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What a fantastic individual! This book is an inspiration. Pete show not only how to win at the game of basketballbut how to win the "game" of life!

Pete was blessed having a highly motivating and caring dad, then he took what his dad passed along to him, and took it to another dimension. This little book is an autobiography (with some help) by one of college basketball's greatest players ever. Pistol Pete Maravich helped to transform the game into today's fastpaced runandgun style, and beyond his playmaking abilities, he was an almost unparalleled shooter. His college points records still stand. He averaged over 44 points per game in his college career, and the next closest player is still only at 34 points per game. That's domination.

But this book is about so much more than basketball. Maravich starts with his dad, recounting his discovery of basketball when it was still a young game, and his growing love for the sport, first as a player but then even more as a coach. When he had a son, it only seemed natural to teach him this same love for the game, and thus, Pete's obsession with basketball was born. He haunted the high school and college courts where his dad coached, and ultimately played for his dad at LSU, where they both shined. But Maravich recounts how his life off the court was one of recklessness and irresponsibility. He shunned the idea of being a role model, and his drinking and partying was a constant problem, even costing LSU a shot at the NIT championship when Pete stayed up the whole night before a big game partying.

Pete's despair continued as he played in the NBA, first for Atlanta, then for the New Orleans Jazz (who later moved to Utah; the name made so much more sense in Louisiana!), and last for the Boston Celtics. His whole life was basketball. He lived and breathed it, always in search of a championship. But a championship was never to be. Instead, he spent his professional career butting heads with his teammates, always seeking acceptance and adulation that never seemed to come. In the end, he walked away after the preseason of his second season with the Celtics, feeling like he wasn't getting enough playing time and appreciationthe team went on to win the championship that year.

Basketball had been pretty much all Pete knew or cared about. His marriage to Jackie, who wasn't a basketball fan, kept him grounded to at least some limited extent, but once he left the game, he realized that it had been pretty much all he had. This began an important search for him, to discover what life is really all about, because it certainly wasn't basketball. It was then, into this emptiness and helplessness, that someone spoke about Christ. Maravich came to accept Jesus into his life, and was overwhelmed by the purpose and hope that is found in realizing that you aren't the center of the universe and of discovering life's true purpose and meaning.

This simple little book made a great story about basketball, but also proves a nice refreshing reminder of the beauty and coherence and joy that come with knowing Jesus Christ. For me, it is something I too often take for granted, but it is always nice to be reminded about the joy of salvation and the peace that it brings. On its surface, Heir to a Dream is a book about Pistol Pete and his legacy as one of basketball's greatest players. At its core, however, it is Peter Marovich's confession of the personal struggles he constantly dealt with off the court: his mother's drinking problem that eventually led her to suicide, depression caused by his selfconditioned belief that losing a game was unacceptable, the hordes of rabid fans, and the irresponsibility with which he treated his fortune, just to name a few. Ultimately, however, it is a testament to the futile emptiness the worship of false gods (namely basketball, in Peter's case) brings, and the peace and fulfillment that Peter found when he finally accepted Jesus Christ as his savior. A couple friends ranked this as their favorite book, so I requested an interlibrary loan to read it. The book is about "Pistol Pete" and his dad making it especially valuable. The story includes humor, incredible life experiences, tragedy of sin, and eternal blessings of changed lives, making it a great book to share with the next generation. That is what I plan to do with a young man in our church who loves basketball. Wow. What a story. A bit sad but you can't change history.

It really shows how someone with little talent can become somebody by their hard work and passion for their sport.

It also detailed his remarkable conversion to Christ and how he sought to share that outside of basketball. All I knew of Pistol Pete was that he was a great basketball player with a lot of determination to be the best he could be. I never knew just how much he struggled through life and this book was definitely an eye opening to those struggles. I now live in the city he called home after his NBA career ended. I pass a sign for Pistol Pete Enterprises every day and can't help but look at it every time. It says those 3 words and has a picture of his famous droopy socks & basketball shoes with a basketball next to it. And just last week, the local drug store put up the dates of the Maravich summer basketball camp up on their sign. 23 years after his death, he is still a part of this community and his legacy is being carried on to future basketball stars. I just hope that no other athlete has to go through the struggles that he did in his life. Teen Pistol Pete, with his shaggy hair and his floppy socks, made me a fan of basketball in the '60s. He set records back then that still haven't been broken. Heir to a Dream is an interesting look at a man perfecting a basketball legacy while he struggles with his personal life; Pete was flawless on the court while his personal life was anything but. RIP, Pistol Pete. The story about Pistol Pete is sad but yet inspiring at the same time. I would've never known how difficult his life was if I hadn't read this book. The bond between him and his dad is very inspiring.
I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the game of basketball and likes non fiction. Pistol Pete's lifehood story is inspiring but sad at the same time. All Pete knew was basketball and he figured out that couldn't solve all his problems. `Download Book ↠ Heir to a Dream ⇯ The Heir To A Traduction En Franais Exemples AnglaisThe Heir To A Manhattan Skyscraper Fortune Is Charged With Murdering And Dismembering His Galveston Neighbor L Hritier De La Fortune Immobilire De Manhattan Est Accus D Avoir Tu Et Dmembr Son Voisin Galveston Traduction Heir Dictionnaire Anglais Franais Larousse Heir Traduction Anglais Franais Retrouvez La Traduction De Heir, Mais Galement Sa Prononciation, Des Exemples Avec Le Mot Heir Dictionnaire, Dfinitions, Traduction, Sectionexpression, Conjugaison Traduction Heir Franais Dictionnaire Anglais Reverso Traduction Heir Dans Le Dictionnaire Anglais Francais De Reverso, Voir Aussi Heir Apparent ,her ,hire ,heifer , Conjugaison, Expressions Idiomatiques Heir Traduction En Franais Exemples Anglais ReversoTraductions En Contexte De Heir En Anglais Franais Avec Reverso Context Heir To The Throne, Make Her Heir, Heir Apparent, Fellow Heir, Heir Presumptive Heir English French Dictionary WordReference Heir Apparent N Noun Refers To Person, Place, Thing, Quality, Etc Figurative Role Likely Successor Successeur Prsum Nm Nom Masculin S Utilise Avec Les Articles Le, HEIR Signification, Dfinition Dans Le Dictionnairea Person Who Will Legally Receive Money, Property, Or A Title From Another Person, Especially An Older Member Of The Same Family, When That Other Person Dies The Guest Of Honour Was The Romanov Heir To The Throne Of All Russia Despite Having A Large Family, They Still Had No Son And Heir Heir Traduction Franaise Lingueetransferred To The Purchaser, Tenant Or Heir Together With The Relevant Land Heir Wikipdia Historique La Srie Heir To The Throne Nat Le Week End DuaotBirmingham Et Inclut Super Smash Bros Melee, Project M Et Super Smash Bros BrawlHeir II The Throne Est Annonc Pour Le Week End DuaotNottingham Le Tournoi De Project M Est Le Plus Grand De L Histoire Du Jeu En Europe Et La Comptition Rassemble Des Joueurs De Treize Pays DiffrentsHeir Definition Of Heir At Dictionary Heir Definition, A Person Who Inherits Or Has A Right Of Inheritance In The Property Of Another Following The Latter S Death See