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|Read Kindle Ù Organizational Management ⚷ Fusing Together Theory And The Application Of Organizational Management, This Book Provides Useful And Practical Guidelines For Planning, Leading, And Engaging A Workforce And Its Resources To Achieve Organizational Goals The Editors And Chapter Contributors Take A Detailed Look At Leadership, Character In Modern Organizations, Critical Approaches To Managing People And Organizations, The Role Of Trust And Corporate Social Responsibility, Team Work And Management, Inter And Intra Generational Trends, Art Based Methods For Organizational Change, And Overcoming Resistance To Change Supplemented By Activities, Recommended Reading, Online Resources, And Case Studies From A Range Of Industrial Sectors, Including Construction, Publishing, Aerospace, And Emergency Services, Organizational Management Is Relevant To Students Entering Any Organizational Environment, Be It Federal, Private, Or Non Profit Modern organizations seem to be in an ever changing state of flux, buoyed by competitive pressures, new thinking, management dis functionality and much besides Trying to figure out how they work, how they should work and how they might work can feel a thankless, difficult challenge Maybe a book like this will help It is designed with students in mind, yet it is equally ideal for the open, inquisitive modern manager who is not afraid of topping up their knowledge Covering organizational behaviour, leadership, employee engagement, change and much besides this is an excellent primer, providing concise yet informative theory that is built upon by the authors own real world business experiences Change is capable of overwhelming many companies and their leaders Paralysis and inaction can come, wrong decisions can be taken or worse still no decisions taken and just plain bad luck Thanks to technology the world has gotten a lot smaller for many business sectors, yet many leaders still cling on to old models of operation that perhaps are rather inefficient or invalid today Each chapter of this book could be also viewed as an operational check up , allowing new information and intelligence to be taken on board and evaluated with hopefully change being made if needed A wise leader would have nothing to fear and everything to gain by checking out this book and, well, if they know everything they ve got a great additional external validation for a cheap price The even wiser leader may know that there are things to brush up on It all made for a very stimulating, informative and engaging read It is candid, open and very ish It manages to serve both the inexperienced and experienced reader at the same time with ease At times it felt a bit as if it was veering towards the specialist and away from the generalist, yet it soon bounced back and even if bits were missed out by the reader it did not then feel disjointed In any case, it is going to be a book you probably will read several times, each time building on the previous reading sessions Definitely something to pay closer attention to