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#DOWNLOAD KINDLE õ Energy Bites ô Flavorful Recipes For High Protein, Bite Sized Balls Of Balanced Nutrition To Increase Vitality And WellnessKeep Your Blood Sugar Steady And Your Energy Levels High With The Ultimate Snack For Active Lifestyles Protein Balls Energy Bites Features Bake And No Bake Vegetarian Recipes For Sweet And Savory Bite Sized Balls To Feed Your Need For A Healthy Treat A Core Of Protein Rich Ingredients Combine With Low GI Carbohydrates And Healthy Fats In Frozen Avocado Balls, Yellow Lentil Seed Balls, Kale And Seaweed Balls, And Step By Step Photography, Explanations Of Cooking Techniques, And A Special Infographic Feature Will Have You Building And Creating Your Own Recipes In No TimeWhether You Are Looking For A Post Workout Refuel, An Intense Immunity Boost, A Healthy Midday Pick Me Up, Or A Nutritious On The Go Treat For Kids, Energy Bites Has A Super Snack That Will Help You Achieve Your Goal Without Having To Compromise On FlavorAuthor Bio Kate Turner Is A Biodynamic Gardener, Forager, Home Chef, Author Of The Popular Blog Homegrown Kate, And Mother Of Three Annie Nichols Is A Respected Culinary Writer, Home Economist, Photographer, And Stylist Energy Bites features bite sized high protein snack recipes Each of the recipes contain good for you ingredients for increased vitality and wellness This is such a great book It s small in size and only contains 15 recipes, but it s filled with nutritional information and suggestions for recipe variations The possibilities seem almost endless I love the contemporary layout The book starts off with an ingredients section It s not just a list, however It explains the nutritional importance of the ingredients used in the recipes Next, there are general directions on how to make the no bake and baked pan fried balls In addition, there are directions on how to prep soaking, boiling, roasting, etc some of the ingredients before the ball making can begin For each of the recipes, there s a list of ingredients, directions for making the balls, some nutritional information, as well as a gorgeous photograph of the finished product All of the recipes sound great and I ve already made a list of ones I have to make for sure There s really only one that doesn t appeal to me Carrot Red Beet Buckwheat Balls page 24 I adore beets, but I don t like buckwheatat all I m sure if I substitute another grain, though, they ll be yummy Because the recipes look so good, I immediately had to try a couple of them Both the Peanut Butter Banana Balls page 44 and Sweet Potato Spicy Bites page 34 turned out great We ate the sweet ones for a snack, and the savoury ones with chicken and Brussels sprouts for supper My husband thought the sweet potato bites needed a little something and since they are a bit spicy, I quickly made a dip out of Greek yogurt Yum My only complaint is that the recipe called for one sweet potato No size or measurement mentioned If you ve ever bought sweet potatoes, you know they come in varying sizesfrom those that fit neatly in the palm of your hand to others about half the size of a football see Superstore for these ones Most of the recipes call for a food processor to chop up or incorporate the ingredients However, if you don t have one, the book provides some alternatives so that the balls can be made by hand I like this idea because cleaning out a food processor isn t my favourite job and sometimes mixing by hand is just easier There s one other thing I should mention about the book It contains some ingredients that might be a little hard to find Things like acai powder, bee pollen, moringa powder, and spirulina, probably won t be on your grocer s shelves A health food store or online might be the a good place to find these Don t worry, though, those ingredients don t make up the bulk of the balls In fact, for one of the recipes I tried, I just omitted the ingredient As an added bonus, DK, the publisher, has a page on their website dedicated to one of these delicious sounding bites Tropical Immune Boosters page 42 Click here for a video and PDF download of the recipe These look so delicious and are definitely on my list to try The only reason I haven t made them yet is because I didn t have all of the ingredients on hand The book also contains a table of contents, glossary, and index I really like the table of contents a lot It starts with a list of general items, then uses pictures and page numbers for the recipes Cool idea Highly recommended For information about this book, please visit s website To take a quick peek inside, click on the book cover I d like to thank Chris at DK Canada for this review copy Energy Bites by DK Publishing, Dorling Kindersley DK , 2016 ISBN 9781465451538 Hardcover , 61p.This review is also available on my blog, Daisy s Book Journal.