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Huh OK, I have some Thoughts about this one There are spoilers, so consider yourself warned.First, there were a lot of things that I really liked about this book Honestly It had rather a lot of action and adventure and meeting new aliens and all the things we love about Star Trek I continue to really like seeing the development of people like Seven and Icheb, and I think Liam O Donnell is just quirky and cool and a very believable character I also am enjoying the continuation of the exploration of the Delta Quadrant It is like coming home in many ways, but bittersweet, too, since you can t go home again This novel wasnot my favorite, though, because for starters, it was just too busy Some of the various plots felt rushed I kind of wanttime with O Donnell and the Nihydron, for example, perhaps fleshed out better in a separate novel, rather than trying to cram it all into one Also, I m kind of tired of multiverse problems Like, cool I know it s a thing But maybe let s not have another Kathryn Janeway who was horrifically tortured and now has essentially Stockholm syndrome because she loves her captor Ok, to be fair, she didn t know he was her captor but still It seems contrived And of COURSE they had a child together What IS it with Trek characters having babies now First Picard and Beverly in the TNG relaunch books and now Janeway I know she s the Janeway from the Shattered episode, but still DEAR STAR TREK AUTHORS WOMEN DO NOT NEED TO HAVE BABIES TO BE COMPLETE Please read Selfish, Shallow, and Self Absorbed Sixteen Writers on the Decision Not to Have Kids by Meghan Daum Honestly, what the fuck At this point, it s just getting out of character People can like, or even love, babies without getting all achy in the ovaries and needing to reproduce one of their own Which leads me to my other major peeve with this novel Nancy Conlon, Harry Kim s girlfriend, gets pregnant accidentally Really REALLY Are you really saying that these people can travel in spaceships that go faster than light, but they can t manage to figure out how a rubber works Or, like, turn their ovaries off until they actually want to make a baby Come ON I can t even I have a kid I love herthan anything But enough with the babies in Star Trek People don t have to have babies if they don t want to, there is nothing wrong with just wanting to have a career you love and friends you love without children, nor are they missing out on anything as Tom and B Elanna suggested at one point in this book Frankly, that is offensive There are many other ways to live a fulfilling life than by getting married and having kids I really hope the authors all of them get over the baby thing soon. Man, I really don t know how to feel about this one I d easily give the first half or so of the novel five stars, but the end regarding the other Janeway in particular just soured the whole novel for me Spoilers follow.As usual, Beyer does a great job with her cast I very much enjoy a lot of her original characters, which is not something I can say about a lot of Trek novels even the ones that seem to exist primarily to be a het romance partner for an existing character arethan tolerable I believe she does the Janeway character greater justice than any other writer in the Voyager verse I particularly enjoyed how she reacted to the child situation being hidden from her, chastising Tuvok and Chakotay for believing she couldn t learn from her mistakes I was fully prepared to be up in mental arms about her boyfriend I guess normal terminology doesn t seem appropriate for the amount of drama in this relationship deliberately keeping such important information from her because he thought she couldn t be rational about it, so I m glad that was addressed.I can t say I was super excited to read another Janeway AU Janeway central book I thought I d never say this, but I am growing weary of this one woman, alone, causing all this drama in the galaxy So much drama, in fact, that her larger than life, bringer of the end status is literally acknowledged by several characters within the actual narrative A little much As far as the actual plot, it was enthralling for the first half of the novel Thein depth the story grew concerning Shattered Janeway, the less interested I became something about the way she was handled made me uncomfortable Her whole character was wrapped up in this Dayne Mollar situation From what I remember we really only get one or two points of perspective from her the entire novel It just. unsettled me how much she was defined and controlled by circumstances beyond her control, and not as a person I know the changes in her character are supposed to be explained as different life experiences but this singular obsession and complete disinterest in literally everything else she has ever cared about feels too contrived.Further, being an alternate, I knew the chances were great that she d be killed shuffled off somewhere so there wouldn t be two competing characters with the same foundation I fully expected it, but her happy ending really left a bad taste in my mouth So after all Shattered Janeway had been through, she gets to spend her life alone, severed from her friends and family that she had the opportunity to see again and convienently seem to have no interest in doing a stark contrast to the Janeway lost in the Delta quadrant who wanted nothingthan that and everything that she had ever known, just to spend it with some kid she never met she had by a man who was indirectly responsible for her capture and torture in the first place on some fucking alien planet she had no connection to beyond it being a prison of her obsession If this was supposed to be satisfying, it wasn t One of the worst sins of this novel, however, has got to be this surprise pregnancy plotline with Conlon So I m supposed to believe, that in the year 2400 of our Lord, we got starships that routinely move faster than the speed of light, downloadable pizza and a cure for cancer, but no one knows how to use a condom How is this happening Why don t these guys just turn their balls off This technology must exist, surely So that s ridiculous But Beyer goes even further Conlon apparently wants to terminate the pregnancy, but the stem cells from the fetus are going to help keep her alive or something similar This skeeved me out so badly Are we really going to pretend that they couldn t just artificially fertilize an egg and grow it for parts Are we really going to pretend that this little plot twist exists for any other reason than to force her to have a baby It s fucked up Beyer is so talented, but her interpersonal nontrek plots are too wrapped up in children No , I beg you. [Ebook] ♃ A Pocket Full of Lies ♧ The Full Circle Fleet Has Resumed Its Unprecedented Explorations Of The Delta Quadrant And Former Borg Space Commander Liam O Donnell Of The USS Demeter Makes A Promising First Contact With The Nihydron Humanoid Aliens That Are Collectors Of History They Rarely Interact With The Species They Study But Have Created A Massive Database Of Numerous Races, Inhabited Planets, And The Current Geopolitical Landscape Of A Large Swath Of The Quadrant When An Exchange Of Data Is Proposed Via A Formal Meeting, The Nihydron Representatives Are Visibly Shaken When Admiral Kathryn Janeway Greets Them For Almost A Century, Two Local Species The Rilnar And The Zahl Have Fought For Control Of The Nearby Planet Sormana, With Both Sides Claiming It As Their Ancestral Homeworld The Shocking Part Is That For The Last Several Years, The Rilnar Have Been Steadily Gaining Ground, Thanks To The Tactics Of Their Current Commanding Officer A Human Woman, Who Appears To Be None Other Than Kathryn Janeway Herself Beyer is on a roll with the Star Trek Voyager relaunch novel series She has taken these amazing characters and continued to develop them I thoroughly enjoyed this story The pace is enjoyable, there s action, sci fi concepts, character moments and continued plot development I felt like I was reading a well done episode with the crew I love so much I look forward to seeing what Beyer has in store for the readers next. My PM to Kirsten Beyer I ve just finished A POCKET FULL OF LIES, and Wow What a terrific novel Utterly brilliant And, adding Tuvok et al was just a masterful stroke of genius In my book, you just surpassed Mack s best , by about 70,000 lightyears Well done You know these characters that ship, so well, that when I open your books, I feel like I ve come home Thank you, for that. When Is a Lie More Important Than the Truth Beyer explores that question on multiple fronts in this latest in the Full Circle series Nor does she let up on the twists and turns we ve come to expect since that fateful day when Janeway infamously predicted that Voyager would only return to the Delta Quadrant over her dead body Now we learn how that death, other related deaths, and the layers of lies that flourished in their aftermath have, are, and will cause serious repercussions across not just the quadrant, but across time as well Clear as mud Read the book and it will be. Absolutely terrific Kirsten Beyer is incredibly talented and imaginative and never fails to make me feel evenfor the characters I ve loved for 20 years both on the screen and on the page This book was everything I hoped it would be I ve read A LOT of Star Trek authors and she is up there with the best. I found this to be one of the best written Voyager fleet books Multiple plots with threads from the television series, the books, and the STNG world, together with new ideas are carefully woven together coming to a satisfactory conclusion. Another great KB Voyager novel Kristen Beyer as always expertly handles the characters in this complicated imaginitave story Her Voyager novels are just consistently awesome. With 2016 having just begun, A Pocket Full of Lies has already set the bar very high for Star Trek novels this year A very fun and very compelling read, this novel not only tells its own story very well, but it also serves to expand on and enhance Voyager stories that have come before Add to that the fact that Beyer manages to undo the biggest reset button push of all of Star Trek, and A Pocket Full of Lies becomes a must read There are many big Trek novels coming out throughout this year, which is Star Trek s 50th anniversary, and I have to say that they all have their work cut out for them if they hope to be the equal of this stellar novel.Full review