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!DOWNLOAD E-PUB ☹ 600 Hours of Edward ♺ Year Old With Asperger S Syndrome And Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Edward Stanton Lives Alone On A Rigid Schedule In The Montana Town Where He Grew Up His Carefully Constructed Routine Includes Tracking His Most Common Waking Time Am , Refusing To Start His Therapy Sessions Even A Minute Before The Appointed Hour Am , And Watching One Episode Of The S Cop Show Dragnet Each Night Pm But When A Single Mother And Her Nine Year Old Son Move In Across The Street, Edward S Timetable Comes Undone Over The Course Of A Momentous Hours, He Opens Up To His New Neighbors And Confronts Old Grievances With His Estranged Parents Exposed To Both The Joys And Heartaches Of Friendship, Edward Must Ultimately Decide Whether To Embrace The World Outside His Door Or Retreat To His Solitary Ways Heartfelt And Hilarious, This Moving Novel Will Appeal To Fans Of Daniel Keyes Classic Flowers For Algernon And To Any Reader Who Loves An UnderdogListening Length Hours And Minutes This book was just wonderful It is a book that makes you feel good a book that makes you think about life, yourself and others a book that makes you reflect.The thing that makes me love the books where the MC suffers from a mental illness, is the absence of filters They are the realest people They don t refrain their thoughts or their words, they re always direct and they don t BS you Never There are no misunderstandings and no dramas.Edward is a 39 yo man diagnosed as developmentally disabled He lives alone He does everything at the same time of the day, everyday He wakes up, does his daily routine, meets with his therapist once a week, drives his car, does grocery, watches his favorite TV series every night and sleeps every night at the same time Edward life s chorus can be summarized by four sentencesI prefer facts..Dr Buckley is a very logical personTonight s episode of Dragnet is called and it is one of my favorites..My data is complete. These are mentioned many times in the book They never get annoying Edward doesn t like change He reads the newspaper everyday, especially the weather section and keeps tabs for the daily predicted temperatures, which he compares to the factual ones the next day The only worthwhile things in life are those that you can rely on Change brings uncertainty Change brings chaos These are things I do not need. So when new neighbors move in near him, changes in Edward s life begin to appear and he finds himself questioning his actions and beliefs.Edward is a very complex character, as every character with Asperger Syndrome He s not a teenager or a young man He is mature and his long therapy with his therapist has helped him to deal with his issues and struggles He is a very logical and reasonable man Reading about how he sees the world is an amazing experience I ve occasionally heard people say something like I know his heart, and I wonder how someone could possibly know such a thing A heart is a mysterious thing to know Doctors know how they work, of course, and can sometimes fix them when they re not working correctly But the mechanics of the heart are not what people are talking about when they say such things They are talking about a person s intentions or nature or goodness. There are some heart breaking moments so very well described You can feel Edward s pain and his internal battles to deal with itEverybody Hurts is the perfect song to describe how I am feeling these days I do feel like I am alone sometimes But as you rightly point out, I am not alone I have my mother And I have a memory of my father that is a happy one.Thank you, Michael Stipe, for writing such perfect songs. The writing is exceptional Every page makes you reflect about life Being in Edward s mind is an extraordinary thing I recommend this book to everyone who wants to see the world differently and colorful. A new favorite, 600 Hours of Edward was an absolutely delightful read that hooked me from the first page The main character, Edward, is 39 years old and happens to have Asperger s Syndrome and OCD In this touching story, we get a glimpse into a 25 day period 600 hours , of Edward s life It is the story of a challenging father son relationship, but it is also a coming of age story in a sense, of how change affects Edward s life It was laugh out loud funny, and yet at times so moving I could barely read through my tears What s not to love From Edward s endearing idiosyncrasies, to the supporting characters that impacted his life, this was an enjoyable read in which I was sad to see end I loved the format of the book, the repetitious rituals that Edward lived by, and the things we came to expect, from the tracking of when he woke to the significance of the Dragnet episodes he watched in the evenings.But mostly I loved the life lessons this book taught me, including accepting others for who they are and adapting to their ways, and not expecting them to conform to ours It was a realistic and relatable story for me at least, raising a child with special needs who has some endearing idiosyncrasies of his own but I think this is a book anyone could enjoy Highly recommend. For the first time in my life, I actually felt like a hypochondriac And for a day I thought I had Asperger s syndrome and obsessive compulsive disorder, my every movement tracked and accounted for, as my social skills dropped off a precipitous edge, only to return to normal the next day.Edward Stanton rocked 600 HOURS OF EDWARD like Mick Jagger in his prime His head and mine filled with numbers, as we tracked weather patterns, wrote letters of discontent, and consumed spaghetti and Diet Dr Pepper with reckless abandon And like Joe Friday all we re after are the facts.The voice jolted through my brain like I was driving down the interstate at 70 MPH with the windows down and R.E.M blaring through the speakers Possibly even It s the End of the World As We Know It And I Feel Fine turned up to maximum volume as we cross the border It was a beautiful feeling, and I m sorry to say it ended way too soon.But it was Edward s relationship with his father that stood at the center of this novel, defining both he and his dad with every letter and lawyer intervention Without it, this story would have been a shell of the novel it could have been, even if the words for both Edward and his father didn t always come out right, or took on new meaning in the course of one social evening.Since online dating has become the next big thing, there re even a few amusing bits about what can go right and then horribly wrong in the course of one evening Edward has his timetable that he follows to the letter, and now I have mine to purchase Edward Adrift when it becomes available on my Kindle on April 9.Cross posted at Robert s Reads 3rd read, 2019 I m not sure what else to say about this book except that it is beautifully written and wonderfully expressed You will laugh and cry More laughter than tears This read was so much meaningful because it was a buddy read with my daughter And we both loved it The main character had a stormy relationship with his dad and my daughter and I once had a stormy relationship as well, so this book was a perfect one for us to read together We hope to read the rest of the series this year too I can t recommend this book highly enough And if you can get a copy of the audio, it is absolutely terrific in that format as well I recommend either reading the paper and audio in conjunction, or switching back and forth between them If you enjoy quirky characters, please read this book 2nd read, 2018 Wow Who d have thought it d be better the second time through If you enjoy books that can make you laugh one minute while being introspective and meaningful the next, you owe it to yourself to try this one books like Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine come to mind.The first time I read this, I switched between the library book and the Audible, which I d purchased I needed to break out of a reading block and a friend reminded me that sometimes rereads are good for this So true This book was exactly what I needed, and for that reason, I upgraded it to a five star read this time The main character, Edward, has OCD and Asperger s He experiences quite a lot of growth throughout this story and starts to really connect with his emotions and the feelings and needs of others Some of the themes include mental illness obv , domestic violence, strained familial relationships, and friendship This is a book I m so glad I own because I know that in another few years, I ll be able to enjoy it once again I can t recommend this one enough if it sounds like something that will suit your mood It may seem like just another humorous read, but it s really much than that, and deserves a much wider readership, imo First Read, 2014 4.5 stars Impressive debut I ll be continuing with the series and reading the author s other books as well This book reminds me of The Silver Linings Playbook and other titles by Matthew Quick It seems light on the surface, but there s a lot of depth underneath I loved all of the characters, and enjoyed the fact that this book made me laugh out loud several times It s hard to get used to the main character s voice at the beginning, as he suffers from Asperger s and OCD But stick with it, and you ll be glad you did You ll laugh and cry with Edward, and you can t help but love him NOTE The audio performance for this one is not to be missed It is available through Audible This is one that greatly enhances the written text I m amazed that all of the voices performed were actually read by only one person, Luke Daniels. This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life in Books.I liked this one This book was a bit different from what I would normally pick up I heard a few good things about it so I took a closer look once I noticed that it was available to borrow from through Prime Reading I loved the idea of a main character who is living with Asperger s syndrome and obsessive compulsive disorder, so I decided to give it a try and I am really glad that I did.Edward was a great character I liked him from the start and as the story progressed, I liked him and Edward s life revolves around routines With few exceptions, each day looks largely like the previous one Things do shake up his life quite a bit by the end of the book and there is definitely some character growth for Edward during the course of the story I thought that his character felt very authentic in the way that he dealt with other people and handled his emotions.This book is repetitive because Edward s life is repetitive There are certain events and phrases that happen over and over throughout the book Each day of Edward s life would bring a new cycle of the book I think that the decision to take the reader through each day with Edward helped to really show how much the events in the story changed his life Edward s life at the end of the book looks very different than it does at the start and it was great to take the journey with him.Luke Daniels does a fantastic job with the narration of this book One of the reasons that I decided to listen to this book was because I have enjoyed his work in the past I thought that he was able to bring Edward to life in way that really added to the story He did a great job with all of the character voices and adding emotion to the reading I listened to this book for hours at a time and finished it within a few days and thought that he was a perfect match for the story I would recommend this book to others I really enjoyed going along with Edward as he navigated the changes and his life and made new connections I did notice that this book is listed as the first in a series but it tells a very complete story so I am not sure if I will read the other installments I would not hesitate to read from Craig Lancaster in the future.Initial ThoughtsThis isn t the kind of book that I pick up often I noticed this one being offered in the Prime lending program I love have enjoyed the narrator s work before so I decided to look closer at the book When I saw that the main character of this story is living with Asperger s syndrome and OCD, I knew that I had to listen to this one It was a really good story It could be repetitive at times but that was just a reflection of Edward s life Book Source Borrowed from Prime Lending 600 hours divided by 24 25 Yep, that s about the span of days spent in Edward s life during this story that is sometimes funny, sometimes touching, and all the time likeable I m not a fan of the e reader, but I realized something soon after downloading and beginning 600 Hours of Edward I looked forward to picking up that Kindle each day, with a book about a man who s just a little bit different hidden somewhere inside its memory banks Edward would appreciate that change in % progression and those tiny, digital page numbers lit at the bottom of the screen They are analytic They are factual, and that s what he likes best Other people Well, that s a little harder They are not so easy to understand I know Edward, I know But inside of Edward there is a desire to step outside the routine he s come to rely upon, sparked by a young boy and his mom who recently moved in across the street It s in that non routine, and with those other people who are not so easy to quantify that he may find the few things he hadn t realized were missing and so needed. 5 stars.A beautifully written story about a 39 yr old man suffering from both OCD and Aspergers syndrome I have so many emotions about this book, and I really need a few days to process them all before writing a proper review I will say right now that this was one of the best books I have ever read, and that Edward is by far one of the most endearing characters I have ever been introduced to ETA I am going to keep this short and sweet, since it has been a few weeks since i finished this book and I am still having trouble putting my thoughts into words about it.I find it amazing that Lancaster was so successful in keeping the perfect balance between a sweet and touching story about an isolated man very much facing life as a misunderstood outsider, to a silly comedy about a misfit who lacks the people skills needed to navigate through day to day life And that in a book of less than 300 pages he was able to get both sides of that man s story across so well.Edward is all about routine He starts his day by recording the time he opened his eyes and the weather forecast in a notebook he keeps beside the bed He eats the same food week after week He watches one episode of Dragnet only from the last season at 10pm every night He writes a daily Letter of Complaint to people who anger him a suggestion by his therapist, who also encourages him to never mail the letters but file them away instead and is in bed each night by 12am His life is on a continuous loop until his new neighbors arrive across the street The way that Edward ends up dealing with that curve ball being thrown into his life is both touching and believable The way the author deals with Edward as a character is also damn close to perfect His obsessive behavior never comes off as pathetic or makes the reader feel uncomfortable Instead the author makes us fall in love with this flawed and troubled man in a way that makes his quirks only part of his charm.I am so glad I decided to take a chance on this book, because this was a reading experience that will remain with me for a long time And Edward is most definitely someone I will never forget. Fact On October 26,2012 8 00 P.M I finished reading 600 hours of Edward my day is complete,but I won t file the book away , I will want to reread it Dear Author, I have no complaint,in contrary, I want to thank you for this extraordinary I love this word book , for creating a wonderful and unforgettable character such as Edward. I finished this 5 star read at 22 02 I have recorded it on Goodreads and my data is complete It is my 112th book of the year and it is one of my favourites I don t cry at books much at all This book is one of two books that have made me cry this year The other is Boy s Life, which is probably my book of the year I went into this not knowing what to expect really It started off slowly, getting to know the main character, Edward and all his quirks which provide many a funny moment And then BAM Emotional stuff starts happening which punched me right in the heart, in a good way One of the most endearing, and surprising books I ve ever read I also really like the way the author ends things.