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It was great I hit a snag somewhere middle ish though You know how when you re soooo invested in a character and you see them doing something wince worthy I stopped in the middle of that story, and lucky it was an anthology because I read all the other stories first and then read the end of that one and then went back to the middle and read it through to the end again SO VICTORY IS MINE Also, there was only one story in the whole thing that just wasn t that good Even if the Stars Fell from the Sky rather than an immersive experience, it was an instance of too much tell not enough show, though it had its points as well.I really liked this and it led me to authors I want to read There aren t many books in this genre So when I find one or two and especially with gay characters, it is delight I enjoyed this anthology quite a lot Some stories were weak, some were quite strong and then there were those in the middle It doesn t matter are you evil or good, it doesn t matter are you a woman or a man everyone should have love in their lives No More Mr Bad Guy just wasn t to my taste I can understand a bad guy getting his girl s attention by tormenting her, but most what he did seemed in some ways too much Stealing Christmas presents no, spoiling her date, definitely yes even if the couple was normal man and woman, Secrets to Keep had to be strongest and best of them all The awkwardness of online dating, meeting the guy and then also trying to keep superhero business as a secret it was perfect These stories are nice little afternoon reading Not breath taking, but nice. Half halfSome stories were good others meh Some authors are better at writing full length stories rather than short ones Their shorts are like a chef taking a full course meal and throwing it into a pot pie You just can t fit everything in and it doesn t mesh well Don t give up on an author If you like any elements of their short, I encourage you to check out their full length stories One of my favorite authors who writes terrific full length stories has written lousy shorts In a different anthology. Probably the best superhero anthology ever. This book was so so for me, but I didn t not like it necessarily I guess that some of the stories I wasn t comfortable reading, actually, I found them boring There was one or two I really liked No More Mr Bad Guy by Elizabeth Gannon and kinda liked Secrets to Keep by Kara Costegan I also didn t mind Flying Fast, Falling Hard by Kim Strattford I do recommend this book to people who want an insight on characters of the rare sexualities I am thankful to have received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads however LOVE Elizabeth Gannon s No More Mr Bad Guy For an anthology, it s not lacking in the least I hadn t thought EG can do it, able to tell a story in 20 30 pages not when her books are 500 pages Deacon codename The Bad Guy has been in love with Mia since they were children It s hilarious to learn all the torments Mia endure on the account of Deacon expressing his love I m not familiar with the other authors, but there s a wide variety of stories some m m as well in this anthology and each is uniquely different It s not long enough to be engaging, just enough to be introduce to each author s style. |Read ♨ Powerless Against You ♇ Love Is A Literal Battlefield As These Couples Find Love While Trying To Save Or Destroy The World Powerless Against You Features Ten Larger Than Life Romantic Tales Of Superheroes Or Villains In Love Get Immersed In The Drama Of Keeping Secret Identities, Battling Against A Secret Love, The Struggle Of Coming Into Superpowers After Tragedy, And Much These Tales Tackle A Wide Spectrum Of Couplings And Characters That Are Sure To Capture Readers Hearts Goodreads Firstreads I rated Powerless Against You four stars because although much of it was pretty tame and didn t really keep my attention for long periods of time I feel the book really is owed some decent kudos for the unique characters and relationships that have been included Its not every day you see them in stories so I felt some mad respect for the fact that it was placed so well. The stories are ok To be honest, I skipped most of them when I realized that a lot of them were about same sex relationships Although I have nothing wrong with that, I have no interest in reading about it Although the first story was funny That villain guy was insane Deliciously so Haha Read that one if nothing else.