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!Read ♪ GIRLS GONE SKANK: The Sexualization of Girls in American Culture ☨ Instead Of Advancing Women S Social And Professional Empowerment, Popular Culture Trends Appear To Be Backsliding Into The Blatant Sexual Exploitation Of Women And Girls At Younger And Younger Ages This Study Investigates The Effects Of Mass Marketed Sexual Images And Cultural Trends On The Behaviors And Attitudes Of Young Girls And Describes Many Ways In Which Young Girls Are Increasingly Taught To Go To Outrageous Lengths In Seeking Male Attention Topics Include The Powerful Effects Of Cultural Phenomena Such As Revealing Fashions, Plastic Surgery, And Beauty Pageants In Influencing Teen And Preteen Girls To Willingly Participate In And Promote Their Own Sexualization These Chapters Also Explore Other Cultural Factors Contributing To This Early Sexualization Of Young Girls, Including Absentee Parenting And Material Overindulgence Later Chapters Focus On The Sexual Representations Of Females In The Mass Entertainment Media, Focusing Specifically On How Popular Magazines, Television Programs, Films, And The Internet Prey Upon, Promote, And Reinforce Young Girls Physical And Sexual Insecurities I think this is a great book for people interested in Women s Studies and Girls Studies the issues discussed pertain to both women and girls The book addresses everything from a clothing line meant to make children look like pimps to the degradation of women in strip clubs and pornography I thought that the author did a good job of explaining how the issues women face reflect on the younger generation of girls She cites tons of examples of how skanky behavior and dress has become a norm in our society and the implications for young girls can be harmful This book would be a great read for anyone studying the way women are viewed and portrayed in American culture. For the most part, I thought this book was really informative and she covered a good range of topics in popular culture that contribute to the trend of raunch culture Ariel Levy has written about I just wish she had analyzed to a greater extent rather than just listing the examples in each chapter and then briefly interpreting them at the end As dense with information as the book was I always felt she could ve gone deeper with the subject matter Despite this, it s definitely a solid introduction to a reader who is unaware of the extent to which young women and girls are sexualized and objectified in nearly every aspect of our culture or who is new to the women and gender studies discipline On the flip side, for the feminist minded, seasoned women s studies crowd that is most likely to be the core readership of this book, I don t think there is anything too new discussed A suitable follow up to issues raised in Cinderella Ate My Daughter but a little limited in its concept of sexuality I did appreciate the discussion of female sexuality becominglimited as women embrace what were traditionally male activities and as they focuson sexuality as performance but I don t think embracing raunchiness is necessarily objectifying yourself and or your fellow woman I do agree that the trickle down effect of all this focus on female self esteem based on physicality and performance is dangerous for young girls, however, as it limits their options by focusing their attention outward instead of inward while they re growing up So, I m giving this one a mixed review Good data, solid traditionally feminist arguments, but I would ve liked to seeperspective on how the rise of sexuality as performance may be a generational phenomenon. ill This is a very poorly written book First of all, the author overuses the word skank without ever operationally defining what skank means It cannot just be assumed that the reader has the same impression of the word as was intended by the author For instance, she refers to a dress as skanky with no other description, telling the reader nothing at all about the dress Operationally defining skank is also vitally important because it is such a demeaning term If Oppliger had used the term ironically, it would have been one thing However, the term itself sexualizes women, which is ironic considering this seems to be what she wants to speak out against.Also, on page nine, she refers to a period of both sexual liberalism conservatism as a schizophrenic time It s clear that Oppliger has little to no knowledge of basic psychology, because if she did, she would have realized that this makes no sense If she had said bipolar, it at least would have been a logical comparison, though still an unprofessional way to present the information.