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I heard about this book after reading an article in Good Housekeeping that mentioned several must reads in terms of inspirational stories offering hope and positive thinking In this case, the author has been the one packing his daughter s lunch for many years He always made sure to tuck in a little napkin note Some type of motivational quote or well wish written on the edge of the napkin What makes his story so unique is that he has been diagnosed with cancer on multiple occasions and is currently actively fighting the disease With a long term survival rate only in the single digits, he decided to take his napkin notes and create a lasting memoir for his teenage daughter In between samples of his napkin notes, he shares his cancer journey and samples of life lists he s created for his daughter He has a very pleasant way of writing, comments on the role faith has played in his life and overall has created a pleasant read given the harsh realities he is facing head on Mr Callaghan has made sure that his daughter will always be able to hear his voice What a treasure that will be for her in the years to come. The author is raw and honest in this book The life lessons he shares with Emma are good for people of all ages He inspires me to be a better parent to my teen daughters, one of whom reads my Goodreads book reviews and will likely hold me accountable. DOWNLOAD ♥ 826 Notas de Amor Para Emma ♗ Uma Hist Ria De Amor Comovente De Um Pai Por Uma Filha Pouco Depois De Emma Completar Anos, Seu Pai, Garth Callaghan, Descobriu Que Tinha C Ncer De Rim Determinado A Fazer Do Tempo Que Lhe Restava Relevante, Ele Compilou Diversos Valores Para Auxiliar Sua Filha At A Formatura Do Ensino M DioGarth Come Ou A Escrever Seus Recados Em Guardanapos Quando Emma Ainda Estava Nos Primeiros Anos De Escola Medida Que A Filha Foi Crescendo, Suas Notas Tornaram Se Mais Significativas Notas De Amor Para Emma Um Relato Familiar Inspirador, Repleto De Amor E Sabedoria No In Cio De Cada Cap Tulo, Garth Apresenta Um Dos Recados De Guardanapo Para, Em Seguida, Compartilhar Uma Hist Ria Ligada Quela Mensagem E Sua Pr Pria Vida Com Olhar Sens Vel E S Bio, Garth Consegue Confortar Os Cora Es E Tocar As Almas Dos LeitoresPartilho Este Livro Porque Nenhum De N S Sabe Quanto Tempo Ainda Nos Resta Sim, N S Caminhamos Pelo Planeta Com A Esperan A De Sermos Invenc Veis, Mas Todos N S Sabemos Que A Vida Pode Ser Tirada Em Qualquer Instante Eu Tenho A D Diva De Perceber Que O Fim Est Se Aproximando Posso Reservar Um Tempo Para Fazer Um Balan O E Dizer S Pessoas Que Amo O Quanto Elas Significam Para Mim A Nica Coisa Que Importa Sua Casa, Sua Conta Banc Ria, Suas Habilidades, Sua Profiss O Nada Disso Importa Tudo Se Resume Aos Relacionamentos Duradouros Que Constru Mos Isso Tudo Isso The title intigued me I used to write notes to my kids This author has kidney cancer and in 2012 was told he had an 8% chance of surviving 5 years he s still alive He decided to pack his daughter s lunch every day and include an inspiring, positive message on the napkin Then he committed to write enough napkins to last through her high school graduation something like 876 of them The book is his story It was sweet and also a quick read o This story make us think a lot about our life and the way we spend the time we have And author s love to his daughter are so big and incomparable My heart was touched by this story. I loved this book It was extremely uplifting. 3.5 , 250 . This book, and the philosophy behind it, are incredible The cards Mr Callaghan has been dealt are than any one person should have to play I love that, through his battles, he continues to find the means to Connect , not only with Emma, but with the world Mr Callaghan is clearly aware that what started out simply as fatherly love has morphed into so much He is encouraging the world to Pack Write Connect The book dedication sums up the love of a parent To Emma 826 napkins will never be enough It fully encompasses a parent s love nothing we do for our children will ever seem enough.So many of the quotes on the Napkin Notes resonate with me Be brave always Sometimes when I need a miracle, I look into your eyes and realize I ve already created one most definitely how I feel about my children Make sure your friends know how important they are to you sage advice, no matter our age If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes Only then would you realize how special you are to me absolutely If you want to go fast, go alone If you want to go far, go together unite Anyone who thinks that sunshine is pure happiness has never danced in the rain find the best in any situationWhen I pondered the times the Callaghan family has had to encounter yet another diagnosis, I concluded that they are truly remarkable Remarkable as a couple, remarkable as parent child, and remarkable in their willingness to share their story Through sharing, they are inspiring others to realize that even the grimmest of situations can lead to exceptional outcomes.When Emma is told of the second diagnosis, I love her comment You deserve to be done with this explains her frustration, fears, and love for her father Mr Callaghan s strength is displayed in his personality He decides to wear Star Wars t shirts to his appointments so that he will stand out from the other patients, causing an awareness for the medical team to be connected to his battle This awareness allows the medical relationship to become personal, to unite the team for battle His presentation of a Star Wars action figure to one of his doctors displays Mr Callaghan s need for those involved to fully buy in to the team It was an incredible idea.At the moment when this father realizes the importance of the Napkin Notes to his daughter by her simple question of Napkin Note , I can only imagine how surreal that must have been To know that these seemingly small gestures have such a profound impact had to have been sheer elation.There are some dialogues in the book that touched me on a personal level The conversation with Lissa where he tells her she didn t sign up for this and Lissa replies, Yes I didIt was in the vows hit me like a wall My mother told me this once when I questioned why she remained with my father through many years of his uncontrolled mental illness I said vows Devotion at its finest.The conversation with Father Dan when they discuss that it s okay to be angry with God reminds me of the sermon at my mother s funeral Father David relayed this same message, that it is okay to be angry with God when someone is taken from us at age 59 Be angry, deal with that anger, and then move past it God can handle it Intertwining the Life List for Emma throughout the book adds another perspective The Napkin Notes are a daily connection and will be treasured by Emma for a lifetime The Life List is a summation of the daily notes.Throughout the years, I have connected with my husband, my children, and other loved ones using different avenues I will leave a hidden note for my husband in his lunch which he packs , in among his clothes laid out for the next day, or under his pillow when I am going to be away from home that night With my children, I did include a note in their lunches from time to time For quite some time when they were teenagers, I texted them with inspirational quotes or messages to start off their school day Recently, I have been mailing cards to my daughter to encourage her with her university studies.Mr Callaghan s lifelines are as they should be, those dearest to him.I pray Mr Callaghan will experience the Epilogue. This is a delightful little book, despite the fact the author is battling cancer It s a reminder that we really shouldn t wait until we are diagnosed with a terminal illness, to make the time to really connect with those we love To tell them the things we d like to say and to think about the legacy we are leaving with our everyday actions I loved too that he pointed out that cancer affects not just the patient, but all of those who care about them the immediate and extended family, friends, and colleagues It is easy to forget that when we are confronted with this nasty disease.In a nutshell this wee tome celebrates the value of a good nutritious lunch, the power of the written word, and just how fortunate we are to have a support team at our back, when the chips are down And a reminder to take the time to tell yours just how much they mean to you.This has inspired me to grab a pen and lift the lid on that huge box of cards I have accumulated over the years, that has been forgotten since the arrival of email As Garth himself points out when was the last time you went back and re read an old email from someone you care about Just like a napkin note this was short and sweet, and I am so very glad I received it.