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First of all, this is a typical, sweet romance, but to be honest, that is the strength of this romance novel You get exactly what you expect No bedroom scenes, no profanity, and it is a quick read too I didn t know that this was the second in the series but I had no problem jumping into this story I never felt lost at all.Even though the story is predictable, the author adds a few twists and turns along the way The chapters are short and filled with sweet interactions between the two principals If anything needed to be improved at all, it would be the addition of humor Although this was a feel good story, I felt it was missing humor But that s just a personal preference of mine For a quick, sweetly written romance, this could easily be your go to book Definitely recommend I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review I was not financially compensated, and all opinions are 100 percent mine. Dr Elaine Watson never loses, has to be first in everything she tackles until she decides to learn how to knit More important is winning the opportunity to buy the Bluebird BB and bring it back to its former glory Dean Collins, son of the current owner, stands in Elaine s way, just as intent to win it and make it a fishing camp for loners like him, lately come out of a war zone with nightmares His photojournalist cred is top notch, but he s not sure he ll win the bet and be able to stay home and heal.When Elaine and Dean begin reluctantly to work together, however, each learns something about winning and losing Why, then, does the winner feel like a loser How can Dean be convinced not to leave town after his father returns from his mini vacation Elaine Watson, Tall Pines doctor, is determined to purchase the neglected Bluebird Inn from a patient and owner of the Inn, Robert Collins Robert s beloved wife, Martha Collins, took pride in The Bluebird Inn and her labor of love was a beautiful place that Elaine fondly remembers visiting with her parents when she was just a girl Martha is gone now and along with her went the meticulous efforts of maintaining the Inn When a health crisis nearly takes Robert s life, save the good doctor Elaine s diligent care, he decides not to continue taking life for granted by heading out on his own travel adventures What will become of the Bluebird Inn Elaine refuses to acknowledge her childhood place of contentment being lost forever, so she offers to purchase and restore it Only problem is Robert s son Dean is just as determined and wants to turn the Inn into a fishing camp Who ultimately wins this battle of wills, and what will become of the old Bluebird Inn Will the good doctor employ her instinctively caring nature and physician s training to help a wounded man heal, or is this war at all costs to obtain the Inn she wants to call her own I loved, loved, loved this Heartwarming story The Bluebird Bet is Book 2 in the Welcome To Tall Pines series A Minute On The Lips was the first which was also great Cheryl Harper s fluid storytelling skills and sense of humor pulled me into the narrative and I felt immediately connected to the characters, setting and the story overall Devouring 100 pages in one sitting without stirring is a great feat for me and means that I am thoroughly enjoying the writer s style This was my experience with The Bluebird Bet Great story, fun and endearing characters, lovely setting, familiar friends and a convincing love story with a happy ending Would you like those elements in your sweet romance story Then you re sure to love The Bluebird Bet. The Bluebird Bet is a gentle, slow paced, light romance about two people who want to own the same property Dean and Elaine both love the Bluebird B B but envision different things for it s future Elaine wants to restore the Bluebird to it s original glory and bring families back Dean wants to focus on the fishing which is something that he loves These two very different individuals have to learn to work together while they plot against each other.The plot of the story is good rivals who become friends who might become if they allow themselves Even though both Elaine and Dean are determined to win, they also end up caring what will happen to the other if they do win.As I said, this is a sweet, gentle book It didn t pull my emotions in or cause my heart to pitter patter, but it was a good book The romance is soft and slow building The Bluebird sounds like the perfect place for a weekend getaway I want to go there But only if Elaine winsI love the Harlequin Heartwarming line It is the perfect place for a girl like me to settle in because I like my romances sweet and clean. ( Download Book ) ♊ The Bluebird Bet (Welcome to Tall Pines #2) ☩ Winning Isn T Everythingto Other People Dr Elaine Watson Never Loses Period So She Won T Miss Out On A Chance To Restore The Bluebird Bed And Breakfast The Owner S Son, Dean Collins, Seems Just As Determined As She Is A Famous Photojournalist, He Hasn T Been Home In Years, So Why Does He Want To Turn The Bluebird, A Charming Old B And B, Into A Fishing Camp With Just A Few Weeks To Create The Winning Plan, Elaine Has No Choice But To Spend Time With The Guy She S Drawn To The Handsome, Wounded Man, But Being With Dean Would Mean Giving Up The Future She S Been Dreaming Of And Dr Elaine Watson Never Gives Up I love that this wasnt your typical boy meets girl and falls in love romance.These characters couldnt stand each other Each wanted to prove they were right about what should happen to the Bluebird.I could really relate to both sides and was torn about whose side I was on.all the while hoping they could just learn to work together But they were so headstrong I didnt know how things would turn out, and for me that is proof that a story isn t just good, but fabulous.I enjoyed this authors writing style, she really drew me into the beautiful setting and sold me on these wonderful characters and their story Ill definitely be looking for books from Cheryl in the future.If you enjoy sweet romance, dont miss this Miniseries Welcome to Tall Pines