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!Ebook ⚕ The Herald ☢ In The Th And Final Book Of The Multi Author Sundering Series Launched By New York Times Best Selling Author RA Salvatore, Ed Greenwood, The Creator Of The Forgotten Realms R , Further Chronicles The Exploits Of Elminster As He Fights For The Future Of Faerun Chaos Grips Faerun As Vainglory, Prophecy, And Ancient Forces Comingle In The Shadows Cast By War Agents Of The Shadovar Lurk In The Corners Of Candlekeep In Search Of The Arcane Secrets That Will Power Their War Machine Toward Myth Drannor Gods And Their Chosen Run Amok, All In A Gambit To Seize Power And A Threat Foretold By An Ancient Seer Stirs At The Heart Of It All, Mystra, The Great Goddess Of Magic, Has Withdrawn From The World Without Her Protection, Elminster, Her Greatest Champion, Fears For The Nascent Weave, The Fabric Of Magic Mystra Wields To Bind Faerun Will The Nightseer Shar, Mistress Of The Great And Fearsome Shadovar, Seize The Opportunity To Blanket The World With Her Shadow Weave With The Help Of Storm Silverhand And His Protege Amarune, Elminster Works Frantically To Strengthen The Weave S Tethers And Forestall What Seems An Inevitable Reckoning But Other Interests Machinate For Their Own Sinister Ends As The Sundering Draws Nigh, Elminster And His Heroic Cohort Must See The Signs For What They Are The Choice Of Worlds Lies In The Balance This is it we re at the end of a long road We are at The Sundering Set during the Era of Upheaval, The Sundering is a multi author event chronicling the adventures of Faer n s heroes, from those just Chosen to some of the Realms most enduring characters The Herald, by Ed Greenwood, rounds out the series with a battle to end all battles Actually, make that battles to end all battle Or something like that There s a lot of combat in this one.Elminster and Storm Silverhand, Chosen of Mystra, are rebuilding the Weave They are interrupted by agents of the Shadovar of course and choose a new, important mission The wards of Candlekeep and Myth Drannor must be preserved The pair split into two teams, El heading off by himself, Storm in the company of Amarune Whitewave and Arclath Delcastle.The gang s not all here, yet.At Candlekeep, everyone is in disguise Moving from dusty tome to dusty tome, monks who might not be monks eye one another suspiciously If it wasn t so serious a moment, one might giggle I did, just quickly At Myth Drannor, it s straight to battle No disguise, lots of hack and slash.As the battles progress, purposes change and become compromised Rebuilding the Weave becomes secondary to keeping the Wards out of Shadovar hands Elminsiter is sorely tested, facing betrayal, action against old allies and a possible alliance with an enemy Storm and her magical hair has no time to catch her breath It s battle after battle outside Myth Drannor, which makes for fun reading if you like that kind of thing I do.It s hard to summarise the rest of the book without giving away some of the most wrenching and startling moments, except to say that lots of folks meet their end, gruesomely For a while, El s every chapter ends with a roof tumbling down on top of him Oh and I learned my new favourite spell Bone Rend I think Ed Greenwood made it up just for this book It s spectacularly gory the bones are pulled from a body, while that body lives The end result is, well, quite bloody The bones hold a lot of organs and musculature in place.I m not going to say much about the ending of The Herald , neither, except to note that The Sundering happens, ready or not Hopefully, the event s passing means a time of renewal for Toril It could sure use it.Ed Greenwood and R.A Salvatore were good choices to bookend this series The Herald is about as different from R.A Salvatore s contribution, The Companions, as could be The Companions is about birth The Herald, overwhelmingly, is about the end or death But, remember, in the Realms, death is rarely just death More, it s change.I did find The Herald to be the least accessible of all the Sundering books There are so many characters and points of view and little time is taken to fully introduce every player If you have not read Ed Greenwood before and are unfamiliar with Elminster as I was , it s a little difficult to immerse There is a lot to take on faith This is somewhat understandable, really It s the final battle There isn t the time for leisurely introductions I did warm to the main characters and I did come to care for their fates They are written with great empathy A solid familiarity with the world and the setting and the event itself does smooth many of the wrinkles There were also other familiar characters in the mix, which made for a nice cross over in my mind.So, that s it, The Sundering is done In my opinion, it was a wonderful enterprise I got to meet many of Faer n s iconic characters and experience the writing style of several new authors I added many new books to my shelf and plan to continue to dwell in the Realms for some time Now I ll be looking at the follow up novels that tie into this series I ve already read one Night Of The Hunter by R.A Salvatore Really, the stories will never end, which is great news for fans and those just discovering this world.Written for SFCrowsnest. I thought it was a good book, but seemed a bit disjointed in places Like every other book in this Sundering Series had a main character who was a Chosen meant to take on a great task for their god This one I had no idea who the Herald was and still don t as it could have been a number of people I also felt like it was hastily ended, things happened very fast after a very long work up to it and the climax was disappointing There were also characters and scenes that didn t have to be in the book at all, they had no bearing or impact whatsoever on the story I m looking at Monshoon and Mirt here The editor should ve just cut their scenes out all together. This review originally appeared on my blog, Leeanna.me THE HERALD is the sixth and final book in The Sundering series The books are very loosely connected, and follow heroes and Chosen as they navigate the effects of the Sundering upon their lives I ve enjoyed most of the books in the series, but unfortunately, THE HERALD just didn t work for me as well as previous books did THE HERALD assumes familiarity with Ed Greenwood s other novels in the Realms This is the first time I ve read one of his books, so I didn t know who most of the characters were Yes, I know there s a lot of books about Elminster, and I d heard of him But I didn t know many of the others that pop up in this book, including Mirt, Manshoon, and the Srinshee I wish background had been provided on all the characters, because I had to resort to Googling the ones I named and others to find out who they were and why they were important The writing was somewhat difficult to get through There was a lot of point of view switching first Elminster, then Amarune, then a random Shade, then Elminster again, etc I wish the narration had been consistent, sticking with the same character whenever possible The switches were also difficult to keep track of because the author constantly referred to characters without calling them by name For example, Elminster was El, then the Old Mage, then the wizard, etc Add in nicknames, and it was hard to remember who was who Lastly, I feel like things just didn t come together The Shadovar were trying to destroy the Weave at Shar s direction, Elminster was trying to save it, but then there was a lich and other stuff I m just not sure all of what happened, to be honest I had to force myself to keep reading, and I did because I wanted to know how the series would end, but it was a hard read I wish there had been about the Sundering, and an ending that didn t leave me scratching my head wondering what the outcome was Disclaimer I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.See of my reviews This is the final book in the Sundering series, and features Ed Greenwood s the creator of Forgotten Realms well known character Elminster Of course, if you haven t read any other Forgotten Realms books, you would think that Harry Potter is probably a better known wizard amongst Dungeon Dragon aficionados and you would be wrong I ve read all the other books in the series, so even though I will try and review the book as a stand along product, it is almost inevitable that Herald will be compared to the first five books in the series.First off, I can see how readers could easily become confused about the names of the various characters Greenwood spouts them off rapid fire, without much of an introduction and little in the way of background Unless you have read some of his previous books, it could prove to be disconcerting I ve actually read many of his books, and still had trouble tracking names.Second, I was not particularly happy with the storyline Yes, it was a continuation of the Sundering and continued the story of the reunification of the Weave after the Spellplague yes, you need to read the other books , but the plot was choppyI would enjoy it for 30 pages, then be bored for 25.I don t want anyone to think it was all bad I still love Forgotten Realms thank you Ed The background is fascinating to any reader who enjoys science fiction and or fantasy You don t have to be a Forgotten Realms fan to comprehend this book, although it does help see point 1 Any story that contains beholders, lichdragons, etc will entrance me by its very nature, if nothing else.I ve never been a super Elminster fan Readers that enjoyed Greendwood s Elminster series will be 100% pleased by this story Readers that like Forgotten Realms will probably be like me, and give the book a 3 or 4 Sci Fi Fantasy readers will also think this is a 3 4, I suspect Anyone else, it just depends on your personal tastes. I received an electronic advanced reading copy of this from the publishers via NetGalley.Rapper Ice T recently made some amusing comments on a podcast about an unexpected DD related audio book recording he was set up to make Reading his comments me original thoughts were that it was sad he was dumping on fantasy, role playing derived or otherwise based on what appeared to be stereotypes and the worst the genre has to offer Now I see where he was coming from in his vulgarity strewn phrases about talking like Yoda and pegasi Up until this volume I have really enjoyed The Sundering series of Forgotten Realms novels The opening one had been the weakest I felt, but still enjoyable due to my familiarity with Salvatore s characters The novels that followed impressed me, and I ve found a few new authors and series within this shared world to check out Each book was unique, but provided a solid perspective on these events within the Forgotten Realms But The Herald , well I struggle to find anything positive to say about it whatsoever.Until this series I ve only read Salvatore, and only his earlier novels I d heard of Greenwood s character Elminster in name alone While most of the other Sundering novels provided decent background to become familiar with their characters, The Herald provides almost none And it is a huge, ever shifting cast The layout of the electronic copy probably didn t help, where breaks between characters and points of view were not always obvious This formatting issue of an advanced reading copy happened with earlier Sundering novels though and wasn t nearly as problematic The Herald is just simply a mess Having read it closely I still have little idea who the various characters are other than superficially Some I could only figure out by using online resources There is a good amount of action, but little time is spent getting to know any of the characters, you are just expected to know already I assume Beyond the difficulties of trying to figure out who everyone is, there is also the matter of trying to figure out what is going on I got bits and pieces, and a generic sense of good fighting evil, but other than that, nothing As Ice T explained even if he wasn t talking about The Herald , his words certainly hold true , the writing is simply hard to slog through in many spots, filled with archaic style and grammar and an abundance of universe specific vocabulary that unless you are a gamer or familiar with this, will go right over your head Others effectively use context to help impart comprehension to the uninitiated As the designer of Forgotten Realms, I guess Greenwood can t bother with this Elminster frequently switches back and forth from old English thou s to a modern you with no apparent logic I assume that if you are a big fan of this universe and know all the Elminster novels you ll read this no matter what But for those like me who may read casually, or how are looking to enter into this universe, go elsewhere, like some of the earlier Sundering novels Although a series, thankfully these don t all have to be read Me, I ll return to catching up with the adventures of Drizzt and discovering the other works by Dennings, Kemp, and particularly Evans. As another book about Elminster, this was just about par for the course As a part of the Sundering, this is kind of a weird mess Combined, it s less than it could have been I have enjoyed some of Elminster s wacky adventures, and there is plenty of that here Since I ve worked through previous Elminster books and most of the Sundering books Having only skipped the one which involves characters I have not caught up to just yet , I knew a bit what to expect weird political intrigue, hunting of Chosen, shadovar with grand designs on elevating Shar to a position of power That was all there, though the elements didn t always seem to mesh terribly well This seemed rather like a normal Elminster book until about three quarters of the way through, where it sort of skipped ahead to the end, and there was a very brief end scene where we are just told that it was resolved, and the Sundering is complete I found that rather jarring, as though the book really ought to have been a bit longer so that transition made sense A lot of Elminster s supporting cast returns here, having only faked their deaths they are Chosen of Mystra, so that is not totally far fetched , and some real changes happen in Candlekeep and Myth Drannor, and perhaps we are past the point of Elminster constantly being tired and ready to die for a while.Since I also listened to this in audiobook format, it s important to note that this involved a different narrator than previous Elminster books, and a lot of names were pronounced differently, and there were several grammatical errors that I don t know whether they were in the book initially or were misread by the narrator, but it was somewhat jarring In particular, Dove Falconhand caused a number of problems where her name was read as a verb instead of a noun It wasn t constant, but it was noticeable, so I wouldn t necessarily recommend the format. There was a lot going on in this book Understandable, seeing as this is the final book in The Sundering series, but there were times the cast of characters was so large and the action flipped between them so quickly it was hard to keep track of who was who I m going to go on record as saying that might be a me thing, though Because sometimes I m super lazy and like things to take their sweet time getting to where they need to be On the other hand, things did move fast in this book So, yeah Yeah Take that as you will With the Sundering at hand, some big players have put their best pieces into play to try to further their own interests Dark and light are going head to head in a battle to control the Weave Elminster s plan is thrown awry when all the work he s been doing for the past however many years unravels in one fell swoop laughs over my weaving and unraveling word play seriously, somebody stop me before I hurt myself BIG THINGS are afoot Danger Betrayal Heartache Sacrifice Magic MORE DANGER HAIR THAT FIGHTS BATTLES INDEPENDENTLY OF THE PERSON IT S GROWING ON How does it do that I m totally smitten with the idea of sentient hair Or hair that can wield a sword THE POTENTIAL FOR CRAZY IS SO WONDERFULLY HIGH HERE Right So things get crazy Good folk die Bad folk die And the Sundering is coming Good stuff, man Good stuff Kelly Reading the Paranormal This was my first Dungeons and Dragons book and I must say, I m not very impressed Some of my criticism must be lessened however, given the fact that this is a book late in the series and not a stand alone This was definitely not a jump in and enjoy read I spent 70% of the novel thoroughly confused about not only the plot, but the plethora of characters in the story.One thing that I absolutely hated and that did nothing to help with my comprehension of the story, was the constant switching of narratives There were seemingly a million characters in this book and the author switched between them swiftly and randomly There was nothing between one characters narrative and another s, apart from a single space Very, very confusing I wanted to like this book, I have been trying to delve into the Fantasy genre lately However this was a bit of a bust Perhaps I have simply been too spoiled by George.Note I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. A great story that would likely be even better if I had read Elminster books Oh well I enjoyed this thoroughly nonetheless.