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Remember having a panic attack isn t a failure, and not having one isn t a success Success is not letting the attacks run your life5 stars for the Audiobook5 stars for the story Iggy Toma narrated the hell out of this book and gave each character a distinct voice The story is still great as the first time i read it The writing is steller Jeremey s parents are awful and people who think depression is something that you can just snap out of and that it is a weakness, should just shut the hell up Depression is having a crowd of dementors live in your head twenty four seven. Everyone deserves Emmet s parents I really am Super Emmet, and like the comic book Superman, I have a powerful secret weapon My mom. Emmet and Jeremey s relationship was so well done and got me invested in them I kissed him on the mouth It s a hundred and six miles to Chicago, we ve got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it s dark, and we re wearing sunglasses Jeremey tweaked my nose Hit it Highly Recommended Original Review5 starsWhat a great read, beautifully written It educated me on the difficulties of living with Depression Social anxiety, and Autism.I enjoyed every second of it.Emmet the tornado stole my heart Jeremey was hard but he slowly warmed his way into my heart. Everyone is different Nothing in the world is the same as anything else, so how can anyone be normalThis book like its two main characters was pure and simple special It was emotional, at times intense and one of the best YA I ve read so far This book is not only for those who love M M or for those who enjoy reading about first love No This book is for everyone who wants to read about something REAL ButCarry the Oceanis so muchthan that It sthan realistic fiction It s an eye opening, informative read who will touch your heart and it will make you root not only for these two amazing characters, but for anyone who suffers from any kind of mental disorderCarry the Oceanis a beautifully written story about love, friendship, acceptance and so muchIt s a story that made me smile, but it s also a story that moved me and made me sad it s a story written in dual POV 1st person that will make you reflect.Emmet is nineteen years old He s a sopho at Iowa State University and he studies computer science and applied physics He enjoys puzzles and The Blue Brothers He s good at computers and anything to do with math He loves pizza, trains and the sound of rain and he s gay He also has autism spectrum disorder He knows he s different and he believes he s not normal because people treat him differently As soon as they see him or hear him speak all they seem to care about is his disorderIt s like Elwood Blues says everybody needs somebody to love I m an everybody I get a somebodyHe can t maintain eye contact, he hums, he rocks and he counts to calm himself He remembers almost everything he reads and sees He has autism superpowers , like he calls them, but he s a lonely boy He doesn t have any friends or a boyfriend, but he s very interesting in dating Jeremey, a boy from across the train tracks He wants to introduce himself, but he s too shy, having a hard time interacting with others.Jeremey with extra e in his name is eighteen and suffers from major depressive disorder and clinical anxiety His parents pretend everything is just fine, so he doesn t get any help He s quiet, gentle, lonely and he wants to have friends In Emmet, Jeremey finds a great friend, finds someone who understands him, finds someone who accepts him and loves him for who he really isNobody is normal Life is hard for everybody, sometimes Yes, but not everyone understands like you do, Emmet Nobody ever asked me what it s like to have depression Not Bart, not the school guidance counselor, not our doctor, not my parents Everyone treated me like a freak and wrote me off Carry the Oceanwas a wonderful reading experience Like I mentioned it was different from any YA I ve read so far And it really was It s a heartbreaking read and it s told with tenderness in such a way that will make the reader empathize with these characters.The two main characters, Emmet and Jeremey are fantastic, complex and so endearing I absolutely loved Emmet He is simply awesome No, scratch that He is amazing For who he is and for all he accomplished He knows all about his disorder and the fact he is limited by it to do everything he wants and he realizes people are different, that some are mean and not so accepting as his family He is sweet, kind, honest, direct, intense and so smart I loved his personality, his strength and his determination I lost count how many times he made me smile The way he is with Jeremey warmed my heart He s caring as he can be, but he s accepting and protective and I loved him to piecesWhen you have an invisible disease, your sickness isn t your biggest problem What you end up battlingthan anything else, every single day, is other peopleMy heart broke for poor Jeremey He was so alone and I just wanted to give him a hug Unlike Emmet s POV, his POV ison the darker somber side It was sad and it was depressing However, it felt real He believes he s not strong enough for the world, that he is stupid and broken, but Emmet will help him realizeor less that he s not broken, just different, that it s ok to be this wayEveryone s different Some people areable to shove their differences into the dark, to blend in and be sheep, but that isn t always a good thingEmmet and Jeremey were perfect together as friends and as a couple They work hard to be together and in the end they are stronger than many They were real, they were believable and maybe even relatable as well I loved how they are with each other They were sweet and caring and at times even tender The slow build relationship was perfectly done and perfect for them Even this aspect of the story felt real to me I liked the fact that they want to become independent, even if they knew it s risky Until reading this novel I didn t know a whole lot about autism or about major depressive disorder It was interesting to read about them, but at times it was gut wrenching I hated Jeremey s parents with all of my being and I cringed every time they opened their mouth I m aware of the fact there are people exactly like them in RL mean, stupid and ignorant and that society will always judge and condemned those who are different, but every time I come across such characters I get angry and frustrated While I disliked Jeremey s parents, I totally liked Emmet s They are loving, caring, supportive and most of all accepting They are exactly how any parent should be with his child children.All in all,Carry the Oceanwas a wonderful realistic fiction, written very well with two exceptional, admirable main characters, solid plot and great messageI am normal I belong I have a friend who can kick ass from a wheelchair I live independently and get good grades I m an excellent lover Like I said I m awesome I m Emmet David Washington Train Man The best autistic Blues Brother on the block Beautiful Alternatively written from the point of view of an autistic boy and one suffering from depression, CARRY THE OCEAN, was both a gut wrenchingly sad story and a heart warming one A very informative novel, too, shall I add Now I know what it means for someone to have depression as mental illness, how an autistic boy around my age copes with the expectations of our dear society, and all of that thanks to a wonderful narration and immersion in the characters minds.The introduction of a brand new character along the way took me by surprise I wasn t expecting him Definitely not But do not worry if you may at first balk at welcoming him into the story, I am adamant that your opinion will change after learning and seeingof him A fantastic asset to a fantastic story Well done, Heidi Cullinan 4 stars Rating clarification see below Full review posted March 5, 2015Rating clarification5 stars for Emmet because, frankly, you can t not love the super duper awesome Train Man and Blues Brothers impersonator Emmet David Washington.4 stars for the writing.2 stars for Jeremey with an extra e I m sorry to say that I could not warm up to him.Average rating 3.66666667 I gave the book a straight 4 star rating because Train Man Emmet, right Emmet David Washington is nineteen He s studying computer science and applied physics at Iowa State University and he has autism spectrum disorder Emmet loves trains, pizza, the sound of rain and the Blues Brothers In Carry the Ocean, Emmet tells us his story how he met Jeremey and fell in love with him Carry the Ocean is told in alternating POVs and as much as it is Emmet s story, it is also Jeremey s The best summary I can give is to say I msensitive than most people, and I don t mean feelings getting hurt My kind of sensitivity is if my socks have a seam on the inside of the toe it feels as if someone is scraping a trowel across my brain A fan blowing on me can feel like ten million ants are crawling all over my skin I ve read the website But You Don t Look Sick seven times, but I still don t understand why the friend is crying over silverware Althea says it s because my brain doesn t get metaphors, which are representative stories to explain something instead of giving a literal answer My brain is about as literal as brains get Emmet made me smile all the time He s open, simple, sincere, candid and sweet He s not good with people, he doesn t understand subtleties either, i.e vocal inflections or any other visual and or facial cues for comprehension That s just impossible for Emmet But what he is makes him as rich and deep and sweet as any other so called normal individual First of all, to be my boyfriend, he would have to be gay too Data is unclear, but it s estimated two to five percent of American men are homosexual In standard circumstances, reciprocated attraction isn t measurable as a potential percentage, but I didn t need a case study to know autism wouldn t help even if I beat the rest of the odds. Jeremey I feel bad for admitting that I didn t like him He suffers from major depressive disorder and clinical anxiety So, while Emmet lightened the story with his special personality, all of Jeremey s problems put an oppressive and somber damper on Carry the Ocean Also, I think having to deal with a main protagonist who is on the autistic spectrum provided so much meat already, that his counterpart s issues weighed too much and made for a very exhausting read Jeremey, The Worrier, is surrounded with all kinds of issues Constant negative thoughts stuck to him like super glue and depression and panic attacks were his permanent companion As it was, I just couldn t deal with his crying jags and helplessnessI need to go make some phone calls Can I have a hug, jujube I am not a fruit from China, which is what a jujube is, and I was too angry for hugs But can I have a hug, jujube is my mom s code for when she needs a hug She s a mom with lots of superpowers, but she says they re powered by hugs We re all different but at the same time we re all the same We want the same or similar things A chance to be happy and accepted for who and what we are We all seek respect, approval, friendship and love That s what this story is all about Moreover, it s about first love between two young and disabled people, superpowers and an impressive brain octopus which helped to explain Emmet s personality Even though the story is told in dual POVs, my heart solely beat for Emmet I wanted his voice and thoughts I was in his head he clearly made the story for me.Carry the Ocean was my third book by Heidi Cullinan and certainly one that will stick with me like super glue Recommended read.Expected publication April 7th 2015 All quotes are taken from the pre published copy and may be altered or omitted in the final copyARC courtesy of Samhain Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This book exemplifies one of the things I love most about the M M genre the fact that love is love encourages us to expand our main characters to include such a wide range of people, many of whom are far from the perfect, gorgeous, alpha male romance hero But all of whom deserve a happy ending and can be a joy to watch getting there.In this book, Jeremy is autistic, and Emmet has clinical anxiety and major depression, and each is a rounded individual with dignity and worth and insight, capable of love And they are given a relationship not perfect, not unrealistic, but made real and valuable by the way these two guys fit together Wonderful.The author does a great job making the struggles of each character fit their issues, and yet feel individual I know and love people on the autism spectrum, and people with clinical anxiety and with depression These two guys were not identical to those I love, but they felt completely real Their issues and problems felt authentic There were moments that rang so true they hurt view spoiler The lullaby that Jeremy s mother sang to him was the same I sang to one of my kids, over and over, when stress was high and sleep was hard to accomplish There was a sweet ache in seeing another mom do the same thing hide spoiler There aren t enough stars in the sky or on Goodreads for this wonderful book I m bowled over and I m crying nothing but happy tears.I ve got nothing, people, nothing at all I m just buzzing and walking on the clouds I want everyone to read this book Dani wrote a great review if you need details.Also, I have to admit that I was entertained by a quadriplegic getting punched in the face that s good writing What just happened here I can t wrap my head around the fact that the author gave us not ONE but TWO very distinct POVs representing Autism and Depression with a mind blowing result.Dear author, Thank you so much for this gift Hats off for all research I believe you have done.Thank you also for giving us hope, showing that people with mental illness can also be happy.We could see it s not easy but with family support, love and medical help it can be achieved What a bunch of unique, captivating, lovable and precious characters you have created I won t forget this story any time soon Sometimes I feel like everyone else is carrying a bucket of water but I m trying to carry an ocean It s very hard Sometimes I would rather not carry my ocean, even if it meant I couldn t be alive The second book of this series will be out this month, so I want to recap Carry the Ocean as if I read it for the first time This book was exceptional, unexpectedly awesome in spite of that typical start A story about two neighbours falling in love and conquering their lives isn t something new for me, but the author managed to pull out some emotional parts, and she did it very well I d fallen in love with Emmet since the first time I saw him, he s such a fantastic kid, and his love was very interesting I wanted to hugged him so bad when he makes a move on Jeremy Depression is having a crowd of dementors live in your head twenty four seven Jeremy, on the other hand, is not an unlikable protagonist for me His insecure manners annoyed me sometimes but when the two being together, the chemistry was just right there and my heart couldn t even stop beating loudly.I loved the novel with somethingthan just love, drama, and twist Thus Carry the Ocean was just a right choice for me, and to be honest, I can tell you that this is the best of M M romance I ve ever read The ending was perfect and I can t wait to seeabout the other characters who are mentioned in this book I d love to see Emmet and Jeremy, too, for the story of their lives just start and there s muchto come Remember having a panic attack isn t a failure, and not having one isn t a success Success is not letting the attacks run your life I still remember that I had been a victim of depression once It s the worst experience of my life for everything was just wrong and I couldn t stop crying all day And reading this book made me feel like being in the darkest pit of my mind wasn t the end of the world, especially if you can crawl out and look back to what you ve done, that s what really matters.https goo.gl ZZeOyH Are you ready to read Heidi Cullinan s best work to date Are you ready to read something so special that you will have to devour it in one sitting Are you ready to read something so captivating that it will broaden your scope of what M M can be This is my 11th book by Heidi, and it s the first one that I ve given 5 stars That should tell you something I have a thing for atypical MCs Give me a well written book with a main character that is left from center, and I m all in I ve read many books with characters that have all sorts of disabilities, ranging from blindness deafness I Can See For Miles to below average intelligence Muscling Through , to physical differences All Strings Attached and beyond Some of my absolute favorite books have MCs that are different in some way Forget Me Not, Truth in the Dark, The Mating of Michael Carry the Ocean ranks up there with my all time favorite books.With not just one, but two MCs that are off the mean a term I learned from this book , the story had the potential to be disasterish It could have been uncomfortable, felt forced, or been too dark for me to enjoy Instead, Heidi struck the perfect balance between serious and light, respectful and fun, truthful and relatable It was everything I wanted andI started this book at 10 pm, and I didn t put it down until 1 30 am I was completely captivated by Jeremey extra e and Emmet I loved the alternating POV and how it gave me great insight to each of them and their particular struggles I felt CONNECTED to them, and I felt like a part of their relationship These boys do not have it easy I would caution readers who struggle with their own issues, either with depression or anxiety or an autism spectrum disorder, to think carefully before starting this book It is intense, and might strike some readers close to home But everything that these boys are fighting for, a taste of an independent life and a happily ever after for people who don t necessarily expect to get those things, makes the journey SO worth it Even through the serious and scary moments, this book made me feel hopeful I loved this book simply for the romance, but also for the insight it gave me into the lives of those who struggle every day with things that I take for granted It was a wonderful, special reading experience, and I think something Heidi Cullinan will be remember for Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review ^E-PUB ⇪ Carry the Ocean ⇭ Normal Is Just A Setting On The Dryer High School Graduate Jeremey Samson Is Looking Forward To Burying His Head Under The Covers And Sleeping Until It S Time To Leave For College Then A Tornado Named Emmet Washington Enters His Life The Double Major In Math And Computer Science Is Handsome, Forward, Wicked Smart, Interested In Dating Jeremey And He S AutisticBut Jeremey Doesn T Judge Him For That He S Too Busy Judging Himself, As Are His Parents, Who Don T Believe In Things Like Clinical Depression When His Untreated Illness Reaches A Critical Breaking Point, Emmet Is The White Knight Who Rescues Him And Brings Him Along As A Roommate To The Roosevelt, A Quirky New Assisted Living Facility NearbyAs Jeremey Finds His Feet At The Roosevelt, Emmet Slowly Begins To Believe He Can Be Loved For The Man He Is Behind The Autism But Before He Can Trust Enough To Fall Head Over Heels, He Must Trust His Own Conviction That Friendship Is A Healing Force, And Love Can Overcome Any Obstacle Warning Contains Characters Obsessed With Trains And Counting, Positive Representations Of Autism And Mental Illness, A Very Dark Moment, And Elwood Blues