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You don t realize how much you miss someone until you start reading about them again and boy did I miss all the sexiness that is Finn, looking for me The voice echoed in my thoughts at the exact moment I tumbled hard into something solid A very amused Finn appeared out of nowhere and pulled me close as he chuckled darkly And he still has it bad for his girl, I build you a whole new neighborhood of houses, he declared out loud, and everything around us faded away And you don t say anything about the animal he turns into he defends his shark ness with all his might, nothing about a shark is sweet, he defended his animal affinity, and I squealed as he swept me up in his arms and carried me away Sloan, I think I love him just as much as I do Finn, damn, dude He shook his head You re one luck bas I hear she could have whoever she wants And she choseyou He looked me up and down unimpressed On the other hand, I have heard you have a big Finn no one messes with what s his and that mainly includes his woman, Stasia, and if anybody so much as look at her wrong, I ll slaughter em I can t wait for the next book, Kristen and I had some words when I got finished reading this one let me tell you what. Now this book picked up relatively where we left off in the ending of book 3 I am so very glad it did too I so missed Finn and Stasia I loved the new twist in this book with Atlantis And the action in this book once again will keep you guessing at what will happen I have to admit that while I love Finn and Stasia there really is not a single character in this book that I don t feel a bond with I love how easy it is to make these characters your close personal friends Kristen Day did an AMAZING job on character creation and I must applaud her for the ability to suck me in with such ease.I loved the new characters in this book, and I LOVE ATLANTIS I want to live there I d even wear white clothes for the rest of my life if I could Now I have to say that once again this book is filled with tragedy, and adventure and reveries and all sorts of magic that will have your mind in a boggle Now I must give my two cents on the newest addition to this series, Sebastian First I love the name, I wanted that name for my son but since I wasn t lucky enough to have boys I have to just get my fill of Sebastian in other methods And this Sebastian just does not disappoint First of all he is HOT Then add to that is he is amazing, but he is hiding something, you just don t know what it is And when you find out, boy oh boy will your head spin as you shout out I KNEW IT Once again the fight scenes are of epic proportion And it is one heck of a roller coaster ride And the ending will have you screaming for the next book hint hint I m sadly not known for my patience but at least I m a polite stalker.One other side note, there is a sex scene, not a huge one so I wouldn t worry too much about the younger teens reading this book So are you still here What the heck are you waiting for Go grab yourself this series, I HIGHLY Recommend it Go on get outta here already Just follow the links and buy yourselves this fabulous and entertaining and breathtaking and all encompassing series Kristen Day kudos for yet another successful story that kept me sucked in until the very end and left me cravingDetails Disclaimer Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review The free book held no determination on my personal review. Pdf ♵ Hearken (Daughters of the Sea #4) ♞ When The Evil You Fear Is Born From Within, Who Will Save Us From Ourselves Sometimes Our Souls Hear What Our Minds And Hearts Refuse To Accept It Will Whisper Its Continuous Cadence Until We Re Strong Enough To Glimpse The Truth But When The Soul S Whispers Morph Into Screams, We Re Forced To Gaze Into The Mirrors Of Time And See Ourselves For Who We Really AreGrappling With Her Newfound Leadership Position, Stasia Begins To Experience A Recurring Nightmare Of Murder, As Well As Curious Reveries About A Violet Eyed Girl Who Can Control The Moon When Tragedy Grips The Tydes And Several Important Relics Are Stolen From The Sons Of Daimon, Stasia S Council Leaves For The Forgotten Island Of Atlantis Unfortunately Atlantis Harbors Its Own Secrets, And They Are All Calling To Stasia As Her Nightmares Become Worse And She Begins To Lose Control Of Her Mind, Those Around Her Must Find A Way To Reach Her And FastOlivia Campbell Is Used To Getting What She Wants, When She Wants It But Destiny Never Asked Olivia What She Wanted Being Chosen To Be A Paladin At Birth Had Not Been Something She Wanted, And She Definitely Hadn T Wanted Her Charge To Be Anastasia Unfortunately Their Irritatingly Persistent Atlantean Guide, Sebastian, Seems To Know All About Her And The Secrets She S Been Hiding As She Fights To Protect Stasia From An Unknown Force, Olivia S Own Courage And Loyalty Will Be Tested In Ways She Never Imagined Will She Be Able To Tell Stasia The Truth Before It S Too Late For Them Both Favorite Lines For the first time in history, the heavy hand of fate had gifted a Chosen one her destiny months before the age of reckoning Selene knew this could only mean one thing She would need a much larger force to counter fate s transgressions And if fate wanted a war a war Selene would deliver Men Unaware of our private exchange, Amphitrite grinned down at me in an attempt to lighten the mood You can t live with em, you can t burn em at the stake When he finally opened his eyes, a lone tear trickled down his cheek and he searched my silent eyes for answers I had no answers I had no magical cure Death had been something I d almost welcomed for many years when I was younger There was no reason for you to darken your soul for me I couldn t let that happen You mean too much to me You will quickly learn that a warrior must not only protect people from their enemies, but must also protect people from themselves when You think one bloody moon is going to defeat Stasia OMG can Stacia ever have just a peaceful time Ever That girl has been put through the ringer so many times my heart breaks for her She doesn t give up though She is determined to be the best Sea Goddess she can be In this story though he so called family I use that term loosely has decided to use her body as a vessel to do some pretty horrible things Selene is Stacia s grandmother and she hates her for no other reason the diluting her precious bloodline She s a moon goddess and when her son Stacia s father married a Sea Goddess she considered that a betrayal of her son She s a crazy woman who is so thirsty for power she will do ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING to get the power she believes is hers Did I mention that Finn is hotter than ever Shivers I really enjoyed this one because it showed is a side of a another characters that I was so wrong about Olivia has always come across as well Mean I was so wrong about her though She s an amazing person and has nothing but protecting Stacia on her mind She s her Paladin Her protector her warrior and she s amazing at it As with ever book in this series I was floored but the last line and searching for the next page The author gets me every time I can t wait to see what happens next I ve gotten quite a few of my daughters friends needing to know what happens next I couldn t wait to have my daughter text them and tell them it was a amazing ride and it s still not over yet I was given this book in exchange for an honest review GHB FIVE MOON FAIRIES WOWThis book certainly deserves 5 stars and may, possibly, be the best of the series so far I was instantly hooked when I read the first few pages of Forsaken and I have stayed hooked through to the end of this one, book 4 I can t wait for the next Every character in this series is well written and draws you to them This book gave us the opportunity to find outabout Olivia which was great and introducedhumour It was even better when Olivia also found Sebastian Move over Finn you have to share your space with another HOT HANDSOME perfect boyfriend Sebastian was great This was a great read I seriously couldn t put it down, every time I thought just another ten minutes the plot escalated and another hour passed.I laughed, I cried and I even shouted at the characters if that doesn t make a great book, what does I got this book from the author, free of cost, in exchange of an honest review from my side.Firstly I would like to thank the author for giving me this opportunity of reading and reviewing this book.I got this book from LoP under the read to review theme Thanks Carrie moderator of LoP for this wonderful opportunity Well, I loved this series there is uniqueness in each book that kept me hooked in I simply loved this fourth sequel among all the 4 books and the romance as well as the action is so intense in here that I couldn t put it down for once.The writing style of the author is great and though I read her books for the first time but there is a comfy feeling to it which I really enjoyed The characters are great but I didn t quite like Stasia, something felt off about her Finn was great and I loved him totally.The action scenes are great and the passionate romance gave me a tingly feeling when I read this book Overall a great read that I loved and now I m looking forward to book 5 which will sadly mark the end of this series.Go grab your copy now and enjoy this awesome series right now, you wouldn t want to miss this Enjoy guys Holy cow, what an ending Now I have to wait for Proven I absolutely loved reading from Olivia s point of view, and Finn s I am in love with Sebastian, he is funny and adorably cute I don t want this series to ever end It s so nice to have found an author that encompasses everything I look for in a book Well written, action packed, unpredictable, whitty conversations or remarks that have me laughing out loud, sad moments that make me cry, and of course a tiny bit of sensual romance I am in love with this story and all it s characters Except the villains I want to kill them Keep up the great work Kristen The world will bow to your mighty pen skills. Wow Kristen Day has done it again with the fourth book of the Daughters of the Sea Series In Hearken we see Stasia having bad nightmares and ending up on the beach and they are getting worse.As a Sea Goddess she has to choose her council One being Olivia, who none of the council really like her Olivia is keeping a secret from Stasia though, she is a Paladin and she is there to protect Stasia, not being an annoying hang on that Stasia thinks.Tragedy strikes in an unexpected accident where we lose a strong character and I think anyone reading will feel the loss, especially if they have followed the series.Stasia and the council travel to Atlantis for the games that are about to happen Stasia is havingdreams but now she seems to be turning evil with it What is happening to her Finn is still as lovely as ever and his love for Stasia is every increasing but he has to find out who has stolen the relics that could pose disaster What will he do when he finds out who stole them I loved this book as not only was it about Finn and Stasia but it was told by three different people, the third being Olivia, and I really started to like her I was telling her to give Sebastian a new character, from Atlantis and hot a chance, it could all work out but she seemed to lower her heart walls only to take to steps back and build those walls again.There is a lot going on in this book, action, love,deception, and giant butterflies Very well written as always and I was left wantingof Stasia, Finn and the group. I received this book in exchange for an honest review I absolutely love this series and this book may be the best yet Olivia is so complex and I adored getting to know her better The Sebastian twist was brilliant, and I love Fallon This is an amazing series and I can t wait to read I have no words Totally shocked Loved this book Kristen Day did it again I love the characters in this series Stasia got a little annoying in this installment I mean I get she was all zombie d out but still but Finn was as sexy and smoldering as usual I am so happy we got to read from Olivia s POV LOVE HER Always have And Phwoar Sebastian Yummy Steamy scenes with those two Love that she went there I was totally surprised Five stars again I cannot wait to read the next book Thank goodness she didn t leave us with that cliff hanger Without that sneak peak prologue I would ve been desperate I received this book in exchange for an honest review LoP