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I hope you enjoy reading my first super heroine in erotic bondage novella as much as I enjoyed writing it Fun with a seventies erotica kind of feeling Oh, and I like the idea of maple syrup used as kryptonite. This is the first eBook I ve read by Bella Swann I certainly don t think it will be the last.Pros 1 The Manipogo Damn, that was hot I loved the way Wondrous Woman seemed to both enjoy and be afraid of an attracted to the creature And the creature itself I really enjoyed the fact that this things specifically enjoyed pleasuring women that this was part of it s make up to get women so turned on with it s pheromones that they submit to it s ravenous play And Wondrous Woman s reactions the way she is almost saddened when she finally escapes the clutches of the Manipogo I wonder how he feels about all this Will Wondrous Woman haunt his fantasies Perhaps he can show up ina sequel, Ms Swann 2 The CSIS agents I really enjoyed Wondrous Woman being double teamed by the two men And I don t want to spoil it, but the kryptonite they find is both hilarious and sexy.Cons 1 It wasn t super hero ey enough The subtitle was Super Heroines in Erotic Bondage And I was geared up for some big comic book style battle which WW would lose, etc Not that this is a big problem, it just took me a bit of time to switch gears.2 The hottest part the Manipogo was right at the beginning.3 The potential of the scientist Dr Kanata wasn t even close to actualized I suppose he might come back in a sequel The book is listed as part of a series I guess Ms Swann wanted to leave us hungry for One thing they might do is say Julia, not sure if you know this, but the reason so many aliens rely on anal probes is to test the slutiness of the species, he says as he brings Wondrous Woman to multiple orgasms with his probing device Maybe he then makes her clean it off with her tongue while Julia gives her a rim job Then he can t stand it any and he fills Wondrous Woman s ass with his cock And then the cycle repeatsShit Maybe I should write my own story, huh Anyway, the high points outweigh the low by a large margin, so I ll give this one 4 stars.Ms Swann, you can expect a few purchases. Wow I so love to see a dominant woman brought into submission Wondrous woman is great and powerful in her land, but she has to leave and find a new home The story begins as she s traveling through space, hoping to land on a planet where she can establish a matriarch and rule over the women of the land However, when wondrous woman lands on the new planet, she s seduced by a scaly sea creature who emits a powerful aphrodisiac Though wondrous woman tries to be strong she can t resist the creature s strong scaly tale and forceful tongue When wondrous woman regains her wits enough, she encounters men of the land and they introduce her to their lustful customs Wondrous woman again tries to fight her desires, but succumbs to their whims By the end of the book, she s gained the attention of scientist who are enthralled with the receptiveness of her wanton flesh They would be content with experimenting on her for days This book was a tantalizing adventure where a once powerful superhero is brought to he knees by the strange exotic beings of her new world I recommend this book to anyone who loves BDSM, creature sex, and dubious consent situations I look forward to reading superhero adventures in this series ( Download Book ) ♶ The Claiming of Wondrous Woman in the Land of Ice and Snow (Super Heroines in Erotic Bondage, #1) ⚔ This Is A Very Explicit Sex Story Of The Claiming Of Wondrous Woman, A Superhuman Alien Who Escapes An Invasion Of Her Home Planet Chrysalis Desperate To Find A Safe New World To Live She Crashes On Earth And Encounters A Series Of Dangerously Erotic Situations She First Encounters The Prehistoric Snake Like Monster Known As The Manipogo After Barely Escaping The Manipogo, Wondrous Woman Then Encounters Two CSIS Agents Who Take Complete Possession Of Her As They Arrest Her And Take Her Back To A Secret CSIS Lab There She Encounters The Dangerous Dr Kanata And His Brainwashed Lab Assistant Julia Who Work Together To Interrogate Wondrous Woman And Break Her Through A Combination Of Pleasure And Pain To Dr Kanata S Will Warning Explicit Sex Story With Elements Of Dubious Consent, Hypnosis Trance, Sleep Sex, Tentacle Sex, Dominant Male, Submissive Female, Lactation, Anal, And BDSM This Is A Work Of Fiction Meant For Those Over The Age Of Consent Hot story Enjoyed the book Hot sex Hot, hot, hot I recommend this if you like fantasy erotica.