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( Read Epub ) ó My Biggest Mistake É Edie Had Spent Her Whole Life Planning Her Future, Imagining Her Husband, Her Kids, And Even Which Minivan She D Drive Lucky For Her, She Didn T Have To Wait Long, Marrying Her High School Sweetheart Right After GraduationAll Of Edie S Dreams Had Come True, Until They Were No Longer Her Dreams Unable To Deal With The Lingering Depression Caused By Having Children, She Left Her Whole Life Behind, Walking Away From The One Thing She D Always WantedDonovan Leery Loved His Wife With Everything He Had And Could Never Imagine Life Without Her Until He Came Home From Work One Day And Found A Letter From Edie, Explaining She Needed A Break Not Only Leaving Him To Live His Life Without Her, But Alone To Raise Their Three Small ChildrenBut What Happens When Edie Is Ready To Come Home When She S Ready To Fight For It All Back She Knew It Wouldn T Be Easy But She Didn T Care After Spending Years Getting Her Life Back Together, She Was Ready To Fight For Her Family And A Fight Is What Donovan Would Give HerShe D Fight To Make Up For Her Biggest Mistake 4I love you bunches and bunches and andStars Edie had it all Her dream husband, house, and kids When she was young she would dream of that perfect prince charming, dream house, dream wedding, and kids Dreams come true Marrying her high school sweetheart, Donnie, right after high school, and having her dream life But they do say be carful what you wish for Edie went into depression She first notice it when she gave birth to her daughter, but it worsen when she gave birth to her twin boys She didn t know what to do She was just in a dark place So she did what she believed to be right, for her and her family, she left Nobody knows where she went, or where she is, or how she s doing Her husband has nothing but a simple note saying that she needed a break Now two years later she s back She will do anything and everything she can to get her family But Is it a little too late though What do you say to your husband two years after walking out on him What do you say to your kids if they even still remember you No doubt Donnie is angry, hurt, and lost He doesn t know what to think out of Edie coming back He can t believe that she even has the nerve to come After what she did to him and the kids And that s it He wants nothing left from her He just want her to go back where she came from Where she ran to It s over, Edie It was over when you left You don t get to spend a couple of years doing your own thing, and when you need us, come back That s not how things work Next time you want to fall into me and cry, just remember you re the one that walked away Not me What would she do What can she do Her husband loathes her, kids don t know her, and she has no one Will she walk away and just leave before she creates damage than she already has, or will she fight and show her husband and kids that she s here for good, and that all she truly wants is right her wrongs This book was really hard to read I think the problem being is it hit too close to home I ve read so many painful books but non can compare to the pain I went through reading this book It gutted me to the soul and even made me understand things I never known And truly along Edie s road to forgiveness I finally had it in me to forgive This book will last with me for a while It was like my own personal healing True I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 but that was because some stuff pissed me off Doesn t mean I love it less.Overall, I really can not explain what I went through with this book I m so grateful I gave it a shot There are a few authors, better yet books, that will knock you off the floor and steal your breath This book was it for me Now I ain t saying everybody will love it, but it was my book The book. 5 MISTAKE StarsWarning Can you handle reading a story completely told in a mother who has abandoned her amazing husband, young daughter, and twin baby boys point of view As a reader, you will need to ask yourself this question before jumping into this story because this book is an agonizing and exhausting read that was so very addictive and so very well done.After two years, Edie feels that she is ready to face and fight for the life she left during a really dark period in her life Edie struggles with depression and an assortment of gutting feelings of humiliation, inferiority and shame for her actions that led to her leaving her family Don t be fooled to think at this stage in her life she is a pushover or weak because she comes across pretty self centered and entitled at times and then on the other hand so very sorry for her actions Seeing the family she left behind on Honeytree Lane and her best friend with them wasn t how she imagined things going downI came back because I no longer give a fuck what anyone else thinks I only care about making things right and getting my kids backFacing her children and her HOT husband Donovan s responses to her return was gut wrenching Donovan Leery was one hell of a well written male lead and I absolutely LOVED him His pain, his love for the girl he fell in love with, and the wife he lost, was brilliantly writtenDon t you get it I never wanted you to leave I never wanted to live my life without you in it I still don t want to live without you, but I can t live with you I m stuck in this endless space of purgatory because of you I m unhappy either way You can t make that right You can t make it go awayBallsy Edie rents the house across the street from Donovan and works towards visits with her children while battling Donnie s raw emotions of love and hate all directed at her I must say that the only things that really bothered me was the Beth situation and my wavering feelings towards Edie Edie comes clean to Donnie about her reasons for leaving but leaves out the doozy of all of her reasons Reconnecting with the inlaws and her own mother has priority on her list as well Jan, her therapist friend was instrumental in guiding Edie through her fight.Overall, this story was angsty, intense, and so very well done If you re able to handle this plot and heroine please make sure you re prepared 4 StarsThere are moments in your life when you think it couldn t get any worse When you feel so heavy with grief, it s like you could sink like a lead weight to the floor of the Atlantic Ocean You re drowning without a life jacket and there s no one to save you It feels like nothing could ever be worse And then something else happens and you realize how wrong you were Because it can always get worse And then you look back on that previous pain, and you pray to God to make you feel that way again, because even that would be better than the new pain that has taken overThis was one of the hardest book I have ever read It was emotional, gut wrenching, thought provoking, intense and honestly for me due the subject matter, it was also hard to read Reading the synopsis I knew what I was getting into, but I never expected to be so conflicted about this book Needless to say I m still not sure about my rating There are parts of the story really well done that I enjoyed, but there are also parts that frustrated me and infuriate me so damn muchMy Biggest Mistaketells the story of Edie a young wife and mother who is suffering from postpartum depression Edie had it all Married with her childhood sweetheart, she had a beautiful house, a loving husband and three adorable small children But Edie was in a bad place, she considered leaving her home will be better not only for her, but for family as well She left and now two years later she came back to fight for her familyI had been in a bad, dark, lonely place in my life when I left I wasn t there any The fog had lifted and the regret cut deepShe fells remorse, she feels guilt and she feels shame, so she knows it won t be easy win her family back, especially after everything has changed so much and also because she has some secrets that might destroy everything she wants to win back The story was sad and heartbreaking at times and the subject matter and the amount of angst made me take several breaks while reading it However I have to say the story felt raw, real and honest to me and I really sympathized with the two main characters Edie wasn t very easy to like or relate to IMO at least for me I felt for her and in some way I admired her determination to win her family back, there s no doubt she s a fighter, but some of her thoughts and actions really frustrated and annoyed meThere is something about watching a man cry that makes your insides twist into knots But when that man is the love of your life, and he s crying because you broke him, he s crying over the broken heart you gave him, your insides don t just knot up, they dieEdie s husband, Donnie was so wonderful My heart broke for him so many times He obviously was angry and bitter, frustrated and confused with what Edie did and also with what he feels now for her and the situation they are in Donnie s pain, grief and also his love for Edie was really well portrayed He was simply fantastic, a fantastic man and fantastic father As the story progresses and they start communicate with each other Donnie understands what Edie experienced two years ago There were some moments between them very emotional, heartbreaking and at times heartwarming I loved seeing them reconnect and learning to properly communicate with each other Overall, a fantastic readWe are never given anything we can t handle Sometimes we think we are, but those are the times that count the most It s the Mount Everest, and when you re standing on the top, nothing feels better knowing you ve achieved it You made it You survived 4.5 StarsThis raw, thought provoking story had me enthralled I m not sure if emotional is a strong enough word, it s emotional on steroids My Biggest Mistake is a the story of an overwhelmed young woman suffering from post postpartum depression who abandons her loving husband and three small children Now two years later she is returning, and she is ready to fight for her familyI came back because I no longer give a fuck what anyone else thinks I only care about making things right and getting my kids back Forgiveness is tough though, and an apology isn t always enough, things have changed Edie may have thought coming home was hard, but the road to forgiveness, to reclaiming her family isn t going to be easy especially considering she has a few secrets she hopes to keepYou destroyed me, Edie You re still destroying me What do you want me to do I want you to have never left me I adored Edie s husband, Donnie, my heart broke for him SO MANY times My feelings for Edie on the other hand, are complicated, at times I did empathized with her, but at other times she just frustrated the hell out of meYou and the kids are my whole world, Edie My everything You were my reason to breathe ANd then you left and took my oxygen with you This was a gut wrenching, emotionally charged story, it was well written and kept my interest The ending did feel abrupt, but overall this was a solid read for me.