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I didn t get this until I read it a few times, and then I fully appreciated it Well drawn, vampires, werewolves, a girl named after someone in the St Clare s seriesreally, what s not to like 4.5 StarsContinuing on to volume 2, things take an bit darker turn when the trio and Yamimaru go on an snowy trip to Switzerland and later Chiyuki s older cousin pays an visit from America.This volume definitely feels serious as well as growing the beard It does get an little unnerving like view spoiler Toya being possessed by Isabel and Kei going to scary lengths of protecting Chiyuki from Toya, such as tying her up in her room hide spoiler @DOWNLOAD E-PUB ì 千年の雪 , 2 ⚢ Now That Her Bond With Toya Has Healed Her Heart, Chiyuki Wants To Live Her Life To The Fullest What She Doesn T Know Is That Toya Has Refused To Make The Full Partnership With Her He Doesn T Want To Doom Her To A Thousand Years Of Life Chiyuki Swore To Toya That She Would Never Leave Him Alone, But Is That A Promise She Ll Be Able To Keep I do kind of wish long running shojo manga series didn t tend to rely on the trope of constantly adding new potential love interests for the heroine two volumes in and we ve got a werewolf and a childhood friend so far I suppose it gets fans hooked as they root for one or the other, but I find it kind of tedious, somehow.That said, the action and romance are upped a bit in this one and so I did enjoy it. Plenty of drama and angst, with some gothic elements thrown in A solid continuation of the story of Chiyuki, the girl with the heart condition, and Toya, the vampire struggling with his feelings for her and whether or not he can drink her blood to save both of their lives. This series deserved at least one book, but it s fine without it Chiyuki and the gang seem to have blended together rather quickly her brother cousin went crazy, then accepted toya in an afternoon plus the whole gang went to the alps, for the fun of it ah, the joys of manga this series is just quirky and lovable what could you want Loved it Don t like the cousin they bring into the story though He s a jerk. SANGUE SULLA NEVE n 2Meglio del primo Molto pi romantico e divertente, anche se lo trovo banalotto Ma si legge lo stesso con piacere A me il prossimo There are still things that I like about Millennium Snow I like the three main characters themselves, and I like how the vampires work I also liked the first story, even with the bizarre setup Toya doesn t like riding in buses, so let s walk through the snowy mountains Because that makes total sense But the second story had a strange twist for a new character I had a hard time believing that Keigo could so quickly turn from being a loving big brother substitute to Well, I couldn t even begin to describe it Sure, I buy him being concerned under the circumstances, but there s a step too far and then there s what Keigo does Unfortunately, there s no ending for Millennium Snow, and there s unlikely to ever be one, so there s no telling what would have come of his storyline I don t think I d recommend the series as a whole, except to hardcore shojo fans, for just that reason. A cute and charming manga.