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For Spanish class lol This is an easy to read Spanish reader. You can definitely do a lot with Día de los Muertos to add culture to class. The story line wasn't my absolute favorite, but I realize there are many limitations with easy readers. First of all, this book was clearly meant to be written for middle school Spanish students that are BEGINNING to learn Spanish. Our school district has been learning Spanish since the third grade and we are far more advanced for this book. Yet, our teacher decided that it is a good and challenging book for Dia de Los Muertos. Now, obviously I know I blamed that part on the teacher, but I think that the author also could have done a little better job in writing the book. The only word in the entire book that I didn't know was "cofre". However, thanks to her little translator in the back of the book, I got to know what it meant. Now, so far, the review looks like a 3 star rating. However, the book had a weak plot and the conflict wasn't clear at all. Now, I know this isn't supposed to be a proper Spanish novel, but if you are going to write for middleschoolers, at least make a good plot. Also, it felt as if she got lazy going towards the end. She explained the characters and all very well in the beginning. She added lots and lots of description. She developed the character of Alex and David well, but when she got to Nora, she couldn't give us a nice photo or an accurate image of how Nora looked. Whereas, we saw that Alex had glasses, and David had a masculine and muscular build to him. From the middle, the book just got worse. First, she tried to add Sergio into every single thing she could. Sergio was in literally every single conflict. That is not how a book works. They have many conflicts some, being person v.s. self, person v.s. nature, and many other types. However, hers were only person v.s. person. The books ending was so rushed. Sergio's personality changed in an instant and then they all became friends. Like how does that relate to anything we ever said? All in all, I think this book could have been written much better. This book is more for the elementary school students because of the way it was written. It's for children, and not for more mature children. Anyway, I wouldn't recommend this book to any middle school student because of the maturity level basically. Good beginning book for Spanish students. Book gives a little culture and takes place during Dia de Los Muertos and a little history by briefly talking about the Mexican Revolution. The vocabulary was easy and repetitive and my students felt a sense of accomplishment after reading the entire novel and understanding it. [ Download Epub ] ⚖ Tumba ♕ Tumba WikipdiaTumba Woodbrass N Franais Tumba Retrouvez Lesrfrences De Notre Catalogue Tumba Et Achetez Moins Cher Livraison Gratuite DsDfinitions Tumba Dictionnaire De Franais Larousse Tumba Dfinitions Franais Retrouvez La Dfinition De Tumba Dictionnaire, Dfinitions, Sectionexpression, Conjugaison, Synonymes, HomonymesTumba Francesa WikipdiaPrnom Tumba La Signification Du Prnom Le Prnom Tumba Est Class Ene Position Des Prnoms Les Plus Donns Il S Agit Donc D Un Prnom Rare On Estime Qu Il Y A Au Moinspersonnes Dans Le Monde Ayant Reu Ce Prnom, Ce Qui Reprsente Environ % De La Population Le Prnom Tumba Est Compos De Cinq Lettres Traduction Tumba Dictionnaire Espagnol Franais Larousse Tumba Traduction Espagnol Franais Retrouvez La Traduction De Tumba, Mais Galement Sa Prononciation, Des Exemples Avec Le Mot Tumba Dictionnaire, Dfinitions, Traduction, Sectionexpression, Conjugaison Traduction Tumba Franais Dictionnaire Espagnol Reverso Traduction Tumba Dans Le Dictionnaire Espagnol Francais De Reverso, Voir Aussi Tumba ,tumbar ,tumbona ,tumbarse , Conjugaison, Expressions Idiomatiques Accueil E Tumba La Plateforme E Tumba Permet Aux Techniciens Et Aux Agriculteurs D Tre Informs En Temps Rel De L Tat De Leurs Parcelles Et Des Conditions Agro Climatiques Locales Depuis Le Tlphone La Tablette, Le Smartphone, Ou L Ordinateur Multi Modale La Plateforme E Tumba Intgre Une Multitude De Technologies De Diffusion De L Information SMS, USSD, VOIC, Chatbot, Etc Adaptabletumba Diccionario Espaol Francs WordReference Tumba Nf Nombre Femenino Sustantivo De Gnero Exclusivamente Femenino, Que Lleva Los Artculos La O Una En Singular, Y Las O Unas En Plural Exemplos La Mesa, Una Tabla Sepulcro Tombe Nf Nom Fminin S Utilise Avec Les Articles La, L Devant Une Voyelle Ou Un H Muet , Une Ex Fille Nf On Dira La Fille Ou Une Fille Avec Un Nom Fminin, L Adjectif S Accorde EnClara Tumba Groupe De Salsa Lyon Rhne Alpes Clara Tumba Est Un Groupe De Musique Salsa Et Musiques Latino Amricaine Propose Des Spectacles Sur Lyon, La Rgion Rhne Alpes, Mais Aussi Sur Toute La France Orchestre Salsa Lyon Rhne Alpes Accueil El Gran Combo Curuba Cumbia El Barrio Dates Musiciens Dambulation 1.5 ☆
It wasn't bad but it just did not have a plot. I didn't expect it to have one since it is very short. I had to read this for school but otherwise I wouldn't have read it. The story is juvenile but it is also a bit informative. It was better than I expected though. Not the best. End could have been better as well, as it was very seethrough. Tumba was a Spanish book about a boy whos scared of bad and spirits. The book was filled with amazement and surprises and I loved reading Spanish. YO THIS BOOK IS SO BADDDDDDDDD THAT I SUBBED TO https://www.youtube.com/user/ksh4477/... It’s the 2nd spanish book I’ve very read.