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I have read all three of Rebecca Westcott s books now, and not one of them has let me down in the slightest Her style of writing is beautiful and can make you feel like you are included in the story, or even that you are one of the characters Five Things They Never Told Me made me have a whole new outlook on life, and I know I will be thinking about this book for many months.The main character, Erin, came across so careless and self centred at the beginning of the book, I was sure I was going to hate her for the rest of the book But, Rebecca Westcott very cleverly and subtly, slowly altered Erin s attitude and personality showing how her new summer holiday surroundings were changing who she was I grew to love her by the end, liking how small parts of Old Erin would appear when she spoke sometimes.By the end she had completely changed her outlook on life, and that was all with the help of Martha.Martha was probably my favourite character in this book I think Rebecca Westcott displayed Erin as a younger version of Martha, and I think this added something even amazing to the story Martha, I thought, was still a teenager stuck in an older woman s body in a care home her enjoyment of smoking, and rebellious behaviour emphasised this, and contrasted really well with the wisdom she passed on to Erin nearer the end of the book that part was unbelievably touching I adored her as soon as she appeared in the book, and it only increased with every page.Finally Frog I can t think of much to say about Frog, only that I thought he was perfect I feel like he was the one who put Martha and Erin together, even though they had met before his appearance, he was the one who got them to enjoy each other s company with his conversaton starters and ideas on what the three of them could do together He was the secret glue that put everything in the book together.All of the extra characters in this book played a key part, even if it wasn t obvious The ending touched my heart, just like the ending of Dandelion Clocks and Violet Ink It takes a special book to change people s outlooks on life, but Rebecca Westcott managed it easily in a couple hundred pages.Five Things They Never Told Me is heart breaking, heart fixing, and life changing. [[ DOWNLOAD ]] ⇱ Five Things They Never Told Me ↯ Five Things They Never Told Me Is Story To Be Felt And Not Forgotten, From Rebecca Westcott, Author Of Dandelion Clocks And Violet InkIt S A Glorious Summer And Erin And Martha Are Both Stuck At Oak Hill Home For The Elderly Misunderstood And Feeling Ignored, They Are Equally Frustrated By The Situation But As Erin Learns To Listen To Martha, She Discovers Some Very Important Lessons About Making Her Own Voice Heard I ve read Rebecca Westcott s two other books and enjoyed them so I decided to read this It was enjoyable and I loved the ending, I thought it was so sweet But it was a little young for me, I think that s only because I ve been reading lots of YA recently thought, that does not mean that it was badly written because it was well written with a nice format. Beautiful middle grade contemporary tale It speaks about several important issues including dealing with divorce, loneliness, growing into a young adult, and quality friendships Most chapters start with a title of an artwork with a footnote from character Erin about her thoughts on it I really enjoyed this aspect, it exposed me to some art I ve never heard of Erin has a fair amount of angst since her parents split and makes some mistakes meaning that she doesn t have freedom on her school holidays and has to accompany her father to his work at Oak Hill Home for the Elderly She meets Martha, a rather stoic woman at the home, and a relationship blossoms. This is a great middle grade novel and it potrays a great relationship between an elder and a younger girl Must read What a beautiful little book a very nice heartwarming story This author has successfully made her way to the must buy list her previous novels, dandelion clocks and violet ink are favourites of mine and I m glad to say that five things they never told me is a new favourite Five stars. I have had this book for awhile now but finally decided to read it I loved it, its such a sweet book I love finding out bout Martha Erin is like most young girls so its easy to relate to her Really good book A beautiful story about a girl who has to spend the summer in an old folks home She is responsible for one of the wards whose rebellious nature wins her over We witness how this friendship benefits both. This is a beautiful book, and my favourite of Rebecca s so far Perfect for anyone who s looking for some life advice, or just for a lovely summer read I would recommend to anyone such a good read, it made me cry