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I just read this book It is a little bit of an uncomfortable subject to talk about I am pro choice myself So this book talks about the abortion debate and how to have the conflicting sides understand each other better This author started an organization to help people deal with abortion and the aftermath of.This can be a difficult decision for young girls to make and they need support.She would like to humanize abortion rather than berate. Very interesting concept compelling read. As a volunteer for the Exhale talkline, I must say even with my understanding of the provoice movement this was an inspiring read Aspen goes into great detail about how the provoice movement was founded and how it can address the issues facing our country and our world This book goes far beyond the fight around abortion and can be applied to may areas of our lives Listen, connect to the stories around you, and embrace those gray areas. Surprising Worth the read Has given my food for thought that will last me a while. Surprisingly a good read Gives you something to think about Author tries hard to be Pro Voice and neutral, but does show bias in favor of pro choice side. Valuable lesson on using listening, story telling, and resilience to defuse divisive issues. Pro Voice How to Keep Listening When the World Wants a Fight is a provocative book because it does not seek to provoke Written by Aspen Baker, founder of Exhale, the book details the founding and history of the post abortion counseling service Refusing to work under the bright light of either pro life or pro choice, Exhale thrives in the gray providing a non politicized, non judgmental place for those impacted by abortion to share their stories.The book also elaborates on the value of the pro voice way of approaching social issues It is not either or, right versus wrong, black or white It acknowledges the complexities of human life and the personal and unique issues of the individual Pro Voice says that each person s life experiences have value, and that understanding those experiences can help build bridges across even the most vicious political divides.Baker has a casual, personable writing style that is easy to read There is a refreshing humility to her writing She isn t pretending to have all of the answers Rather, Pro Voice provides a way to make sure we actually hear the real questions.Reviewer note I was given a comp copy of this book for review. Learn how the nonprofit Exhale s pro voice strategy is different than pro life or pro choice The book is a useful read on non violent communication and story telling helpful in not only the abortion debate arena, but for other social change movements too It explains how less iswhen you want to be heard by the other side in debates on divisive issues Aspen shares her nonprofit s history of creative exploration into safe storytelling and the deep listening that her nonprofit s counselors provide on their hotline She talks about trials, learnings, and opportunities The back of the book has suggestions for other helpful nonprofits in this arena. The author has developed the concept of pro voice in response to the problem of nonviolence for women Nonviolence can appear so close to the strictures of feminine passivity that it can reinforce the subjugation of women rather than challenge it Women are challenged to develop an active nonviolence that has the power to change the world As such, the book is steeped in nonviolent theory and practice and a meaningful contribution to it. ^DOWNLOAD ⇔ Pro-Voice ⇣ When Aspen Baker Had An Abortion At The Age Of Twenty Four, She Felt Caught Between The Warring Pro Life And Pro Choice Factions, With No Safe Space To Share Her Conflicted Feelings In This Moving Audiobook, Baker Describes How She And Exhale, The Organization She Cofounded, Developed Their Pro Voice Philosophy And A Set Of Tools That Enable Anyone To Have Respectful, Compassionate Exchanges About Even The Most Contentious Topics Distrusted By Both Sides, Exhale Now Receives Post Abortion Referrals From Pro Life And Pro Choice Organizations Baker Examines The History Of The Abortion Debate, Identifying Mistakes And Misunderstandings That Have Led Us To The Current Painful Divide Our World Is Full Of Gray Areas It S Vital We Learn Practices Like Pro Voice To Help Move Us From Paralysis To Progress