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!Download Book ♟ Gangsta Rap Coloring Book ⚇ The Title Says It All Break Out The Crayons, Cause It Gangsta Rap Coloring TimePages Of Line Drawings Of Gangsta Rappers, Done With The Thick Black Line We All Remember From The Coloring Books Of Our Youth The Juxtaposition Of The Outlaw Image Of The Rappers With The Childlike Innocence Of A Coloring Book Makes For An Instant Laugh I m having a hard time finding a copy of I figured this book was a stroke of genius, until I got it in the mail and was a little disppointed with the execution of what still is a brilliant idea Maybe it s just my own taste, but I expectedfrom the illustrations and wanted them to be well, better There are some stand outs that do the job well and have hit the mark, but the majority of depictions found within are poorly executed and below par.The fore after word shows that the creators have a sense of humour and can deal out a good line or two about whatever it is they re saying It still comes up short though I can t put my finger on it, but it s as if someone came up with an awesome idea and then was shot by the guys who went on to use it to make this book. WORD T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E. When I have bad days, I color. WTF This book is cool P had fun, some great pieces and some not so great but still hold attention this is such a fun coloring book Very graphic depicts the real gangsters, that i have always wanted to be. Best coloring book I ve ever had the pleasure to doodle in Now I just need somebrown crayons.