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@Free E-pub ¼ Sustainable Business Þ Sustainable Business Key Issues Is The First Comprehensive Introductory Level Textbook To Address The Interface Between Environmental Challenges And Business Solutions To Provide An Overview Of The Basic Concepts Of Sustainability, Sustainable Business, And Business Ethics The Book Introduces Students To The Background And Key Issues Of Sustainability And Suggests Ways In Which These Concepts Can Be Applied In Business Practice Though The Book Takes A Business Perspective, It Is Interdisciplinary In Its Nature And Draws On Knowledge From Socio Economic, Political, And Environmental Studies, Thereby Providing A Practical And Critical Understanding Of Sustainability In The Changing Paradigm Of Global Business It Goes Beyond The Conventional Theories Of Sustainability And Addresses Critical Issues Concerned With Population, Consumption, And Economic Growth It Discusses Realistic Ways Forward, In Particular The Circular Economy And Cradle To Cradle FrameworksThe Book Is Both A Theoretical And Practical Study Guide For Undergraduate And Postgraduate International Students Of Broad Areas Of Sustainability, Teaching Ways To Recognize Opportunities For Innovation And Entrepreneurship At The Intersection Of Environmental, Economic, Ethical, And Social Systems It Takes A Strategic Approach In Applying The Power Of Business Methods And Policy To Address Issues Of Global Importance Such As Climate Change, Poverty, Ecosystem Degradation And Human RightsThis Textbook Is Essential Reading For Students Of Business, Management And Sustainability Courses It Is Written In An Engaging And Accessible Style, With Each Chapter Including Case Studies, Discussion Questions, End Of Chapter Summaries, And Suggestions For Further Reading This New Edition Is Updated Throughout, And Contains An Additional Chapter On The Circular Economy