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Interesting and encouraging a gentle push to focus in making small changes in my habit and environment that will help me live a less stress filled life I enjoyed the insights of the mother daughter authors different generations bringing their own life experiences into the narrative. One of my favorite books is Danielle Laporte s The Desire Map After reading, I identified my CDFs, or Core Desired Feelings the way that I want to feel in my life most of the time One of them is Nourished.As a new mom of a 3 month old, I have been struggling with my CDFs and after a particularly malnourished week, where I was completely exhausted, overwhelmed, and did I mention exhausted, a friend mentioned this book Nourished in her Facebook post Well of course, I had to go and get it that very day I read it in one week and I must say, it may just be my Book of 2015 I felt like Becky Johnson and Rachel Randolph were talking directly to me I could relate to so many of the stories and the feelings that were expressed But the book went beyond expressing my feelings for me the authors provided ways to experience my CDF and nourish myself during this particular phase in my life But not only did they provide tips and strategies that worked for them, they gave me permission to implement the strategies in fact, they explained why I NEEDED to incorporate them into my life in order to be the best mom that I can be.This book is not just for tired new mommies, although I would strongly recommended it for every new mom out there, but it is for any woman who wants to have a fulfilling and, dare I say it, nourished life A very thoughtful, funny, and encouraging read. About the Book With humor, honesty and faith Becky Johnson and her daughter Rachel Randolph determine to tackle the stuff that is stressing them out, once and for all From interviews with friends and lots of research they came up with The Ten Most Common Stressors That Mess with a Woman s Mind daily challenges that routinely steal her sense of peace and joy Together Becky and Rachel cook up a plan to live a less depleted and nourished life Opposites in many ways mom and daughter share their successes and failures as they make peace with their imperfect bodies, create living spaces they love, get wiser in their relationships, tame jam packed schedules, settle into God s love, and In short, they stumble and journey together toward a life that better nourishes them body, mind, soul and spirit About the Authors Becky Johnson is the author, coauthor, or collaborator of than forty books She s a natural storyteller who has inspired and entertained audiences for years Most recently, she co authored We Laugh, We Cry, We Cook along with a blog by the same name with her daughter, Rachel Randolph She and her husband Greg, live in Denver, Colorado where they love spending time with their adult children and grandkids.Rachel Randolph writes and speaks about parenting a toddler, young married life, and her and her husband s unlikely journey to a plant based diet with humor and honesty She co authored We Laugh, We Cry, We Cook Zondervan 2013 with her mom Becky Johnson Rachel is married to Jared, a high school football and baseball coach They live near Dallas, Texas with their son Jackson.My Review In all aspects of our lives, we need to be nourished In our church life, our married life, in our eating, in our living Mother and daughter duo Becky Johnson and Rachel Randolph team up once again to show us the meaning behind Nourished A Search for Health, Happiness, and a Full Night s sleep The chapter that I appreciated the most was the one on Nourished Relationships I liked the one on the secrets of the happiest couples I read with much delight Becky s experiences with young couples I can attest to many of the suggestions or tips in the book listed in this section I have been with my now husband since we were 15 and 16 years old and I will have to say that she is so right on many of her points My husband and I have flirted with each other in almost every way she suggests for the whole time we have known each other I told my husband that he should be proud that it is possibly that by that one fact alone, we have nourished our relationship with each other Of course, he got a big kick out of that and frankly so did I The authors provide some really good information to help young women as well as the seasoned variety I read along to make sure I hadn t forgotten anything in all my years I really enjoyed their writing style and the book is full of humor which was very light hearted and fun to read Disclosure in accordance with the FTC s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising Many thanks to Propeller Consulting, LLC for providing this prize for the giveaway Choice of winners and opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post. A thirty something vegan and her home cookin mom venture further out from the kitchen, as writers of We Laugh, We Cry, We Cook and dabble in wellness territory with their new book NOURISHED.These are two very different women, but both open about struggles with Top Stressors most women face I love that they talk with you, not at you offering a peek inside their own struggles past present.They don t present themselves as experts but instead, share their experiences and wisdom born of mistakes In addition to relatable stories and confessions that make you feel better about yourself by comparison , they offer tested tips for a calmer life and home environment, as well as research supported concepts The interesting ones to me have been those supported by brain research The mom, Becky Johnson has written with Dr Daniel Amen, a pioneer in the field of brain scan research he has endorsed the book.The daughter, Rachel Randolph is the organized, introverted of the two As a out going person myself, who has often wondered about the seemingly strong, silent type of woman, I loved how she openly wrote about realizing her need for connection and friendships And how she s working on her shy tendencies to reach out so she doesn t miss out on a possible great friendship If you re looking for a relatable read with heart and humor, along with ideas and research to help you manage stress inducing self talk or circumstances, Nourished will hit the spot. Here is an excerpt from my review Nourished, by mother daughter writing team Becky Johnson and Rachel Randolph, would be a good book for a women s Bible study or book club to read together, or for two friends to discuss together, or for a mom and daughter to read and discuss together I m not saying you can t read this book and digest it on your own like I did, but, as the book suggests in its chapter on nourishing friendships, talking about this book and one s own life experiences and struggles can help you open up and get real instead of only pretending that you are nourished in body, mind, and spirit Let s talk bout what we re all secretly thinking and feeling, ladies You can read my full review here Are you running around feeling empty Burned out Is your cup empty Nourished is a self help book that both Becky and Rachel wrote to tell of their own successes and failures as they learned they need to nourish themselves They learned that not only by doing this for themselves was beneficial, but also for their entire families, their health and their happiness This book is filled with practical tools like menu planning, exercising, organizational advice, how to handle stressful dinner situations with children, making peace with your worries and things to soothe your soul These are just many of the ideas found in this book, but there are so many This book isn t just for moms, but for women in general and can be applied to so many working women I know who are burned out and stressed too I loved the practical advice it gave As a stressed out, worn out woman, this book was perfect for me Why not start making yourself a priority Thank you to Zondervan for providing me a complimentary copy of this book I was not compensated for a positive review, but provided this book for review purposes only. 3 1 2 stars &Read Pdf ☔ Nourished ⇸ With Humor, Honesty And Faith Becky Johnson And Her Daughter Rachel Randolph Determine To Tackle The Stuff That Is Stressing Them Out, Once And For All From Interviews With Friends And Lots Of Research They Came Up With The Ten Most Common Stressors That Mess With A Woman S Mind Daily Challenges That Routinely Steal Her Sense Of Peace And Joy Together Becky And Rachel Cook Up A Plan To Live A Less Depleted And Nourished Life Opposites In Many Ways Mom And Daughter Share Their Successes And Failures As They Make Peace With Their Imperfect Bodies, Create Living Spaces They Love, Get Wiser In Their Relationships, Tame Jam Packed Schedules, Settle Into God S Love, And In Short, They Stumble And Journey Together Toward A Life That Better Nourishes Them Body, Mind, Soul And Spirit Rachel Randolph, a mom of a pre schooler, prefers organization, schedules, and minimal furnishings In many ways they are complete opposites, yet they do share common needs Both believe that women desire a life that nourishes them inside and out In Nourished A Search for Health, Happiness, and a Full Night s Sleep, the mother daughter duo, also known as the blogging team at We Laugh We Cry We Cook, confront the Top 10 Stressors that can distract any woman Are any of the following on YOUR list Cluttered Surroundings Exhaustion of parenting Time starved marriages Feeling like a spiritual slacker Crowded Schedules Negative Body ImageThe challenges of finding what works best is a combination of research, trial and error, and some accidental discoveries, but each are told with humor, along with practical tips to help you receive the nourishment you need to thrive in your surroundings while remaining comfortable in your own skin and personality If you are exhausted, unhappy, or even just have a vague feeling that something is not right, this may be the very book you are looking for to re evaluate and revive yourself.In both age and temperament, I am much like Becky, but I do know I thrive better in a space that has less clutter Ahhgood intentions However, I did feel encouraged as I read through the book and saw things she was doing to corral the chaos to something manageable and be comfortable in her surroundings I also have a few Rachel traits, too, though I have gone past the parenting, and even grandparenting, stage of life that can keep you tied a bit to home But, I also work at home, and often feel tied to my computer So, her efforts to go out and meet others with common interests and receive the nourishment of friendship with others gave me something to think about.I truly enjoyed the book and feel that there is going to be something for all women who read it It make me realize how starved I am for a bit of nourishment, but it is also just a very good read Their styles blend well together for getting a message across, and I especially loved the humor that often had me laughing A book that offers practical tips, humor, sage advice, memories, and leaves you with the feeling that you are listening to a couple of your friends gave me a bit of nourishment each evening as I read another couple of chapters Good book for any woman, no matter what stage of life We all need to be nourished Disclosure in accordance with the FTC s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post. I would really like to give this book 3 1 2 stars, but in the absence of half stars, I am choosing to round up because overall the book was an enjoyable read I particularly enjoyed the conversational tone of the book, which was comfortable, but not too familiar A couple of the chapters were particularly encouraging and I found myself thinking of young women I would like to share the tips with Being a parent of adult children and a new grandparent, I particularly identified with some of Becky s stories, while Rachel seems like a very typical young wife and mother in today s society, with all the modern struggles of having it all and doing it all Both are excellent writers The book was engaging and funny as well as practical I enjoyed the quotes at the beginning of each chapter.What kept me from loving this book were a couple of things First, I felt like the book tended to a self help mentality, while using Scripture and the occasional churchy terms as a way to keep their book in the Religion section I do have some disagreements with them over some of the doctrinal content And second, while Becky alluded numerous times to big struggles in her own life, in fact, writing an entire chapter on her depression, she stayed deliberately vague on what those struggles were She speaks often of the couples ministry she and her husband have, counseling couples who are having marriage difficulties I am assuming, since she has not been married very long, that many of her struggles had to do with her former husband He did not die, as I had wondered, because Rachel mentions him babysitting her son at one point I wish she had just used the word divorce She didn t need to share details, but the way her issues were handled in the book left me feeling like on the one hand, she wanted to come off as an authority on marriage, but she needed to relate to the reader in some way so she came up with this vague I have issues, too theme Ultimately, it was a good book, with great practical tips and much needed encouragement for women to not neglect themselves in the busyness of life at various stages I m going to keep it on my shelves so I can refer back to a couple of the chapters and perhaps share them with women I know who are looking for balance in their lives.