderful book with two refreshing characters I just fell in love with.This book is appropriate for a young adult audience. OMG The feels on this one Killing me.I really LOVED this book, it is incredibly good and I didn t wanted it to end Well written, awesome characters, a plot that you wouldn t believe with mystery and all There is sort of a love story in there as well, a special one I have to say that I loved Cass like a mother would his son, he is too old to be mine but I still loved him that way The story touched me because I know all about autism, I have a nephew with autism but not the kind that Cass has, thedifficult kind This story is so touching, it had me crying a few times and angry as well I wanted to do bad things to his mom.Also the story starts with you knowing the bad, you go in knowing something bad will happen in the end and you just can t help but think about it the whole time you are reading and hoping and praying that something changes, some miracle but deep down you know there will be no miracle, there is no cure for what Prudence has and you are sad, very very sad The author totally killed me with the ending, I literally screamed I cannot wait to read the next installment, 19 Marigold lane I m guessing by the ending on this oneWill definitely recommend to all my friends, this is an incredibly awesome well written story. 17 Marigold Lane ReviewPrudence Penderhaus was an average high school nobody that has flown under the radar all her life She never would have guessed the day she found out she was dying would be the first day she really started to live.This was a clever mystery that was a pleasure to read I won t go into details to avoid spoilers but this story definitely hit home for me and left me with all the feels The characters were smart and interesting and we learned a good chunk of the mystery but it seems there are still quite a few twists we don t know about yet I am very interested to see what happens next and in my opinion 17 Marigold Lane is recommended. I don t usually do young adult novels, but this one was amazing I could not stop reading and stayed awake into the wee hours of the morning until I finished it Just in the first couple of pages, you come to know Prudence Penderhaus and her struggles She s a teenage outcast, picked on by everyone at school And she s just recently discovered that she s dying She s never taken chances, and with the knowledge that she may not live long, decides that s exactly what she will do Take chances Lots of them First one on the list is to stop by the creepy, haunted looking house on her block There are all kinds of rumors about what is inside, including coffins, but she wants to see for herself What she doesn t expect is to find an odd boy her age living there She has lived on that street her entire life and had never seen him No one knew he even existed She likes Cassius, even though he is different They have a lot in common She makes it her mission to discover why he was hidden away and to free him from the prison he has been trapped in all these years But Cassius is not your normal boy He is autistic and has never been taught how to function in the world When Prudence succeeds in getting him out into society, it s a shock for him He does things that are not acceptable and she feels responsible and views herself as his teacher When Cassius does something that gets him thrown in jail, Prudence realizes there is fargoing on in his home than she could ve ever imagined and is about to break open a long buried secret that will shake their small town to it s core Her only concern is that it doesn t break Cassius completely.I love the characters in this book Prudence is a powerhouse of emotion She s dealt with a lot in her life and doesn t want to see anyone else treated badly Full of sarcasm like any teenager, she s got a lot of heart and it shows Her connection with Cass is sweet, loving, and daring Knowing she could die soon, she wants to make sure that Cass can survive in the world, not being tucked away from it To her, he is a hidden gem that has a lot to offer His happiness and well being is of utmost importance to her Watching Cass learn to adapt to society is heartbreaking and wondrous RM Gil captured his personality and ticks to perfection He is quite the enigmatic young man He has such a deep level of emotion even though he has trouble expressing it My heart broke for him when his secrets came to light All the things he suffered and endured alone, no on should have to go through that But Prudence was there for him and refused to leave his side, an underdog fighting for an underdog It is quite an amazing scene that leaves you with so many mixed emotions I teared up when he learned that she was dying His love for her is pure and untainted by social expectations His random comments expressing that love had me happy for Prudence She had found someone who loved her for who she was Sometimes the world only gave us one person, but when that person came along, we had to hang on to them for dear life because never in our lives would we ever be so accepted Pick up this book and read it Devour it Fall in love with two quirky kids and unlock the mysteries of 17 Marigold Lane.