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~EBOOK ♱ Winter of the Metal People ⚖ This Historical Novel Adds For The First Time The Indian Point Of View To The Spanish Chronicles About Coronado S Expedition In America S First Named Indian War Coronado S Spaniards And Mexican Indian Allies Fought The Tiguex War Against The Pueblo Indians Between Present Day Albuquerque And Santa Fe InThe Novel Follows A Young Pueblo Warrior Who Reluctantly Takes Leadership Of His People In A Time Of Crisis, Overcoming Self Doubt To Lead Puebloans In Guerilla Warfare Against The SpaniardsPraise For Winter Of The Metal People And Author Dennis Herrick A Riveting Historical Novel Of Immense Scholarship And Insight DennisHerrick Makes The Story Of The First American Indians In The West Toface The Military Might Of European Forces As Vivid And Real As IfCoronado S Expedition Had Ridden Out Of Mexico Yesterday Winter Of The Metal People Will Forever Influence Your Perception Of The Stunning Landscapes Andrich Culture Of The Southwest Margaret Coel, Author Of Killing CusterIn Winter Of The Metal People Dennis Herrick, Journalist And Award Winning Writer Of Fiction, Offers Us A Consummately Humane Novel Of The First Encounters Between Pueblo Peoples Of The Southwest And A European, African, And Native American Expedition Led By Francisco V Zquez De Coronado In The Early S Herrick Skillfully Brings The Native Side Of Those Encounters Into Vivid Focus We Are Brought To Imagine The Complexity And Variety Of Pueblo Reactions As They Struggle To Come To Grips With The Foreign Presence And How It Violently Impacts Their Lives And Traditions Richard Flint, Historian, Author Of No Settlement, No Conquest A History Of The Coronado Entrada A Vivid Historical Novel That Brings To Life The Epic Winter Of As Spanish And Pueblo Indian Worlds First Collided Herrick S Narrative Driven By Extant Annals Of The Coronado Expedition, Recent Archaeological Research, And Pueblo Accounts Is The Closest We Will Ever Get To Standing On A Hill Above An Ancient Pueblo Community And Witnessing The Gritty Reality Of History It Is A Masterful Eye Opener David E Stuart, Professor Of Anthropology, University Of New Mexico, Author Of Prehistoric New Mexico, Anasazi America, And The Ancient Southwest I thoroughly enjoyed this account of the events that literally occured in my backyard The book is a very readable narrative that tells the story of the conflict between the Tiwa peoples and Coronado s forces in 1540 While it is a novel, the events are very well researched and the story is framed with the latest research and primary accounts by the Spaniards as well as native traditions So many people who live in the neighborhood that I live in have no idea what happened I think that a copy of this book should be included with every house in the River s Edge area But even if you don t live here, check this book out It brings to life the distant conquistadores and the cultures that they encountered It takes the characters out of the dusty textbooks and museums and makes them human It shows the human side of what happens when cultures collide and reminds us that we are only the most recent people to live on this patch of land in the Rio Grande Valley. this will be the 3rd or 4th title from herrick for me kindle version that edition is not listed as yet here at goodreads and i don t have the energy to list it.there s a quote from ralph waldo emerson fiction reveals truths that reality obscures.there s a dedication to evelyn and hiram herrickmaybe the author s parents i don t knowand this is followed by grateful acknowledgmentanother quote from historian herbert e bolton one of the great shortcomings in the early history of the western hemisphere is our lack of a record of what the indians thoughtif we only knew what he said and thought about our ancestors.followed by a map tiquex province pueblos in the time of coronado 1540 42adapted from reginald g fisherthe prologue follows, an interesting read, short and sweetabout coronado and alarconand an interesting question unanswered about how the indians knew and brought news about coronado to alarconpart 1 invasion, june to september 1540 follows onward and upward view spoiler the pearl is in the riveralsodrink your ovaltine i d like to say hi to the n.s.a to everyone else greetings from the authoritarian ship. hide spoiler When I began this book, I thought it was going to be an academic history book and was initially disappointed to see that it is in fact an historical novel As I continued reading, however, I appreciated that historical fiction was the most suitable vehicle for telling the story of the Tiguex encounter with Coronado from several points of view Though fictional, the book is thoroughly researched and has taken into account both the Spanish records of the expeditionaries and the oral traditions of the various Puebloan cultures By the time I was several chapters into the book, I was thoroughly captivated by the interwoven stories The author has provided a link to a website that contains much of the historical material that informs the novel, and I found it enriching to read historical documents alongside the novel this approach meant that it tooktime to finish the book than it would have taken to read it as an ordinary novel, but in the end I felt it was well worth the time To anyone interested in the Castilian invasion of the American southwest, and indeed to anyone interested in the European encounter with the natives of the Americas, I heartily recommend this book. I give this book 5 stars because of the true story of how New Mexico Pueblo people How they were treated and how they fought to survive the invasion by the Spanish It was easy to read and follow but the truth was brutally honest and gut wrenching I can not say I liked it because of treatment of a people but I am glad I read it This should be on the must read list of all junior and senior high schools. Usually it is the victor who gets to interpret history This well researched historical novel presents an evenhanded account of the first encounter between Spanish Conquistadors and Rio Grande Pueblo People The author did an incredible amount of research into primary sources, including official reports, first hand accounts, and testimony from later trials in order to present the events that occurred during the bitter winters of 1640 and 1641, events that affected Hispanic Indian relations and continues to do so This well written and engaging book is a must read for anyone interested in New Mexico history.