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Shameless was like walking straight into a soap opera and, oh man, it was just as addictive Scandal, drama, and romance abound The quick of it is that Pippa has found herself an unwed pregnant teenager And life in their remote Australian town is pretty much hell for her So when the offer to uproot and move back to America is offered by her long estranged grandfather her dad takes it Does it solve all of their problems Not by a long shot Now she s got hostile aunts to deal with, frustrations with her daddy over her baby and one very intriguing stranger with a menagerie of animals that s complicating her life right good.I really liked both Pippa and Devon She may be young 19 but Pippa had a kind heart and unending patience and resolve She chose a hard route in life but she didn t let it keep her down and was determined to do what she thought was right including keeping her baby when other discouraged her And Devon was a quiet soul He s a loner and keeps mainly to his ranch He works hard, cares for his animals and is always there for wounded critters in need of a safe haven Including Pippa who desperately needs a place to stay while she sorts out her future.They were good pairing Had great chemistry and worked well together on his ranch I enjoyed seeing them walk the fine line between keeping things friendship only and letting their attraction take over There s a little bit of heat but not too much Mostly just longing and trying not to let things go too far while she s vulnerable Plus the whole fact that their families hate each otherNow About those families and the drama Holy cow There was a lot of back drama between their two families Old rivalries and vendettas, affairs, fiercely kept secrets, love childs, supposed deaths, broken hearts and so much stubborn it ll make your head spin I can t say any of the secondary characters really made me want to read their stories I enjoyed Shameless but other than Pippa and Devon there weren t a lot of redeeming qualities that endeared me to the people in their lives It did make for some great reading though waiting to see what would happen next lol There was a lot of chaos surrounding these two for sure.All in all, I enjoyed Shameless A slower going romance and characters with kind hearts and gentle souls They both had a lot to work through and hard discoveries to make They weren t perfect but they were interesting and doing their best A worthwhile read It may be book 14 listings were weird on that but it works fine as a stand alone. Shameless by Joan Johnston is a 2015 Dell publication I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I really liked the first book in this arc, which is a part of the long running Bitter Creek series I knew Pippa s story was next in line, and I was curious about her, so I ve been looking forward to reading this one I was a tiny bit concerned about reading a book centered around a girl Pippa s age, since, with only one or two exceptions, I have long since jumped off the New Adult bandwagon So, I was counting on the adult characters to even things out a little, if things got too angsty As it turns out, Pippa was exasperating at times, but to be fair, she was very isolated and sheltered while growing up and didn t have a mother figure in her life She has a lot on her plate, and no support system What about her father, Matt, you ask Well, I had a very difficult time with him He wasworried about how Pippa s pregnancy would reflect on him when people learned she was not married and the baby s father abandoned her because he was already married.He was controlling and ill tempered, was quick to resort to physical violence, and then he dropped a bombshell that sealed the deal for me I couldn t wrap my brain around the logic behind his decisions, and thought he was the ultimate hypocrite So, no, I felt like Pippa was left floundering with hormones and a house filled with hate, and her father s disapproval and attempts to manipulate her Thankfully, she meets Devon, who turns out be just the stable, patient sort of person she needs right now But, the odds are against them from the get go, because Devon is one of the dreaded Flynn brothers and of course Pippa is a Grayhawk For those just tuning in, the Flynn s and Grayhawk s have a long running, bitter family feud, that would give the Hatfield s and McCoy s a run for their money Not only that, Devon discovers a dark family secret of his own, and Pippa is withholding vital information from him, and insisting they keep their relationship platonic If you like a good sudsy drama with lots of plot twists and dark family secrets, you will love this one Every once in a while, this type of book is just what I m in the mood for But, I had a few problems with some areas in the book, most of which had nothing to do with the writing or plot, but with my personal feelings about the characters Matt for one, and then the way Pippa was treated like a high school teen, when she is nearly twenty She s old enough to make her own decisions, but she squirmed under her father s thumb entirely too long She didn t appear to be making any plans for how she was going to support herself or her child, but did manage to get herself to a doctor, finally The concern over her feelings for the baby s father was absurd, in my opinion Women love their babies no matter what the situation is with the father In most cases The guys in this story were just terrible They were so busy nursing their own wounded pride and hurt feelings to give much thought to what was going on with Pippa I mean, she is alone, about to have baby, and had just learned some pretty shocking information about her family, and was trying to cope with the feelings she had for Devon Did she do the right thing at all times No, and I did wonder what the big deal was, and why she couldn t tell Devon the whole truth But, then again, after the way Matt treated her, I could kind of understand her reluctance For some reason, the attitudes and actions in this story seem outdated Many women have children without benefit of marriage and aren t scorned by the community Pippa didn t intentionally begin an affair with a married man, she was just na ve, not to mention the raising another man s child thing, and the pressure to put the baby up for adoption This is 2016, and yes, being a single parent is hard work, but it also has its rewards, and it certainly won t prevent someone from going to school, having a full time career, getting married to the right man, or living a full, happy, contented life Pippa s life may have been sidetracked, but she didn t seem like the college bound, career driven, I ve got big plans type of girl to start off with As for some critical plot issues, there are a few open ended threads that were left hanging Those circumstances were pretty dire and to have Pippa and Devon enjoying a HEA under that cloud didn t seem right It was almost too flippant, but, the author did assure us those issues will be addressed in the next book Hopefully, Matt will get a story of his own, someday, so he can redeem himself That will be an interesting story, for sure, since he as dug himself quite a hole But, for now, the cliffhanger parts of this story will have to be addressed first Judging by my previous statements it would seem I didn t care for this installment, and no, it wasn t as good as the first book, in my opinion, but it was also strangely absorbing and I found myself invested in the characters and going through periods of empathy and righteous indignation, so despite some of my reservations I didn t completely dislike the book, and I am still interested in seeing how things play out in the next book Devon did eventually come around, got over his wounded pride and hurt feelings and stepped up for Pippa in a big way, redeeming himself nicely So, despite their unconventional and rocky road to romance, I ended up liking this couple and am pulling for them all the way Naturally, I struggled with how to rate this one, so I ll go with a nice, safe, middle of the road 3 It was okay, and does have a solid enough entertainment value. This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Summary Pippa Greyhawk, thought that she was in love with a fellow ranchhand that worked with her father But then she learns that she is pregnant, and that Tim is actually married She is burned from the scandal of it all, and her father takes her and her brother from their home in Australia, back to the states In some ways, Pippa isn t sure that America is any better for her She is despised by her father s sisters, but there is one man that treats herhumanely than anyone else doesDevon Flynn Devon runs a horse ranch, and his land is right next to the Greyhawks But then he meets Pippa on the mountain, and they start becoming good friends Pippa moves in with him for a short time, when things at home get too intense for her Soon their fragile friendship turns into somethingBut both Devon and Pippa are keeping secrets from each other Secrets that could tear apart what they have built together The Hero Devon Flynn, is the youngest of the Flynn boys Devon always felt that he was blamed for his mothers death and that there has always been a hidden secret about her but has never been able to discover the real truth Devon is intelligent and has a talent for horses Devon has been honest about his intentions toward Pippa Devon is upfront and full of integrity What I liked about his character is his stubborn tenacity when it comes to Pippa She is stubborn about taking their relationship to the next level, but Devon is as driven as a bull in mating season He knows that Pippa is the real thing, and refuses to give her up I really liked his character, because Devon is one of those characters that takes everything in stride and fights for what he wants The Heroine Pippa Greyhawk is her fathers daughter in many ways but in other ways I feel like she could have had a tougher backbone She is 20 years old, but she doesn t stand up for herself as much as I thought she was able at times Most especially when her aunts are pretty mean to her But Pippa in other moments, I grew to really like She isreserved and keeps to herself, but she also is courageous in moments that matter My big issue with her was her denial when it came to her relationship with Devon She is always pushing him away, but I honestly couldn t understand her persistence in keeping their relationship platonic when its obvious she wantsthan that So in some ways her character was contrary in ways that didn t completely make sense But I grew to like her in the end Plot and Story Line Shameless is a story that I have been waiting for since I read Sinful I love that Johnston has returned back to the rivalry In Shameless we don t see the family rival tension as much as we did in Sinful Which I was kinda looking forward to, but Shameless has a softer tension to it I felt that Joan Johnston handled the secret pregnancy pretty well I never do like secrets like this, and even though I felt like Pippa kept the secret a bit too long, it did add certain conflict to the relationship that I felt was needed for these two From the beginning, I was hooked on their romance It starts out sweet and gentle and I love the flow of these two together They have instant sparks, but the focus is building up the friendship first and then slowly the sexual chemistry builds between them What I do admire about Joan Johnston is that she doesn t place tons of sex into her romance and delivers a beautiful love story every time that I read her That holds true for this one Even though there are some moments that I had some issues but in all honesty as a wholethis was a story that was utterly enjoyable and had its fun delicious moments.The side characters int he story really added depth to the plot What I find interesting was seeing a different side to Matt s sisters Matt is Pippa s father In Sinful, we seeof their side but in Shameless we see how difficult it is for Matt and his kids They are treated like lepers, both of them Pippa and her younger brother who I believe is only seven at the time of this story I really liked the brother He was so adorable, and it was quite enchanting seeing Pippa s relationship with him You can tell they are very close, and she understands him in ways her father never will because he has been gone a lot in their lives running the family ranch in Australia We also have a side romantic plot dealing with Matt and Pippa s mother Jennie There was a bit of a cliff hanger dealing with these two I am hoping in the next book, we seeof their romance.But as a whole, Shamless is a story that I loved and couldn t get enough of Way to go Joan Johnston.keepbooks coming The Cover I adore this cover.so sweet and romantic I love the pose here, sitting on the rock which is very relevant to the story , and I love her dress So classy Overall View Shameless is a vibrant and tender romance that kept me captivated from the beginning Joan Johnston has added a wonderful addition to this Bitter Creek Series that will leave you breathless for I thought this was going to be great when I started it The opening was gripping, and caught me right in the feels Pregnant and single, Pippa was a character to empathize with I could easily get into her head, see where it had been easy to misplace her trust Her father seemed strict but oh, so loving He was very obviously a man who cared about his children, and that gives him step up in my opinion What started to pull this one down for me was the contrived nature of the scheming family elders And all the family secrets I could understand the great secret about Pippa s mother and heritage Given their ages, and the wealthy parents who think they know better, this wasn t terribly hard to believe Yet everything that comes after, I felt just as confused as Pippa as to the necessity and reasoning behind it all It wasn t a very strong plot point to excuse the behavior of Pippa s father Another problem I had was with Pippa herself It is so obvious that she is only 19 Her actions, her insecurities, they all come out and make her age difficult to forget This was okay, as she was, in fact, 19 She wasn t annoying, or childish Much the opposite, yet still it was hard to forget just how young she was That s what made part of her relationship with Devon so hard to accept He is very much the adult Almost ten years older than her Now don t get me wrong, age is only a number, but their relationship felt very off kilter Their instalove just did not come across naturally A brief couple meetings without any real conversation and she s beyond smitten Moving in with him These are the actions of a scared teenager, not a mature adult Then there was Devon s family drama One of the characters mentions it doesn t seem real, it seems like a tale from an old story Well, there was your first clue It didn t seem real Reading this was like turning on a daytime soap, with all the unrealistic contrivances that come with it The main reason I rated it as highly as I did was because, just like some of those daytime shows, it was surprisingly and frighteningly easy to lose myself in, and like a guilty pleasure I couldn t seem to put it down I read to the end, laughed at the silliness of the epilogue surprise, and then closed the book, wondering what I had just read No regrets for my time lost, but I won t be racing to read the others in the series any time soon George, 3 stars Originally Reviewed For Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and FantasyWhile this is the 14th book in the Bitter Creek Series, it s really the second book about the Flynn s and the Greyhawk s In this dynastic series about a family rivalry that goes back at least one generation but is wrapped in turmoil and tragedy, Joan Johnston triumphs Pippa Grayhawk was a naive young girl who was sheltered and rather isolated so of course she managed to get herself into trouble, literally Ashamed and feeling alone, Pippa is stunned when her father upheaves the entire family and leaves their ranch he created in Australia and returns to America into the arms of his own messed up family He wants nothingthan to give Pippa a new chance While Pippa is grateful for the unconditional love, coming to the family ranch is not the homecoming she would desire Once again she is isolated and alone, this time it s because of inner family fighting She finds her solace in the mountains and in the arms of the youngest Flynn brother, Devon Devon Flynn, knows there is something off about him He s different from the rest of the family and he has always been the outsider Seems he s also not his father s son. Not wanting to deal with his own family dynamics he stays to himself but Pippa Grayhawk has managed to crack his shell of isolation and brings joy to his heart But it s not all sunshine and roses, Devon has to decide if he can be a father to Pippa s baby and if their relationship can survive their complicated family dynamics.Just fabulous. Joan Johnston is one of those authors that stays true to her storylines She manages to weave history and contemporary books into one elegant story Wonderful, creative and enduring. Shameless can easily be read as a stand alone but there are nuances that can be missed if you aren t aware of some of the previous dynamics.All in all a great readShauniThis review is based on the ARC of Shameless, provided by netgalley. Shameless by Joan Johnston i the 14th book in the Bitter Creek Series In this novel we find out what happens with Pippa Greyhawk, and her father Up to this point they have been living in Australia on her father s sheep ranch, but things start to happen after it is discovered that Pippa is pregnant, to say the least it is horrifying, from things being said loud enough for her father to hear and winding up in jail overnight, to Pippa having all kinds of things thrown at her and I do not mean necessarily food For this reason her father decides to move them to America to his fathers home in Wyoming a huge sprawling ranch Pippa and her father are close and she tries to tell him she will leave their home so he does not have to leave Australia and go to his father s ranch, bur he will not hear of it.Once they get there and the situation is unveiled, it is worse than Pippa could have imagined it she though Australia was bad, it is nothing compared to the fact her Grandfather lives there along with 4 half sisters of her Dad who are told they have a year to get out since her father will inherit in a year the whole lock stock and barrel, and he and his half sisters despise each other This causes nights and days of uncomfortable situations for Pippa, one of them her morning sickness still happening and so she does not go to dinner with the family and the sisters follow her into the kitchen one night giving her hell until her father walks in.In a feeling of desperation, one day Pippa goes out to explore around her and runs into Devon Flynn a man who lives an isolated life in a cabin in the wilderness, with his pet wolf He stays away from his family due to scandals so he can empathize with Pippa he feels an intense instant attraction to Pippa and wants to have her as his, but Pippa, after everything she has been through is hesitant.They become good friends and spend a lot of time together, and it quickly turns into love, but Pippa is scared to trust again, and both of them have fathers that are not happy with them spending time together.This book moved at a good pace and there was a lot of emotional angst between the characters it was an impossible situation for all of them The book ended in a promising way, however there was a little bit of a cliffhanger, I do not want to say anything else and give the plot away.The book also brings up the never ending feud between the Greyhawks and the Flynns, and unfortunately, Pippa and Devon are part of that feud even if they do not really involve themselves in it Secrets are revealed in this book that had people wondering all this time, and other plot twists emerge as well I think that even if you do not read the whole series, you can read this as a stand alone book, as this book is so well written and it has a great story to tell, the characters really are likeable, and I love how this book ends.I gave this book 5 stars and can t wait to read the next book in this series I received an ARC for an honest review. Pippa Grayhawk now finds herself nineteen, single and pregnant after falling in love with a married man that had lied to her telling her he loved her and wanted to marry her only to get her into bed Her father comes to her rescue but she quickly finds herself an outcast in the small community near her home in Australia When Pippa s father gets an offer from his own estranged father to return home to Wyoming to inherit the family ranch he takes the deal for not only his daughter s sake but his own When arriving in the states Pippa hides her pregnancy being ashamed She finds herself in a constant battle with her father s sisters at the ranch as he has told them they are to leave the ranch when he inherits it Pippa meets a young man while out riding that she befriends but soon finds herself fighting feelings for Devon as she can t bring herself to tell him about the baby and doesn t think she could stand having her heart broken again Shameless is the fourteenth book in the Bitter Creek series but actually the first of the series I ve read myself There are some old family issues mentioned here and there but I never felt like I was lost with anything brought up and was given enough information with what was going on currently that it was fine as a standalone novel I think I probably would have enjoyed this storyif it weren t constantly putting down Pippa for being single and pregnant I felt like I must of been reading a historical novel but it is supposed to be taking place in present time Yes, it s terrible that she s young and was lied to but in this day and age she s certainly not alone in being a young unwed mother Also, when we get the background on Pippa s own parents we find that her father was only sixteen and her mother fourteen at the time of her conception Now her father keeps at her to put the baby up for adoption saying just how hard it is to be a single parent etc but I can t help to wonder if he was determined to keep his daughter and raise her on his own why he would be so insistent since Pippa would at least have her father to help her and this would be his grandchild.I did enjoy the fact that the relationship between Devon and Pippa wasn t rushed into and the pair had plenty of opportunity to build something together Pippa seemed very young and naive but I take it that is a product of being raised on a ranch without much interaction with others outside her father Overall, I would be interested in readingof the books in the series when finished with this one Thought it was a good read other than some details with dealing with the pregnancy but the families involved seem to have a lot of interesting secrets to pull in a reader I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Forreviews please visit &Free Epub ⇲ Shameless (Bitter Creek #10) ☠ For Readers Of Linda Lael Miller And Susan Mallery Comes New York Times Bestselling Author Joan Johnston S Sizzling Contemporary Western Romance, Where Power, Money, And Rivalries Rule And Love Is The Best Revenge HER SHAMEFUL PAST MAKES HER AN OUTCAST UNTIL A LONE WOLF TAKES HER INTO HIS HOME Scorned, Pregnant, And Facing A Life Without Promise, Pippa Grayhawk Is Stunned When Her Father Announces That They Re Leaving Their Home In Australia To Take Over His Estranged Father S Sprawling Wyoming Ranch Drawn Into Bitter Family Rivalries And Feeling Like An Interloper In Her New Home, Pippa Rides Out Into The Wilderness And Meets An Intriguing Stranger And His Pet Wolf The Wolf Doesn T Scare Her, But She S Very Much Afraid To Trust Another Man With Her Heart Devon Flynn Knows All About Going It Alone He Lives In An Isolated Cabin, Away From His Domineering Father And The Scandal Surrounding His Family Devon S Attraction To Pippa Is Intoxicating And Undeniable, But When He Tries To Get Close, She S As Wary As His Once Wild Wolf Devon Is Willing To Defy His Father, And Hers, To Claim Pippa As His Own, But Winning This Wounded, Wonderful Woman S Love Might Be The Greatest Battle Of AllPraise For Shameless The Large Cast Of Characters Adds To The Allure As Family Secrets And Past Relationships Come To Light Johnston S Novel Is A Fast Paced, Warm, And Truly Romantic Story, And Readers Will Savor The Idyllic Setting Of The Beautiful Wyoming Countryside Publishers Weekly Ah, The Feud Lives On Grayhawks Versus Flynns Life Is Good Well, At Least For The Readers Of This Ongoing Series By Joan Johnston The First Bitter Creek Novel Of The King S Brats Series Was Sinful, And It Was Absolutely Sinfully Delicious I Couldn T Wait For The Next Installment, And I Am Happy To Report It Was Worth The Wait Johnston Reintroduces Characters Remembered Fondly And Continues Her Tale Starring The Members Of Two Strong, Stubborn Families Fresh Fiction Readers Will Adore This Journey Back To Bitter Creek And Its Sweet Western Romance Dramatic And Tender, This Book S Every Chapter Should Be Savored Johnston Gives Fans Exactly What They Crave RT Book Reviews Johnston S Fascinating, Well Developed Characters Take You Into Their World And Keep You There Until The Last Page I Would Definitely Recommend Shameless To Anyone Who Loves A Good Scandal With Their Romance Harlequin Junkie Top Pick From The Paperback Edition ARC REVIEW Bitter Creek number 10 I love Joan Johnston, and the Bitter Creek series is a drama fest of manipulations and underhanded backstabbing, and finding true love despite everything going against you Shameless is book two of the King s Brats storyline I enjoyed Sinful, it was for me a great reintroduction to the series I missed the four books before Sinful, it was easy to get sucked back into this drama filled world that Joan Johnston has created Shameless was enjoyable it runs pretty much parallel with Sinful If you have read Sinful, you get another look from otherside of things namelyinsight to why Matt Greyhawk did what he did and even revealing the truth to why he left Kingdom Come If you haven t read any of the previous books you might feel like you re missing something but the storyline is pretty much Pippa and Devon and their family drama.Pippa I had a hard time remembering how old she was sometimes she just seemed a lot younger than 19 You feel real sympathetic for Pippa though, having to deal with pregnancy, her father completely uprooting their lives and moving all the way across the world, and also the blind hatred she has to deal with from the King s Brats all for something she had no control over Devon, what s not to love He is the black sheep of the family, he is completely different from his brothers, personality and looks wise He lives alone and meets Pippa quite by accident, but the attraction is instant He tries to maintain a friendship, because as a girl alone in a strange place where the people she lives with are down right hostile all she needs is a friend The fact that her father is his cousin and their is a ten year age difference plays into that also Pippa is scared of the attraction, she is hiding the fact that she is pregnant from everyone, but her father And the instant spark she feels for Devon scares her, she doesn t want to fall in love again so quickly after having her heart battered by her baby s father She is needy though and the friendship Devon offers her is what she needs When her father and her get into an argument about him being overprotective and finally revealing what happened between her mother and him has Pippa running Devon offers her a place to stay until she can work things out Matt seeing the attraction between then goes into overprotective dad mood and kind of chalantly spills the beans that Devon is not blood related.From there things kind of fall out of place and back into place again The relationship between Devon and Pippa is nice one it s sweet for the most part but for me the main focus of this book was the revelation of the past and the opening for the next books Overall, Shameless wasn t as good as Sinful but it was pivotal to the overall King s Brats storyline. On the whole I enjoyed this one by JJ who can be pretty hit or miss for me There were a lot of characters so the story didn t stay real focused on the two who were the main couple There wasn t really very many scenes between them to convince me that they were in love So pretty light on characterization The heroine was young and I had a few problems with her One of which was why she didn t tell the hero she was pregnant with another man s child I guess really only because she was young and dumb cuz there is just no way that she could believe that keeping it a secret would somehow be okay view spoiler how can she disappear and be so adamant that her father not even be informed she is okay even if she didn t want to tell him where she was She loves her father and knows he loves her It just made me totally like her less And why didn t the hero who was older talk sense to her hide spoiler