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[[ Read E-pub ]] ß Amalfi Affair (Navy SEALs of Valor 1) ⚝ On A Cycling Tour Through The Swiss Alps, CIA Agent, Olivia Simpson, Meets Handsome Navy SEAL, Darryl Jennings Her Lust Shifts Into Overdrive For This Man On Leave From Missions He Won T Discuss A One Night Stands Leads To A Blissful Week Traveling The Amalfi Coast Because Of Their Secretive Careers, Their Love Affair Is Destined To End Olivia Immerses Herself Into Her Intelligence Work With Memories Of Darryl Never Far From The Surface When She Receives A Surprise Phone Call From Him Nine Months Later, She Dashes Off To Meet Him In Italy Too Late, She Realizes The Call Had Been Made By An Imposter To Lure Her Into A Trap Despite Darryl S Decision To End His Relationship With Olivia, He Returns To His Missions In Afghanistan Unable To Shake Her From His Heart Regret For Letting Her Go Gnaws At Him Until He Decides To Search For Her After Following Numerous Dead End Leads, He Gives Up On Ever Finding The Elusive Woman Who Stole His Heart Nine Months Prior When He S Called In For A Mission To Rescue A High Level Intelligence Officer Who S Been Kidnapped, He Realizes The Woman In Question Is His Olivia Pressure Mounts As He Becomes Embroiled In A Mission Where The Fate Of His True Love Falls On His Shoulders Such an amazing and erotic action thriller Olivia Simpson, a breathtaking female CIA agent, and Darryl Jennings, a sexy Navy SEAL, set each other s world on fire, in this action packed rollercoaster If you like danger, hot romance, and exotic locations, then this is the book for you Amalfi Affair is hot enough to melt your Kindle The main characters, Olivia Simpson and Darryl Jennings spark flames of passion that fill the European skies Let s face it, Navy SEALS are sexy by nature, but Darryl Jennings is scorching Talk about the perfect book boyfriend Everything from his muscularly sculpted body to his mesmerizing emerald eyes screams sex appeal But his physical attributes are not his only assets He is also charming, sensitive and romantic while exerting control and executing an air of Alpha male dominance He is a master at providing Olivia with carnal pleasures that supersede the reader s wildest hopes and imaginations But don t worry, she gives as good as she gets, rocking his world and shaking him to his very core.In addition to the intense sexual interludes found between the covers of this novel, Sabrina Devonshire also paints vivid scenic pictures As I read the exhilarating biking, hiking and swimming scenes, I felt as though I was right there experiencing every thrill and sensation The highly climatic ending left me breathless There s no greater adrenaline rush than a man s heart stopping race against time to save the woman he loves This book would be a perfect beach read It would make a perfect companion on a cold winter s night Honestly, this book is just PERFECT Sabrina Devonshire s Amalfi Affair was an interesting experience I love thriller novels, though tend to favour the hard nosed action suspense variety Here the author approaches the genre from a refreshing viewpoint a romantic, even erotic, action thriller This novel, the first in a series, follows the protagonist, a top CIA agent, as she embarks on some well earned rest with a cycling holiday through Switzerland Fate throws a Navy SEAL, also on leave, into her path and the sparks fly The reader follows the deepening relationship as both fight against their feelings and try to maintain a degree of detachment that will allow them to enjoy each other s company, both in the land of the Cuckoo clock then on Italy s rugged Amalfi coast, without any long term commitment, unaware that darker forces are moving against them The tale culminates with a bloody battle of survival which tests both protagonists and exposes their true feelings.The combination of hot romance, exotic locations described with meticulous intimacy, credible characters and, above all, a solid storyline will keep the reader enthralled throughout I was impressed with the attention to detail in this novel, not just in the locations where the action unfolds, but especially in the creation of every character, even ones that have a very secondary role to play as the story evolves.If you like hot romance novels, this is for you If you love classic thrillers, this one will open your eyes to new possibilities Great read When CIA agent, Olivia takes a much needed vacation to Switzerland for a biking tour, she findsthan the scenery captivating Between the vividly described countryside and quaint villages and yes, dodging the unwanted attentions of a guy who thinks he is gods gift to women Olivia s body starts demandingthan a once in a lifetime adventure In the bar of the hotel of their first stop along the tour, she finds just what she needs to sate her body s desires in Darryl, a SEAL who is on break between missions.These two literally scorched my fingers as I flipped pages on my E reader, but as with all good things, it must come to an end With their break away from their jobs over, they part, but not without having left their mark on each other s minds and hearts.Things pick up again nine months later when Olivia is kidnapped, and Darryl and his team are charged with her rescue.Between the gorgeously depicted imagery to the connection between Olivia and Darryl, Amafli Affair completely satisfies every need you could possibly ask for in a romance book Suspense, adrenaline fuelled action, romance, and panty dampening sex scenes, Devonshire has delivered an experience that has certainly left a smile on this satisfied readers face I can t wait to see where she takes us for book 2