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was a nice read but I do get bit bored when there very descriptive of places, people, rather than what actually went on. M rd |Read ⚖ High Hopes ♷ Before I Begin, I Ought To Say That Even Though I Was Abandoned As A Baby On A Mountainside And Brought Up By A She Wolf, Before Becoming A Deckhand, Jumping Ship In Macau And Getting Stabbed In The Waterfront Area Which Can Be Very Painful In A Fight Over The Last Green Fruit Pastille, I Am Not Going To Tell You That Story There Is No Mention Of My Time As A Lumberjack, And My Career As A Double Agent Remains A Closed Book Anyway, This Is The Much Exciting Story Of How I, Ronald Balfour Corbett, The Son Of A Baker In Edinburgh, Became Convinced That I Had To Become An Actor It Is The Story Of How I Pursued That Goal And Eventually Achieved It, Along The Way Finding Fame As One Of The Two Ronnies, And Encountering An Extraordinary Cast Of Characters Ronnie Corbett