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5 Stars Love is bending Love is breaking Love is constantly learning about the other person until you go crazy because it will never be perfect, but there s no fault in trying I love stories like this Stories that make me feel, make me think, make me love and leave my heart happy Acceptance, friendship, beauty and love Puddle Jumping was a fantastic tale of two childhood friends named Colton and Lilly Lilly is such an endearing character Even from her childhood, she s fun and spunky I love how she sort of marches to her own drum She doesn t care what others think of her or her relationship with Colton She only cares about whats important him She has an endless supply of patients and I completely adored her More than anything, I loved looking at Colton through her eyesThe one thing I wish I could explain to people is he s not what they think he is Words he s been branded with could never describe him He s not special He s extraordinary To me And I feel like I am, too, when I m with himColton was such a lovable character He has Aspergers, but that doesn t define him He is an artist, he s a boyfriend, a son, a smart guy He is kind and he is exactly what Lilly says he is Extraordinary He always kept a smile on my face I loved his kissing commentsI ve said it before but it bears repeating Colton is very literal I told him he could kiss me anytime He did just that He might not have always understood Lilly s emotions and what she was feeling, but he did his best and she was always understanding Colton and Lilly were two amazing characters But it wasthan that They were evenamazing together than apart Another character I adored was Colton s mom I thought she was great She was good with Lilly, was always there for her and tried to support her She never gave up on her son and pushed him to be the best he could be She loved him unconditionally and just wanted him to have the most normal life as possible, to be able to fall in love and follow his dreams like any other teen This authors writing and story telling ability was wonderful The story was profound I loved how the author was able to tell their story with love and kindness, yet still showing some of the difficulties and hardships these two had to endure It was a refreshing story It didn t take long to read, once I started, I read straight through A fun, beautiful and emotional read I would highly recommendLife is meant to be lived, and if you re offered the chance to experience exceptional things with an extraordinary person, then there isn t one reason in the world to say no You re my beautiful Lilly The one who makes everything right in my worldI don t know how to express how much I loved this story Puddle Jumping is a beautiful, sweet, unique and enduring story A beautiful portrayal of a young girl who falls in love with a boy, who may is considered a little different, but is perfect to herIt begins with a boy and it ends with a boy, but what story doesn tLilly first meets Colton when she is asked to babysit him She finds it a little strange since she is only a year older than him but Colton has Aspergers and his mother is just trying to give him the opportunity to spend time with someone his own age.Unfortunately after a number of mishaps, Mrs Neely decides that Lilly s adventurous ways may not be the best thing for Colton That it may best for them to part waysI was seriously afraid you were going to kill yourself on our property But fate has other plans, and they are reunited when Colton shows up at Lilly s high school Lilly is drawn to Colton, and he has never forgotten her As their relationship grows they face challenges, but they don t give up These two stole my heart I had a smile on my face and tears in my eyes throughout this oneThe one thing I wish I could explain to people is he s not what they think he is Words he s been branded with could never describe him He s not special He s extraordinary To me And I feel like I am, too, when I m with himI highly recommend this heartwarming story about two extraordinary people. Love is constantly learning about the other person until you go crazy because it will never be perfect but there s no fault in tryingThe first time I met my friend, Melissa a lot of months ago, she urged me to read Puddle Jumping and one other book which I can t remember sorry, Melissa I didn t bother reading this then because I thought this was another cheesy romantic novel sorry again, Melissa but then recently, I have met a new friend, April, and she said if there s one book that changed her life in some way, it had to be this So I thought there must be a reason these girls love this book so much It didn t take me farther than the prologue to figure out that reason and consequently, to fall in love with the book myself To tell you frankly, this is the simplest, most genuine love story I have ever read and yet the story is anything but simple Lilly is an ordinary teenage girl who has fallen in love with a very special young man named Colton who has Asperger s , an autism spectrum disorder Written in the genuine voice of a girl in love who like any other girl, has ridiculous expectations from the guy she loves, the story tells us the true meaning of ultimate sacrifice, untiring understanding, true love and selflessness despite the reality of being in love with someone who doesn t have the emotional capacity to love her backIt s a true story of a girl falling for a boy NothingNothing less And I wouldn t want it any other way It s taking everything in me to keep myself from gushing about the story but this is something that you have to read and discover for yourself so I m holding myself back.The story is short, at times bitter but mostly sweet, touching and definitely life altering Highly recommended Thank you, Melissa and April for bringing this book to my life You can see their reviews by clicking on their names. God, this book was so damn beautiful I loved it too much Such a sweet and innocent love story You should read it asap This emptiness inside of me here, he placed my hand on his chest, means I love you When you re not here, I can t focus It s too loudBut my heartbeat does this when you re close Under my palm, the erratic cadence wasapparent than I d ever noticed before I dream of you And I don t like it when I can t talk to you or see you or touch you His eyes found mine again That s love. ( Download Book ) ⚇ Puddle Jumping ☤ When It Comes To Love, There S No Such Thing As Conventional Everyone Thinks Colton Neely Is Special Lilly Evans Just Thinks He S Fascinating Once Friends When They Were Younger, Their Bond Is Cut Short Due To Her Accident Prone Nature And They Go Their Separate Ways Years Later, They Meet Again And Lilly Learns That There Is Something Special About The Boy She Once Knew, But She Has No Idea What It All Means And She S Not Sure If She S Ready To Find Out When He Walks Through The Corridor Of Her School The First Day Of Her Senior Year, She Knows That It S Time To Get To Know The Real Colton Neely The She Learns, The Deeper She Falls Their Friendship Grows Into Love, Even As Colton Does Not Express It In Words But One Decision Threatens To Break Down The World That Lilly Has Tried So Hard To Integrate Into And She Must Figure Out If The Relationship Can Survive If They Are Apart Love, for those lucky enough to experience it, is extraordinary How the hell do I put into words what this book did to me Here goes. this was an amazingly, astoundingly, lovable and the cutest love story ever, that twisted my emotions and heart into whichever direction it chose Lily and Colton are the cutest, strongest, most supportive and understanding, plus loving couple I think I have ever read about Ever since they were kids Lily was the accident prone daredevil and Colton was the quiet, blue eyed boy, who loved to paint When they grew up and came back into each other s lives they became instant best friends, not caring what anybody said about their friendship or how Colton was different from everyone else Friendship a true friend is one soul in two bodies Lily was his inspiration, his light at the end of the tunnel, his everything and he was her safe haven, her quiet after the storm and her breath of fresh air Even though Colton was special and took everything in the literal sense, Lily was always, patient understanding and loyal to a fault I loved her so much in this story Colton stole my heart from chapter one, with his innocence, plain speaking, and just being him Their love for each other is the kind that s been through hell and is still unbroken and unshakeable and all enduring, no matter what You re my quiet, Lily How is that even possible I m a mess, I am chaos No, he whispered You re my beautiful Lily You re the one who makes everything right in my world I ve laughed and cried so hard, equally, while reading this book because they are beautiful and lovable and perfect They are who they are and it s enough. Love is bending Love is breaking Love is constantly learning about the other person until you go crazy because it will never be perfect, but there s no fault in tryingAmber L Johnson delivered a wonderful story about Lily and Colton This story is a well written tale of love and friendship image error 5 stars How the author packed so much in so little pages truly astounds me I think this is one of the few times I can say I loved this book from cover to cover Qwen Salsbury s quote on the front gave me shivers and the dedication and acknowledgments had me tearing up all over again The story itself is like a diamond of the first water Strip away all the drama and other unnecessary plot twists and you get this book the most heartfelt, touching, and purest kind of romance all girls dream of and boys roll their eyes at.Lilly and Colton are childhood friends and first meet when she s paid to watch over him However, Lilly s accident prone personality gets the better of her several times and eventually Colton s mom decides it s too dangerous for her to come over They lose touch for several years but fate has something else planned for them and finally, in Lilly s senior year in high school, she sees Colton a locker away All her bottled up old feelings come lose, and she s determined to be there for him, in any way she canI would do whatever it took to be what he needed me to be He was worth it even after only one dayI was extremely worried about reading this book and had to be repeatedly assured it was Feifei friendly First it s YA and that genre is just not my cup of coffee 99.9999999999% of the time Then, Colton s Aspergers is a delicate subject matter What if the author butchered it But no, she didn t and she rocked the YA part too I could not stop highlighting the book, and there wasn t one moment where my heart didn t feel full of emotion Lilly is such a gem She had so much patience and love for this extraordinary boy and Colton was equally as wonderful Though he didn t always understand Lilly s thoughts and feelings, he did the best he could and seeing how well these two complemented each other yanked hard at my heartstrings Their love is unconditional and sweet, and their story is profound and meaningful It s a really easy book to read and even easier to love I highly recommend it P.S I really have to thank all the friends who urged me to read this or I would ve missed out on this awesome book Full review posted5 Stars A beautiful love story with a refreshingly unique plot It s been a while since I ve read a book in one sitting Puddle Jumping was fairly short, but it held so much power in its minimal pages I was barely able to put it down I knew after the first line that I was going to love this readIt begins with a boy and it ends with a boy, but what story doesn t I ve felt that way a few times before, only to end up eating my words, but in this case, it was true I adored this book from beginning to end.This young adult story was flooded with hormonal teenagers but offered almost no angst Not much angst, peopleWhat a concept I adore an ansgt filled plot, but this didn t need it Its honesty and tenderness singlehandedly carried this book without falter There was depth and intrigue without the need of additional tensionHappy sigh Lilly and Colton meet as kids and form a connection their young minds cannot yet define Even after years of separation, that connection remains only now they are both teenagers and mature enough to see it for what it is Colton lives with a condition called Aspergers a high functioning level of autism that impairs his social skills and makes it difficult for him to express himself emotionally, as well as recognize the emotions of others Lilly was a phenomenal heroine patient, kind, understanding, and utterly in love with Colton The story is told through her perspective, as she looks back I appreciated the raw portrayal of her initial judgments of Colton and the way she corrects those judgments as she relays the story, sharing what she s since realized in the process It was easy to love her for her honesty and growth in character Readers have the ability to learn right alongside her Her voice was relatable and powerful, and just a great representation of this story The romance was gentle, heartwarming, believable, and age appropriate There was not much else going on outside of the love story, but that seemed to be enough since I found myself quite addicted to their connection However, I do wish the story would have shown a littlethrough dialogue I adored the narrative, but Lilly would often describe conversations which I found myself longing to see play out It felt like I was receiving a glossed over account from only one perspective, at times I loved the hero, as well as the secondary characters, and I wanted to know them on an even deeper level.I also felt that Aspergers could have been explored just a little bit further Yes, the story completely revolved around the condition, but I felt it was largely a representation of acceptance and how surrounding loved ones adapt which was remarkable, but left me at a slight disconnect with Colton He was an amazingly original character I didn t need his perspective, I just wanted a bitaccess into his complex and beautiful mind That said, this inspiring story was bursting with originality, and its content, as well as writing, was simply beautiful The fact that I wanted a bitdidn t alter my rating or enjoyment for this book A topic such as this needed a love story, and I can t imagine a better one than Puddle Jumping. An unforgettable MUST READ Book Stats Genre Category Romance Young Adult Romance Sweet, tender, and heartwarming Characters Patient, understanding heroine Lovable hero dealing with Aspergers Plot An inspirational journey of two teens in love dealing with obstacles Writing Powerful and profound POV 1st Person Heroine Cliffhanger None Standalone. It begins with a boy and it ends with a boy, but what story doesn tWow What an incredible story It took me by surprise in the best of ways and definitely was one of the most beautiful love stories I ve read This is a mature YA standalone romance about two childhood friends, Colton and Lilly, who are reunited in the senior year of high school Early on in the story, we discover that Colton has Asperger s and we also see that Lilly loves him unconditionally for who he is This is their love storyI m Lilly Grace Evans and this is the true account of how I ended up falling for a boy who made me believe love is anything but conventionalI read this in one sitting and did not want to put it down even for a minute The writing was so fluid and just drew me right into these characters journies We re told the story through Lilly s eyes and the writing perfectly captured the voice of a teenager telling us the story of how she fell for the boy she now loved.Colton stole my heart He was such a sweet guy The author did a fantastic job of portraying him in a sensitive, yet realistic way He was smart, talented, and kind, but also socially awkward, incredibly literal, and said whatever he thought But deep down, he was just a 17 year old guy falling in love with a girl who d stayed in his heart since they were kids My heart really went out to him as I saw him try so hard to fit into a world where most everyone was different from him and where few people understood himWith a small sigh, he squeezed my hand tighter I wish you were like me Because then you would understandBut at the same time, I was so impressed with Lilly The world would truly be a better place withpeople like her in it She was incredibly kind hearted, open minded, accepting, and loving She saw Colton for who he was, without labels, andimportantly, without judgementWhen you love someone, their differences fall away I don t look at him and see anything but HIMPuddle Jumping has a lot of depth and a very powerful message On the surface, it s a very sweet and beautiful story of first love But beneath the surface, it also delivers a very honest and profound commentary about society, and acceptance The author really dealt with the subject matter in a very respectful and sensitive way It was truly a joy to readThe one thing I wish I could explain to people is he s not what they think he is Words he s been branded with could never describe him He s not special He s extraordinary To me And I feel like I am, too, when I m with himI want to reassure you that this is a feel good story There s no bullying or extreme drama or anything strongly negative in it Yes, there are natural hardships stemming from the situation at hand, but it s a gorgeous journey to go on with these characters.This book leaves you with a wonderful feeling and my eyes were filled with tears by the end The powerful message of unwavering love and acceptance we are shown is universal and I think everyone will be able to take something beautiful away from this story Rating 4.5 stars.Standalone Mature YA romance Forof my reviews, book news and updates Main blog Aestas Book Blog Facebook Blog Page Twitter