Read ♵ The Rooftop (Entwined Realms, #1.2) ♿

Short So short but sweet This short is just that Barely a breath of a story It reads like a memory Fleeting yet lovely Of all the characters in the Entwined Realms I must say Fallon is the most interesting for shear fact of character This story offers no insight into her Guild Service No light into who or what Tenro really is One could almost say however that this truly is a stand alone story A brief but intense interlude which offers something not seen or even hinted at prior Something which leaves you satisfied in the way a piece of Halloween candy does Small but wonderful I only hope to see this story, that of Reign and Fallon fleshed out somewhere in a longer andcomplete tale. Eh I just have a hard time getting on board with these super shorts I don t understand My I will later Read ♓ The Rooftop (Entwined Realms, #1.2) ♰ FALLON And REIGN A Meeting And A Parting, With Only The Stars As WitnessTHORS NOTE The Rooftop Is A Short StoryPAGES Set In The Entwined Realms Universe This Story Would Best Be Described As A Slice Of Life Character Study, And Is Meant For Existing Fans Of The Series It Is Not The Best Place For Readers Who Are Not Familiar With The Entwined Realms To StartThis Short Is Not Necessary For Following The Over Arching Plot Of The Entwined Realms This Is An Extra, Written For Fans Who Want Time With These CharactersThe Rooftop Is BookOf The Entwined Realms Series, But Due To The Nature Of The Story, Can Be Read Any Time After Finishing Stone Guardian Too shortShort and sweet, I would have liked it to be a little longer It does not tell you anything new and the chapter is over way too soon. Very short story of Fallon and Reign The Rooftop has a significance that I hope will be revealed in another book Love the series and looking forward to The Dream Crafter TOO SHORT I can t wait for their story So, listen I am currently reading Stone Guardian and I like it However, I got to the part when Reign and Fallon met at the club placething Anyways, I LOVED that scene and found out they had their own little short story So I stopped reading Stone Guardian to read this and my take away is THEY NEED THEIR OWN LOVE STORY From now on, in every review that I write about this story I will request or shout for these two to have their own story Even if they don t have a scene or aren t mentioned in that particular book, I will make it known.To the author I will bug you and bug you and bug you until you dream of my reviews and the words Fallon and Reign need their own story race around in your mind daily until you can no longer take it and write their story You have been warned.10 stars if I could. When I read Stone Guardian and the relationship between Fallon and Reign was introduced, I knew I wanted to read what that was all about Vampires do not seem to be the smexy Anne Rice type of vampires and Fallon is such an interesting and independent character that it piqued my interest The entire time I was reading Stone Guardian, I looked forward to Fallon and Laire appearances They really stole the show, like an UF Evanovitch duo but oh so much better.There s nothing overtly sexy going on with the plot in this teensy short story but you can taste the desire between Fallon and Reign It is very short but the amount of story packed into it, not to mention the two characters I want to see interacting with each other, warrants a four star rating I look forward in the future to a fleshed out story about themmaybe Please This book is a taster oraccurately a teaser, it s gives us littlethan a taste of what s to come and it revolves around rooftop meetings between Fallon and Reign, now Falcons book should be very interesting especially if I m right and she s what I think she is, can t wait.The 3 stars is a reflection of the length and not the content, although at 10 pages there s not a lot of content. ugh i wantand i want that reign stop messing around with other girls but okay i get it he is the bad guy and she is good and well ,they are enemies. but i know they like each other