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Read this to my 6 yo trying to learn the violin and it helped her understand a little better why she practices and why I make her My family loves picture books and the piano so this book was a perfect match for us We read this book together for Family Night and helped our little kids understand the concept of the Atonement I loved the parable in this book because it fit well with our family We ve had several complaints and frustrations with practicing the piano and so my children definitely related I have come to understand the power of the Atonement on a deeper level over the past few years The illustrations are in fine detail and very lifelike and my kids loved the details the artist included, like the cat and dinosaurs in the pictures The story was short and it was easy to keep the kids attention while teaching an important lesson.This book would be excellent for a family Easter gift or for anytime of the year. #Free Pdf ⚜ Practicing for Heaven õ David Hates Practicing Piano He Is Frustrated By How Hard It Is And All The Mistakes He Makes With The Help Of His Mother, He Comes To Understand How Thats All Part Of The Learning Process She Also Uses The Moment To Help David Comprehend About The Atonement Christ Has Paid The Price So That We Can Learn And Improve We Are Not Earning Our Way To Heaven We Are Practicing For It, And Christ Is Willing To Help Us Every Step Of The WayPracticing For Heaven Also Includes Teachings Tips For Parents Who Wish To Teach Children Of All Ages About The Saviors Atonement And Grace In this sweet book you will read the story of David and his reluctance to practice the piano Sound like someone you know But it s hard and I keep hitting the wrong notes complains David Do you make mistakes in this life Then David s mom turns this into a teaching moment about Jesus Christ and his atonement.She has paid for the piano lessons so she can ask David to practice even if he makes mistakes.Christ has also paid for usWhat does He ask of us Are we allowed to make mistakes Read to find out how David s mom answers This wonderfully illustrated book will help you ponder the fact that We aren t earning our way to heaven we are practicing for it A BEAUTIFUL BOOK with a HOPEFUL MESSAGE I LOVE the way Brad Wilcox teaches about this idea of We don t need to be perfect right now, we just have to keep practicing EVERYONE should read this book This would make a fantastic family Easter book A mother takes hold of a great teaching opportunity with her son She compares the time it takes to learn to play the piano well to living our lives well Just like we have to keep learning from our mistakes when it comes to the piano and keep trying, we have to keep learning from our mistakes in life and strive to become as Christ wants us to be. I thoroughly enjoyed this book It was so relatable I currently have a child in piano lessons and we were chuckling and nodding our heads through the whole thing The way it likens piano practice to what we re trying to do as followers of Christ was so original We also loved the illustrations and how realistic they were A great book for family home evening and a family keepsake for sure Originally reviewed on I absolutely love this book A must read for everyone. Cute Story, easy way to put it for kids to understand that we don t have to be perfect, that we are practicing. A good book to help explain the Christ s atonement and God s grace to children, with additional suggestions in the back of the book. Practicing for Heaven is a beautiful book with a powerful message I especially related to the piano analogy because I used to play myself and I was also a reluctant practitioner I love how the mother sits down with her son and explains to him the importance of not giving up when things get hard or when it seems that all one does is make mistakes Not only is the text beautifully written and perfect for sharing with children, but the illustrations are gorgeous and wonderfully highlights the text The story points out the importance of teaching children about the atonement and how the power of the atonement provides strength to overcome our sins and weaknesses I loved the idea of practicing for heaven Because Jesus died for us he has the right to ask something of us and that he does it to help us become like him so we can be ready to live in heaven I find this a wonderful way to help children understand an important doctrine The authors give additional information at the end of the book about ways to help teach children about the atonement including additional resources A beautiful book all around