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~READ PDF ☿ The No Time to Cook! Book ☢ No Time To Cook No Problem Make Weeknight Cooking Easy With Than Foolproof Recipes That Cover Quickie Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Desserts, And Even Impressive Feasts For Guests All In Minutes Or Less Created With Intuitive Graphics That Are Easy To Follow, The No Time To Cook Book Will Transform Your Weeknight Cooking And Make Getting Dinner On The Table Quick, Easy, And Stress Free Really These Recipes Are Presented Simply And Easily The No Time To Cook Book Includes Illustrations, Flow Charts, And Pie Charts That Make Recipes Easier To Understand Special Sections Such As Fun Things To Do With A Chicken And The Wheel Of Dressings Outline Easy Recipes With The Humor That S So Necessary At The End Of A Busy Day, And A Quick Reference Section Is Perfect For The New Cook In A Time Crunch Take The Stress Out Of Dinner With The No Time To Cook BookReviews G Orgeously Photographed And Illustrated Tampa Bay Times Seems pretty good Close to 1 1 picture to recipe ratio, lots of simple recipes I will probably try at some point I do wish the ingredient lists didn t include little drawings of the ingredients I m cooking impaired, but I know what a box of pasta looks like, thanks. A definite hit in the kitchen I made three recipes and loved them all.First I made Beef Stroganoff.I loved it, and the hubby thought it was just okay So maybe I won t make it all the time, but once in a while Then I made Pork Chops with Apple and Creamed Spinach.This dish was a huge hit My whole family loved this one, and I will definitely be making it often The spinach was better than I expected it to me, so flavorful and delicious Lastly I made a Waldorf salad I d heard of it before and always wanted to try it Now I have.I loved this salad and can see why it is such a famous dish It s crisp and refreshing I urge you to try it sometime I can t wait to try some recipes from this one They are so easy to do, and usually need few ingredients to make Great for when you want a decent meal, but are in a rush to eat. Let me just say that first I love DK books The simplicity of the layout and the presentation has always appealed to me Well, when my colleague, who loves to cook, showed this to me I was immediately smitten I have to own a copy and then some how figure out how to make the time to actually try these recipes Makes my mouth water every time I look at it Many choose your own adventure type recipes OK I am a cook connoisseur and we love cooking We love making new dishes This is the best hands down cookbook that I have ever seen in the bookstore The raspberry cheesecake is freaking amazing and the one pot meal curry in a hurry oh my gosh The book is what is exactly what is says on the cover perfect for uni students or anyone with a hectic lifestyle I won t give this a proper rating until I ve at least used it for a fair trial period But I bought it because I m absolutely terrible at cooking and know how to cook very, very few things and I m in my mid 30 s I like the fact that these meals claim to be doable in less than 30 minutes or so, which makes it much approachable for me to attempt them.I m also a very visual learner, so I appreciate the fact that this book not only has nice colour photographs of the actual dishes described, but I also really like the hand drawn pictures of ingredients, or in progress photos of items being placed in a frying pan, etc., etc All of those details really help me grasp the entire process and all work toward making it very approachable for me.My above impressions alone will probably lead to me giving a 5 star rating but I really should try out some of the recipes first before that