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After this book, I have to admit that F F Western is becoming my favorite sub genre.What a lovely book The setting is described very tastefully, the story is fascinating and the characters are interesting.I loved Josie, the tough butch with a heart of gold.Rebecca was very sweet and brave For me they were a match made in heaven, because they are so different and yet a perfect fit.The romance slowly blossoms from friendship and companionship to love And once the tension between the women increases the chemistry was of the charts The intimate scenes are exciting, sexy en very satisfying.Too bad that there are few books that are similar to this one. Left it in the middlewas not able to relate to the characters I think after this I realised I don t like masculine characters A longer tale than most of this genre, this story was still rich and full of dense content including great, descriptive character development, touching and comforting scenes, along with a story about two women finding love in the least likely place I feel it could have ended in some places and been just as well off, but the additional storyline did not bore or make me wish for the end to be near I have not been a fan of BL Miller before, but I could sense the works of Vada Foster within the pages immediately, and enjoyed the balance between the two authors Overall, a great read. Xena Uber Lesbian western is not my fave subgenre, that said I ve read quite a few, including some fanfic This is the bottom of the genre imo This does not include simply awful writing Well enough written, some incorrect words used if you want to get picky I didn t find the story compelling enough and at times believable enough to give a higher rating It does say something that I finished it, with it as long as it is. [ KINDLE ] ☾ Josie and Rebecca: The Western Chronicles ☪ At The Center Of This Story Are Two Women One A Deadly Gunslinger Bitter From The Injustices Of Her Past, The Other A Gentle Dreamer Trying To Escape The Horrors Of The Present Their Destinies Come Together One Fateful Afternoon When The Feared Outlaw Makes The Choice To Rescue A Young Woman In Trouble For Her Part, Josie Hunter Considers The Brief Encounter At An End Once The Girl Is Safe, But Rebecca Cameron Has Other Ideas very good book and I am not much for westerns thought out plot and engaging characters Good tale, if slightly long, of an unlikely relationship between a young woman and a slightly older female outlaw in the Old West While not high literature, Miller spins an imaginative and well written story that builds anticipation will they or won t they to the point of exasperation do it already While for the life of me I couldn t understand what a hardened outlaw would see in the pathetically clueless younger woman, their journey grew on me and made me want to find out what was going to happen Some of the descriptions of both characters grew tiresome after a while too a zillion mentions of piercing blue eyes and raven hair for instance Ugh In the end sweet and satisfying, this book also gets an B grade for being a good lesbian western And an R rating for a few explicitly sexy scenes just a warning in case you don t like that kind of thing. This book is as much Historical Fiction as is Xena The Warrior Princess T Both are extremely entertaining and both contain slightly researched historical events and people that you will recognize It is the story arc that Xena should have had with subtext pulled to Technicolor forefront. One of my absolute favorites I love the characters and the story line is amazing I wish there were western themed books such as this I have read this FIFTEEN TIMES loved this book was such a feel good novel with just the right amount of action