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I was so excited to read the next book in the LNF series I ve fallen in love with all of these guys and it s so great to read a story where all the characters are easy to love The relationships are realistic and don t feel rushed The sex is hot And you can t help but root for everyone in the book, even secondary characters I m glad this was the book to get me out of my reading funk Recommend this one for sure [Download Ebook] ⚆ Loving Lilly (Lost and Found, #4.2) ♖ Diego Ortiz Has Too Many Demons To Fight To Even Consider Taking On A Relationship But When Socialite And Former Model Lilly Carmichael Needs His Help, He S Right There To Lend Her A Hand Proximity Forces Him To Acknowledge That He Needs To Be With Her And When They Finally Give In, It S A Revelation To Them BothLilly Carmichael Sees The Real Man Diego Is, Though He Tries To Discourage Her Angry And Secluded He Tries To Shove Her Away But She Hopes That If She S Persistent Enough, He Ll BendAs She S Dragged Into A Situation She Has To Fight Against, He S Right There Supporting Her, Being The Man That She Had Hoped For I have enjoyed the books in this series but I m getting frustrated that we re now getting Novellas about side characters What has happened to Duncan s story from the original Embattled Hearts books The Novella s are OK but the stories need to be longer to really get a feel of them.I was disappointed in this story It was rushed Diego and Lilly have a lot of sex but they don t seem to have much dialogue As usual the hero has a few insecurities about his disability and whether he is good enough for the heroine The heroine s are becoming too perfect I like an alpha male but Diego wasn t one There was something lacking in this story The books are becoming too samey I would have preferred not to have the Ray storyline but of the romance between Diego and Lilly. Really liked Lilly and Diego I thought Diego played her a bit with the back and forth, but Lilly is no doormat and I appreciated her patience They were hot together. Sometimes a guy, even a military guy, can t get out of his own way He never saw it coming with the socialite Lilly She wanted him She was going to get him And nothing was going to get in her way except himself Breaking free of the stigma of she s too good for me proves a bit hard for Diego Putting his anger aside and making his life worth living takes some time, but in the end..the snow will melt. Loving Lilly and DiegoI absolutely loved Lilly and Diego s story and it s a perfect addition to the List and Found Series that J.M Madden writes Lilly is a former model who is planning to open her own dress and design store in Vail, Colorado She and Diego have been dancing around an attraction since being introduced by Grid and Kendall However, at the Chamber ball , an acquaintance of her father s tries to drug her drink and Diego catches him before Lilly takes a sip The rest of the story centers on the incident, starting up the new branch of LNF and the various ladies that hire Diego as companion chauffeur The ending is very shocking but the entire story is a taboo subject that needs recognition as no girl or adult should ever have to be faced with molestation rape by a man, regardless of the rank in high society.I hope there will be many addition to Ms Madden s LNF series of combat modified military heroes, I ll be first in line to buy it each time. 4 starsI had some reservations about this story, as I wasn t a fan of Grif and Kendall s story However, I was pleasantly surprised I liked Lilly immensely She had a cool head, was down to earth, friendly, and had a big heart I liked Diego as well, even though he had his issues Yes he left a time or two, but I appreciate that Lilly kept her head and didn t become a sobbing mess With that being said, the Ray storyline was a downer, and was a bit much for a novella My other issue was there was just too damn much sex I love sex, and I understand its importance, but seriously, we don t need the play by play by play of every single encounter You start to wonder if they do anything other than have sex, like talk Sometimes less is All in all, a satisfactory addition to the series, although I m missing the LNF boys at home. This book concentrates on the Vail branch of Lost and Found which Grif from a previous books is in charge of trying to get off the ground Diego Ortiz has relocated to work with Grif His past in the marines and the injuries he has sustained has made him not be good in large group situations and doesn t really like to socialize in any form It doesn t thrill him that most of the jobs they are getting so far is babysitting the rich Lilly Carmichael is a former model and good friends with Kendall who is Grif s wife She met Diego in the past when he was in the hospital recovering He s not the friendliest person and usually ends up pushing Lilly away When they both end up at a black tie event and Diego saves Lilly from being roofied, Lilly decides she going make her move and its not long before Diego cant dent his feelings for her These novelettes in the series aren t as emotionally powerful as the full books at least I don t think so Maybe there just isn t the time to delve as deep into issues as the others Grif and Kendall s book was my least favorite of the series and that hit me as I was reading this one and not feeling the deep emotional feelings that I do it the other books that maybe its because its not at the main LNF offices with the guys that started the series They just have a different feel I defiantly liked Diego who doesn t love a tall dark and brooding hero and Lilly was the perfect woman to pull him out of his head. I will say that this one was predictable from the start, but I didn t care I knew that Diego was going to have issues and run from Lilly, so when it happened again and again I didn t care I liked that Lilly pursued him in her own way and when he pulled away she let him know she was unhappy.The drama with Lilly s store was again predictable, but I loved that Diego was there to support Lilly and later when she wanted to fight I agreed with Lilly that the outcome was too easy on the bad guy, she ll just have to take solace with her hunky pirate