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I loved The Rosie Project Don Tillman was a character unlike any I had ever encountered before Honest, hilarious, and easy to love for the reader, not necessarily for the characters in the book I was beyond excited when I heard there would be a second book I was also a little apprehensive, which happens when I finish a book that I thought would be a stand alone and that was amazing as a stand alone.After reading reviews that gave only a couple stars or only one star, I was downright SCARED and took my time getting around to reading it All I can say is WHY THE HECK DID I WAIT SO LONG Wait I can also say TO THE TWO STAR REVIEWS AND TO THE ONE STAR REVIEWS Sorry I understand that everyone likes different things and has different rating systems, but I am just baffled that people could give something like an unedited erotica novella that uses your instead of you re and this the same number of stars BAFFLED.OK Now that I have that out of my system I will be honest and say that because I had read The Rosie Project so long ago and because my memory gets worse and worse for every year that I age, the details of the first book were a bit fuzzy However, I was snapped back almost instantly and the voice of Don was as familiar and comforting as a warm, fuzzy blanket I loved Don s thought processes in this book as much as I did in the first Don is a very clear character His voice is one of the most memorable and easy to fall into of all the characters I ve ever encountered I love the funny situations he gets himself into and want to cheer for him when he is able to get out of them I love his good intentions It would be exhausting to be Don, always having to compute what to say do think next It is my love for Don s character that made it easy for me to bypass what others seem to have found very frustrating the lack of or the change in Rosie s character in this book I believe one reader even described her as being a bitch in this one I didn t find her reactions to be as unbelievable as others She is pregnant She is excited about the pregnancy Many men don t have the same excitement and instant emotional attachment to a pregnancy as women to begin with Don has an evendifficult time because he has an extremely difficult time feeling recognizing emotions It s understandable that she would be upset It s understandable that she would question what kind of father he would be able to be to their child Is everything that happens believable No Does everything align like the stars and the moon No But this isn t meant to be a serious scholarly book This is light a beach read if you will although there are no true beaches here I m giving this five stars because I liked it four stars isn t enough I find the Don Tillman books to be unique, which is something that is getting harder and harder to find nowadays June 30, 2014Please Please oh please oh please, Mr Simsion Please do not ruin a good thing I m trusting you No pressure. [[ E-pub ]] ↳ The Rosie Effect ☔ THE ROSIE PROJECT WAS COMPLETE BUT I WAS UNPREPARED FOR THE ROSIE EFFECTEETINGS My Name Is Don Tillman I Am Forty One Years Old I Have Been Married To Rosie Jarman, World S Most Perfect Woman, For Ten Months And Ten DaysMarriage Added Significant Complexity To My Life When We Relocated To New York City, Rosie Brought Three Maximum Size Suitcases We Abandoned The Standardised Meal System And Agreed That Sex Should Not Be Scheduled In AdvanceThen Rosie Told Me We Had Something To Celebrate , And I Was Faced With A Challenge Even Greater Than Finding A PartnerI Have Attempted To Follow Traditional Protocols And Have Sourced Advice From All Six Of My Friends, Plus A Therapist And The InternetThe Result Has Been A Web Of Deceit I Am Now In Danger Of Prosecution, Deportation And Professional Disgrace And Of Losing Rosie Forever Find all of my reviews at Well, rats Maybe my expectations were just too high after falling head over heels in love with The Rosie Project last year Maybe there wasn t enough magic left to make a worthy sequel Whatever the case, I m bummed I didn t enjoy this as much as I thought I would.WARNING IF YOU HAVE NOT YET READ THE ROSIE PROJECT AND INTEND TO DO SO, BACK AWAY FROM THIS REVIEW IMMEDIATELY THERE IS ZERO WAY TO AVOID SPOILING THE FIRST BOOK AND STILL BE ABLE TO WRITE ABOUT THE SECOND.Still here Okay, here we go This is the continuation of Sheldon Cooper s Don Tillman s story Now 41, he and Rosie have been married for 10 months and 10 days, if you want to be technical which we know Don always wants to be technical The couple are residing in The Big Apple where Don is an assistant professor at Columbia and Rosie is finishing up her Ph.D Rosie is about to inform Don that they have a little something to celebrate And there s where our problem begins While Don remains Don and is completely over the top adorkable, getting himself into laugh out loudable new word add it to the dictionary, Merriam Webster pickle after pickle due to his inability to interact successfully with most other humans, Rosie loses her charm and basically becomes a straight up bitch I m sure there arerefined phrases I could use to describe Rosie, but she peeved me off, so I m not going to It was impossible for me to read this as just entertainment when I was so angry with a main character and none of Don s antics were enough to keep my spirits up once Rosie entered a scene That s not to say Don was without faultsDon was FULL of faults That s kind of the whole point WARNING 2 THE FOLLOWING IS REALLY A SPOILER WHICH I HAVE SPOILER TAGGED IN AN ATTEMPT TO NOT RUIN THIS BOOK FOR EVERYONE READ AT YOUR OWN RISK view spoiler Rosie commits the ULTIMATE sin of any woman let alone a married one She decides even though she chose someone like Don for a partner and therefore supposedly accepted him as is, including all of his quirks that it is her body, her choice, stops taking birth control without consulting Don, gets knocked up even though she s finishing up a Ph.D program and then immediately plans on turning around and beginning medical school and has ZERO plans on who will care for the baby how they will pay for the baby , and then gets mad at Don for not jumping for joy about the situation It made my heart hurt It made me think that the author really dislikes women as he puts forth this surprise baby scenario as something the average wife does on the regular It ruined the magic for me and made me soooooo sad hide spoiler Is the magic gone It feels like it is.Last year, I remember thinking that The Rosie Project was my favorite chick lit book ever, which was ironic because it had been written by a man I thought it was hilarious and original.This year, after reading The Rosie Effect, I am asking myself was the first book much better or I just read it at the time when I had a better mood for it I don t know But reading The Rosie Effect just wasn t the same I didn t find it funny, the jokes felt old and repetitive, the whole plot sluggish and strained It mostly felt like a recycled trope kind of sequel and it didn t charm me any.Frankly, I doubt that if Graeme Simsion comes up with another sequel I will care to check it out. The Rosie Effect is the sequel to Graeme Simsion s 2013 internationally best selling novel The Rosie Project , which I enjoyed immensely as did Bill Gates I had been very excited to read its sequel and revisit Don and Rosie and I said as much in my Rosie Project review But now I have read the sequel, and I did not care for it Allow me to try and relay the things I did not enjoy about this book, and assign them some sort of quantifiable value I shall list what I did not like, and use a percentage marker to indicate how much their inclusion annoyed me and affected my enjoyment of The Rosie Effect The Baby Project 5% The Rosie Project was about geneticist Don Tillman concocting a scientific survey to find the perfect wife He found an imperfectly perfect wife in Rosie Jarman, who failed at his Wife Project but succeeded in the hands on role The Rosie Effect begins when Don and Rosie are happily married and living in New York Don is a professor at Columbia and Rosie is completing her PhD It is not a good time for them to get pregnant , but that s exactly what happens which triggers The Baby Project which sees Don attempt to prepare for impending fatherhood by conducting extensive research into everything from suitable diet for Rosie to child rearing techniques Don is particularly keen to conduct such research because of an altercation with a friend of a friend, who states that Don would make an unsuitable parent It follows that after The Wife Project comes The Baby Project as indicated by famous rhyme first comes loves, then comes marriage etc, etc, etc but this storyline quickly falters, and the book started to feel like the nine month gestation period itself Or, as Alfred Hickling for The Guardian noted it fulfils a formula familiar to many sequels of bestelling novels in that it is twice as long and only half as good Gregory Peck 25%Simsion repeats many jokes in this book The Gregory Peck ha ha was particularly annoying for it s repetitiveness.Rosie thinks that Don bears a resemblance to the famous actor Gregory Peck circa To Kill a Mockingbird This was a lovely visual in The Rosie Project In The Rosie Effect we learn that Don has taken his resemblance and amplified it by repeating famous lines from Gregory Peck films Roman Holiday in particular which often results in Rosie feeling amorous towards Don This is nice, and when Don first mentions his subtle strategy it s funny, and I cracked a smile but Simsion repeats a variation of this joke about 20 times throughout the book.It is a sad day when mention of Gregory Peck in a novel becomes frustrating A sad day indeed Marital Violence joke 35%It s not just the Gregory Peck joke that Simsion repeats.There are two elaborate comedy of errors situations that take quite a bit of build up, but the premise is people thinking that Don means to do some sort of harm to Rosie and or the baby He doesn t The misunderstanding comes from Don being somewhere on the autism spectrum what was once called Asperger syndrome and being entirely too honest and direct with people, particularly those in positions of authority This sees him participating in a domestic violence counselling session, and giving the wrong impression to a flight marshal about intending to hurt Rosie This funny clunked on the page twice The Rosie Project similarities 10%A lot of The Rosie Effect is set up to be a mirrored sequel to The Rosie Project The Wife Baby Project plot is just one of them Simsion reuses another in the friendly neighbour who Don becomes emotionally unbeknownst to him attached to In Rosie Project Don s kind, elderly neighbour Daphne was the person who encouraged him to become a husband hence, The Wife Project Simsion conveniently contrives a similar scenario for Don in The Rosie Effect , except this time the neighbour is an old rocker called George who has his own family dilemmas and both gives Don advice, and benefits from Don s boy s night out initiative George also provides Don and Rosie an unrealistic housing opportunity in New York I didn t love the skewed slightly plot, especially since George didn t hold a candle to Daphne who was a crucial part of Don s character arc Gene 5%Gene s wife, Claudia, finally leaves the serial philanderer and Don convinces Gene to come and take a position at Columbia and stay with him and Rosie This book is in no way improved byGene I don t think anything is ever improved byGene The Women 20%This is a very male centric story Don spends a lot of boys nights out with his friends George, Gene and new acquaintance Dave working through various husband and fatherhood difficulties By comparison, Rosie actually feels like a depleted character in this book it didn t feel like she was physically present for a lot of it and probably wasn t, as she s frequently working on her thesis but emotionally it felt like Simsion left her to lag behind Maybe this is because he writes her as a silly pregnant woman irrational, baby brained and forever frustrated rather than an actual human being who we ve come to know and love through Don s search for her in The Rosie Project As Helen Elliott said in her Sydney Morning Herald review If ever there was a formulaic pregnancy, this is it It might make men laugh Women will be unamused and even cross Other women in the book are equally hollow there s the second emotionally overwrought pregnant woman Sonia , evil professional lady Lydia , Skype chat ex Claudia or simply background extras B1, B2 and B3 I m not kidding 100% disappointed I didn t like The Rosie Effect I first became worried when I got to Chapter Eight and realised I hadn t chuckled once compared to my belly laughing by that point in The Rosie Project Sure, a few scenes elicited smiles Loud Woman laughed Loudly He s Rain Man You know Dustin Hoffman when he remembers all the cards Dan s the cocktail Rain Man Rain Man I had seen the film I did not identify in any way with Rain Man, who was inarticulate, dependent and unemployable A society of Rain Men would be dysfunctional A society of Don Tillmans would be efficient, safe and pleasant for all of us But they were far and few between.To be honest, I rushed through reading the end because I just wanted to be done with it I still think Don is a great character, and I will pick up the third book when it comes out but I might have to rein in my expectations, and I suggest you do the same if you re going into The Rosie Effect 1.5 2 5 What a misnomer There was hardly any Rosie in this book only, Don Tillman, and the rest of the guys Also troubling, the women were portrayed as incubators, SJWs, inconsiderate, and unreasonable How did we go from adorable Don to Narcissistic Don in less than a yearfacepalm Ugh This was a disaster from start to finish. I raced through this book and enjoyed every word There were many laugh aloud moments and lots of those delightful sequences where Don manages to land on his feet despite everything This book becomes muchserious than The Rosie Project though and there are some sad and some stressful moments too I was not happy with the character of Rosie for much of the book She seemed to have lost her high spirits and her understanding of Don somewhere along the way and at times I wanted to give her a good shake Don on the other hand was always just himself and Gene almost redeemed his character along the way An enjoyable read. Don Tillman what a guy Graeme Simsion what a guy I attended the Sydney launch of this book, so was really happy and interested to hear the background story of the author, and how The Rosie Project was bought to life, as well as this lovely second half Don Tillman is such a quirky character, that I can see it took someone as equally charming and full of life as the author to bring this character into our lives, so many lives as it has it s a very popular set of books and fans around the world will understand why I recommend re reading The Rosie Project, as the book is full of fun characters that to re visit them will really do its sequel justice This time around I didn t enjoy the character of Rosie as much, she was somewhat unrelenting in her lack of compassion for the man she knew was very different when she agreed to marry him, and as for the pregnancy, this was an odd situation to spring on our beloved Don Although the entire book revolves around the issue This book was a very enjoyable read, I don t think anything can top The Rosie Project, but I did not expect it to in any way, but it was the perfect sequel to a very special book A fantastic theme these books address perfectly is the realm of issues that people all around the world face with mental illness, and that is a very important and worthy outcome All Aussies will love this, as I m sure people all around the world will, so if you haven t had the pleasure of meeting this series yet, I would highly recommend it to everyone Loved the characters and loved the whole fun ride 3.5 I was wary after the Guardian review called this sequel twice as long and only half as good as The Rosie Project, but I actually enjoyed it just about as much as the original In a new NYC setting, Rosie s unplanned pregnancy has Don Tillman and everyone else around him assessing his suitability for fatherhood He manages to supplement his textbook knowledge of obstetrics with some bizarre practical experience, such as assisting with a lesbian parenting study and having a hand in a bovine delivery Expect much madcap hilarity My innate logical skills were significantly greater than my interpersonal skills, Don notes in typical deadpan style, but by helping friends old and new he has some success in developing empathy Whether this is believable for a character with Asperger s I couldn t say with any authority, but it makes for an emotionally satisfying storyline.My favorite lines A society of Rain Men would be dysfunctional A society of Don Tillmans would be efficient, safe, and pleasant for all of us As a big fan of appropriate fetus names, I also appreciated Don and Rosie s choice of Bud Baby Under Development, but also fits cleverly with Rosie and indicates friendly informality.Where could the series go next