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Aileana is a upper class Scottish girl living in 1844, recently back out on the social scene a year after her mother s death Though before she fit into it all seamlessly, after watching a faery murder her mother she has become changed She has spent the past year training with another one of the fae, Kiaran, to kill the fae I think with books a lot of times there s this trade off between the writing and the story telling and honestly I would much rather have good story telling than good writing When I started reading the book I was a little annoyed at how immature the writing seemed, but it s ya so it s not really meant for someone as old as I am so I kept reading and I m really glad I did After about five pages I started to really get into the story It was so good, the way it all flows and builds up to that final scene at the end was excellent I also really liked all the characters, I can t think of one person who got on my nerves through out the book Aileana is a sweetheart and I love Derrick The steampunk thing was pretty cool too, I haven t read a lot of things incorporating that but I enjoyed it here and wouldn t mind reading of it in the future I can understand people may not have enjoyed it because it parallels others series they ve read or because it seems like a typical YA book but I think when reading YA people should really be realistic about their expectations Things like this story have been done but I think this is a terrific execution of the story and that is worthwhile to read. I m like him.I m a monster,tooHistorical fiction meets steampunk.They fall in love,they get married and they go for their honeymoon to Scotland,the magical land of wild beauty and alluring lore.Everything is perfect,until the bloodthirsty fae find them.Hunted and on the run,they give birth to their love child.The FalconerCrimson suits you bestThe Falconer.A female warrior,born to kill the fae.Except Aileana s the last one of them,and she has a crumbling social life and reputation to fix,her mother s death to avenge,a honey loving pixie that mends dresses in her closet,a friend who covers for her midnight strolls and a mysterious,insanely handsome instructor who happens to be a faery.Oh,and she also has to stop the Apocalypse.And find a husbandTime won t fix me Time allows me to become skillful at hiding how much I hurt inside Time makes me a great liar Because when it comes to grief, we all like to pretendDo you know what s the best way to prevent your brain cells from turning into mush after long hours reading Philosophy of Law take a napGrab a good book.Preferably one that features flying machines,balls,a hot collection of weapons and beautiful gowns.Thank you Elizabeth May,you re the reason my brain still functions I LOVED IT.I swallowed this book.Plain and simple.The quick pace was captivating,the descriptions and landscapes breathtaking and the heroine really badass I can t say I ve read many steampunk books but The Falconer is a great example of how fascinating this genre is Add some sass and romance,world changing events and a variety of emotions and voila ,you read it in one sitting without regretsKiaran and I have little connection beyond our names We battle, bleed and hunt together almost every night He teaches me how to slaughter in the most effective, brutal ways possible But I ve never told Kiaran why I hunt, and he has never told me why he kills his own kind This is our ritual, our dance The only one that mattersKiaran is an absolutely swoonworthy male lead.Hunted by his own demons,secretive and bossy,he starts off as Kam s mentor but he eventually becomes something.I love me some slow burning relationships I must warn you though,there is a terrible cliffhanger that left me frustrated,angry and hurt.Care to join me in agony [Read Book] ♶ The Falconer ♲ Lady Aileana Non Ha Paura Della Notte Nelle Pieghe Del Buio Che Pu Compiere La Sua Missione Non Ha Paura Degli Stretti Vicoli Di Edimburgo E Dei Pericoli Che Vi Si Annidano L Che Pu Trovare Le Sue Prede Perch Aileana, Giovane Figlia Del Marchese Di Douglas, Nasconde Un Segreto Se Di Giorno Una Perfetta Gentildonna Del Diciannovesimo Secolo, Alle Prese Con Gioielli, Vestiti E Feste Scintillanti, Di Notte Una Spietata Cacciatrice Di Fate Tutto Iniziato Un Anno Prima, La Sera Del Suo Debutto In Societ La Stessa, Tragica Sera Della Morte Di Sua Madre, Uccisa Da Un Essere Soprannaturale Da Allora, Aileana Sente Dentro Di S Una Voce Selvaggia Che La Sprona Alla Vendetta Da Allora, Ha Intrapreso Un Duro Addestramento Per Imparare A Combattere Le Fate Creature Assetate Di Sangue Che Si Nutrono Dell Energia Vitale Degli Umani Stato Kiaran, Il Suo Affascinante Maestro, A Fare Di Aileana Una Guerriera, Allenandola Alla Battaglia E Sar Lui A Farle Scoprire Lo Straordinario Destino Che L Attende Perch Lady Aileana L Ultima Cacciatrice Di Un Antica Stirpe, L Unica In Grado Di Proteggere L Umanit La Notte In Cui Tutte Le Fate Si Risveglieranno La Notte, Ormai Imminente, Del Solstizio D Inverno Faefever lite This was not a bad book, but I wouldn t recommend this to anyone who has read and loved the Faefever series unless you enjoy constantly being hit on the head with dueling comparisons.It doesn t help that Kiaran s last name is MacKay I couldn t help but chuckle every time I saw it Also, Aileanaso similar to Alina.The parallels are too obvious, and I felt that the setting, characters, and conflict are overwhelmingly shadowed by the superiority of the Fever series There s also a very forced attempt at romance, the inclusion of an eye rolling love triangle, and a horrendous cliff hanger One of the worst cliff hangers I ve read this year The plot itself is fine, the writing is good, it was fairly enjoyable if you don t overthink things, but knowing me, I overthink everything, hence my less than ideal rating for this book.The setting is 1844, a steampunk version of Scotland it is but a pale version of steampunk, but I ll go into that later Lady Aileana Kameron is 18, the daughter of a Scottish Marquess currently she is embroiled in scandal, the subject of whispers and suspicious glares at every social event she attends Why One year ago she was discovered hovering, bloodied and traumatized, over her mother s corpse Her mother s heart was ripped out from her chest The official story is that Lady Douglas died from an animal attack Aileana knows better Her mother was killed by fairies.From then on, she formed a strategic alliance with Kiaran, a fae, a sithichean daione sith, to get vengeance for her mother s killer Neither knows the others true purpose for hunting the fae, and their alliance is strictly business until now To complicate things, her father has returned to town, demanding that Aileana must choose a husband, and she s got no shortage of suitors she s still a peer s daughter, his heiress, and with a plump dowry, after all Conveniently, Aileana s former crush also returns to town from Oxford, possibly to rekindle the sparks of a romancebut Gavin has some secrets of his own And further still, there s danger lurking literally beneath Edinburgh Which is pronounced Ed in bruh, for you ignorant Americans out there shakes fist Parallels to Faefever Death of a much beloved relative Aileana s mother s was killed by a fae Desire to wreak vengeance Aileana s made it her mission in life to track down and kill the sith that killed her mother A newfound ability to see fairies in this case, brought on by the flower seilgfl r Endangered when she is discovered Aileana stupidly goes out to hunt fairies on her own, fairies which are supposed to be invisible to the average human eye realize that she can see them You might as well paint a target on Aileana s head Girly girl debutante transforms into deadly fae killerFor the briefest moment, I wish I was the girl I used to be I d wear frivolous white dresses and attend dances and never worry about anything ever again But I had to destroy the girl who wore white dresses because she wasn t capable of murderAsshole Kiaran, aka Jericho Barrons boring half brother, who trains her, is mean to her, kicks her ass, and keeps secrets from her It s just another blasted secret of his I m considering keeping a tally of all the questions Kiaran evades, so that when each answer is finally revealed at some incredibly inopportune moment, I can look at the count and remember how much he hides from me. Kiaran is also seemingly V lane s cousin s sister s son twice removed, because he has but a shadow of V lane s sexual glamour It s called being faestruck Instead of making you want to have sex with the fae on the spotfaestruck glamour will just makes your panties slightly damp Catherine grasps the sleeve of Kiaran s frock coat, twisting the fabric to pull him to her, her eyes dazed The faestruck will rip and tear clothing for another touch of a faery s skin She hasn t reached that point, not yet, but any further contact with him and she might. Ability to sense an particular objectYou feel power And you ve sensed the s thichean since the first one you ever saw, haven t youSecret lineageI don t know if it was intentional, if this book was intended to be a homage or an alternative retelling of Faefever, but the parallels and similarities are definitely there It was a good book, but it is just lacking in comparison The Setting The setting was just not well done I neither got a sense of Edinburgh itself or of the steampunk elements within it Really, there was absolutely no purpose for the setting, and I really don t know why this book had to be steampunk The steampunk ish elements of this alternate Edinburgh was limited to horseless carriages, cool decorations at balls and society events, ornithopters a Leonardo Da Vinci s version of a helicopter , machines that dispense hot beverages, and conveniently designed weaponry that will blast away an army of faeries with a push of a button.The steampunk setting seems to be in place to suit Aileana s hobby of tinkering, building machines, and designing custom tools than anything else This book s setting, unlike the beautifully wrought dark atmosphere of the Faefever series, is but an afterthought I did not find myself immersed at all, I did not lose myself in the surroundings I did not get a feel of what made Edinburgh a place where humans and fairies coexist It might as well have been the rich poor areas of Detroit, Michigan, for the little thought paid to the descriptions of the book s environment There was no sense of place.The fae were very well written There are many types, and they are very well described, some disgustingly rotten, others terrifyingly beautiful I just wished that we had a beautiful, dark setting fitting of them, instead of the half hearted quasi steampunk scene we were given The Characters Aileana She didn t feel real to me, unlike MacKayla in Faefever and her amazing character development, Aileana just doesn t compare Aileana was supposed to have turned from a gentle, happy society girl into a rage filled, vengeance minded cold hearted fighterbut I didn t get any sense of her transformation She was just too perfect, her transformation was told rather than shown I understood her rage, her helplessness, her anger at witnessing her mother s death, but we were never clearly told how she has changed so much in that little time We are given Aileana 2.0, we are never shown how she got there We see from the beginning of the book that she is an ass kicking heroine, but it feels like that s all she is.Don t get me wrong, I loved the fact that she is unflinching in her quest for vengeance She never, ever shies from killing an evil fae Unlike some books featuring so called female assassins who are scared to draw blood which shall remain unnamed , Aileana is a determined killer And I loved it, I loved seeing her kick, punch, stab, shoot I loved seeing her as she slashes, disembowels, electrocutes I just wished we saw of her vulnerabilities as she became what she currently is Her grief is also well portrayed, to the point that at times, I said to myself enough already Yes, I am cold hearted, but her extreme grief seems a little bit of an exaggeration.Also, drinking game Take a drink every time you read the phrase Crimson suits you best Or not You might get alcohol poisoning Maybe take a sip of a beer instead.Kiaran Generic YA love interest Really, I made a comparison to Jericho and V lane, but the truth is, there is no comparison Kiaran has no personality than that of the standard mysterious, ice cold, unfeeling bad boy with a secret heart and a soft spot in his soul that only the main character can see The alliance between Aileana he calls her Kam and Kiaran seemedodd There was very little about their history together in that very short year, we are not given much at all about their past besides the fact that Kiaran trains Aileana to be a fighter, a killer Too little detail was given about their past to make their current relationship seem like anything but an alliance, and that is why their developing feelings seem so strange I think Gavin says it bestIs that right The fellow teaches you to slaughter his own kind and you don t believe that s a wee bit worthy of suspicionGavin The perfect love rival, with a twist A really, really convenient and unbelievable twist Gavin is perfect He is a student at Oxford, he is Aileana s beloved best friend s brother He is an earl He is wealthy He is understanding Aileana has also been nursing aspirations of being the future Mrs for a long time before she changed into a cold hearted killer Aileana needs a husband, Gavin is oh so very eligible What s a girl to do Why, love triangle, of course Side characters Well written enough to keep me interested I wish there had been written about Aileana s relationship with her father they are so distant from each other, they have such a strained relationship, and it was painful to read at times I felt very badly for Aileana for her father s continued disinterest in her, he is the very picture of an absentee father Not uncommon, given the time, and given his status as nobility, who are expected to ignore their children, but I truly felt bad for Aileana for her father s neglect I wish their relationship had been developed further.I loved her best friend, Catherine Catherine is beautiful, and unlike the trapfalls of having a beautiful best friend who exists to highlight the heroine s flaws, Catherine is absolutely lovely in character as well as appearance I wish I had a best friend like her She is so utterly supportive, such a calming influence on Aileana a truly enjoyable character that I wish had been involved in her life.There is a little sidekick pixie named Derrick in this book He exists to mend Aileana s clothes and to be an annoying little shit, it seems I know Derrick is there for insertion of humor and lightness into an overall dark book, but personally, I wanted to snatch him out of the air and pluck out his wings He is a nuisance often than not, and he truly grates on my nerves And he has a habit of getting drunk on honey that would put Winnie the Pooh to shameBut your friend offered it, Derrick complains So she might not have explicitly said, Derrick, please eat all of the honey in my kitchen, but it was implied by the mere fact that she has a kitchenShall I mention the fact that that little phrase was uttered after his neglect almost got Aileana killed that night Now do you understand why I want to commit pixie cide The Romance Not plausible Why I needed background on them Right off the bat, after a year of fighting together and little else, we see glimpses of Aileana s thoughts that signalled that she might fall for him Inexplicable Why now Why all of a sudden Aileana is not irrational, she knows that he s a killer, she knows that he s cold hearted, for fuck s sakes, Kiaran kills his fellow fae without telling her why They have never confided in one another as to why they re committed to their quest, their relationship has been strictly business like, strictly student mentor, so why does she start developing feelings now Their conversations in the book are largely impersonal, fraught with conflict than romance, there s not much bonding, so their feelings feelforced And really In the middle of all this mess Is it really a good time to start a romance He turns to look at me, and our faces are a mere breath away Everything around me fades and blurs and my gaze drops to his lips.Gavin s voice sounds so very far away Get back, faery Now Bloody hell I recoil from Kiaran, suddenly aware of what I almost did My cheeks flush and my heart speeds up in embarrassment I swear, I was tempted to kiss Kiaran, and in front of Derrick and Gavin, no less What is wrong with meYeah, Aileana I don t know what s wrong with you, either.Recommended to younger readers who want a fast paced, action packed fantasy, a brain candy type of book Not recommended for fans of adult fantasy, or those seeking complexity out of their reading experience. Didn t really care for this one at all I wasn t captured by the story or anything so it was just kind of meh. DNF at 77% pretty impressive huh Laaaaaaaaaadies GentlemeeeeeenWhy The Hell Did I Try To Read This Productions proudly present FEVER DECAFFEINATED It won t keep you reading until 4 am It won t make you want to throw away your underwear across the room Now stress free Now angst free Faint of heart enabled In a steampunk setting Amidst the exotic landscapes of beautiful Scotland With a teenage MC A dream come true Why bother with the real lethal deal when you can enjoy the so healthy you might get bored out of your mind, diet version Why Because you re a TOTAL MASOCHIST that s why Let s cup the crap and get down to it shall we I m pretty sure you are all dying to find out just how much The Falconer differs from Fever Because clearly both series have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN COMMON Meet Alina Mac Aielana She was born to kill fae It s a gift she had all along and never knew about You don t say Her sister mother was killed by fae You don t say Her weapon of choice is the Sinsar Dubh sgian dubh You don t say Meet V Lane Kiaran, the damnably beautiful Unseelie Prince daoine s th who fights his own kind because they are cruel, unfeeling, destructive creatures who crave power above all else And he is way above all that You don t say V Lane Kiaran takes away Alina Mac Aielana s seilgfl r a magical thistle of all things whenever they meet You don t say When faieries are around the strangest thing happens you become Priya faestruck You don t say Unfortunately, this being YA rated there are no bra on bra off games to be expected sighs Meet Barrons Gavin He can see the Fae too You don t say Again, this is YA rated so he totally lacks JZB s awesome assholeness sighs The Unseelie evil fae are about to escape from a prison and slaughter thousands of humans It will happen on Halloween when the lunar eclipse occurs on midwinter You don t say Anything else Aileana This girl She awakens the serial murderer in me with her serial I am s I am so totally cool I am not broken or empty. I am so freakingly awesome I am a genius I am an inventor I am so unbelievably remarkable I am unburdened I am complete. I AM SO TIRED OF THIS SHIT that was me, not Aileana Just in case you were wondering.And the icing on the cake this was all MIND BLOWINGLY BORING Note to self next time you want to self destruct consider death by tequila Not by YA. I was hanging out with my good friend, Elizabeth May We were riding unicorns along a deserted beach as our hair whipped in the wind, occasionally strands of her red and my brown locks blending together We gazed lovingly together as we rode, smiling as joy filled our hearts in an almost mutual amount.When we pulled our unicorns to a break, having reached the peak of a cliff overlooking the sea, I took an opportunity to ask her a question Elizabeth, I said whimsically as I gazed out at the setting sun glinting off the ocean, Why did you break my heart with the ending of The Falconer She smiled sadly and beckoned me forward, cricking her finger in my direction to encourage me closer I leaned in expectantly In a flash she was on me, stabbing me several times in the abdomen before whipping behind me, yanking my hair back and slitting my throat As the blood spewed out my throat, drenching my chest, she whispered in my ear, The House of May sends its regards Then she dumped my body over the cliff, but I wasn t paying attention to that Because I was dead My soul wasn t, though That is until she shot it, and it died too.I really enjoyed The Falconer It wasn t a perfect read For example, I loved Aileana s tinkering, and the various Steampunk aspects of this book However, I feel like some of the aspects Like a hovering hand that retrieves library books were a little far fetched The world interacted a little with the Steampunk aspects, but most of the innovations seemed limited to Aileana s Fae killing usage.There is a love interest He is hot Like, splooge hot But after a while of going I was like JUST KISS ALREADY Then there may or may not have been kissage And I may or may not have been like The writing was great But you know what the best part is May didn t get all flowery about the romance No She got all flowery about the violence and massacre I swear to god, for anyone who likes kicking ass, and protagonists who can do so this is the perfect book for it There is just a surplus of things that need to be shot, stabbed or blown up and Aileana is so very ready to oblige With delicious, delicious abandon.The plot is the really healthy dose of angst, murdering the living hell out of things, and romantic tension They cycle around you, one after the other, like you re a little kid on a Merry G0 Round You know what s coming next, but it s so much fun that your mind is rocked any way.I m kind of ready to rage quit over the ending Like, I finished it and flipped the closest table I could get to It s the kind of ending where you re going to want to be glad Elizabeth May is on twitter so that you can rage at her about it Her handle is ElizabethMay btw You re welcome Now, if you don t mind, I m off to go harass Elizabeth May some This review, and others like it, also appear on my blog, Cuddlebuggery Book Blog.This ARC was provided to me by the author for reviewing purposes This did not entice me to be any less annoyingly opinionated than I would otherwise be I am also friends with Elizabeth May You have my permission to feel sorry for her. I hate the Victorian era I find it excruciatingly boring Here s some taffeta and high tea and let s have masked balls and let me carry my parasol and oh, fie What do you make of these new inventions I hate the Victorian era because it s so overdone You know what else is overdone You know what else I m sick of London Before any of you get into a flap particularly any of you who know me let me preface that by saying that London is the shiz. London absolutely rocks Have you been to London Oh my god, go London is such a cool ass city, but that doesn t mean I want every single piece of British media to be set there I mean, my god, stop trying to make Victorian London happen It s not going to happen.This book tore me two ways Victorian era Stop it, I beg of you Edinburgh Nyeh Just let me have a quick look.I think my absolute favourite thing about this book is that it s devoid of stereotypes People say aye and they eat shortbread, butpeople say aye and eat shortbread in Scotland That shit gets done But this book does not fall back on woad and barbarism This book says that high society existed and still exists in Scotland, because look at Rose Leslie, who lived in a fucking castle when she was a kid Like, what the actual I lived in a townhouse and then a caravan Look, whatever And never mind that I secretly love books and movies about people being filthy and wearing armpit daggers in the Middle Ages I m sorry, but I love the wars of independence They were such a perfect example of how money and fancy costumes can t buy nationalism I liked Elizabeth May s Victorian era I actually felt something in the face of the age old I have to marry for duty, not love tirade despite it usually treating my patience like mortar to pestle I have to marry for duty not love is wait for it overdone as hell, but because Aileana has so much agency and passion for her cause, that is, killing evil faeries, it really strikes a chord All of this bravery and skill that Aileana has built up, and all the time she has spent hardening herself, will be thrown to the wind It ll all be for nothing She ll go from battle axe to subjugated Victorian wife Isn t that sad I think that s really fucking sad, and true of women, now and in antiquity, who ve built lives for themselves only to have them pried from their hands for the sake of marriage Look at Jill Duggar That girl was training to be a midwife, and spent hours upon hours studying and taking house calls and even going abroad to help women who needed her, only to toss it all away because Duggar wives don t go to college or have careers They literally aren t allowed to I mean, jesus christ, the girl was pregnant seven minutes after she left the altar Calm the fuck down.Aileana surprised me in that her struggle felt real, and so did her grief Man, her grief was epic Don t knock Crimson suits you best because the girl is obviously suffering through some serious survivor s guilt and that does ugly things to a person You might think that her constantly banging on about revenge and the hunt and her burning desire to taste the guts of her enemies is tiresome, but for me it rings true This protagonist is fucked up and she knows it She s going through some serious shit and she s a very unstable person at her core What I m getting at is that it hit me in the feels, and that matters It matters that I felt something I was supposed to feel something.The author s love for the city of Edinburgh is obvious, and it shone through in such careful, adoring descriptions, which isn t to say that I feel that the setting was rendered to its full potential it wasn t but I got a sense of it and it was present That said, I have strong expectations for setting Setting should feel like a character in and of itself The setting ought to have a pulse, and we ought to care about it, and it doesn t count if you care about it because you ve already been there and seen how awesome Edinburgh is it s awesome Behind my hand, with eyes averted, I ll say that it s not as good as Glasgow Glasgow rocks my world, daily Glasgow is my fucking lover, with its rock hard abs and ass that won t quit But Edinburgh is goddamn beautiful You need to feel it in your soul And in your special place.Speaking of special places, I want to mash my face up against Kiaran s, because this dude is glorious, so tough and dark and scary, but that s not what ll make your panties damp This review is all kinds of NSFW What ll make your panties damp or your jeans a little tight is that he s such a fucking feminist Oh, Kiaran, I love it when you talk social justice to me.This dude treats Aileana with so much respect, and he s such a great example of a male character who s dark and broody and mysterious but isn t a sexist prick about it He sees her sexuality and he prays to it he listens to her when she explains how hard it is to be a woman in her world, and he humbles himself before the social struggle that she is facing He spars with her, and beats her, and that s awesome because he s not coddling her or treating her like she s incapable He trusts her and believes in her I think that is beautiful, and it s refreshing, and this is me enjoying a Victorian era novel Enjoy it while it lasts That piquant tang of my agreement will be gone as quickly as it came.The writing s smooth, and while it could ve had a little flair, it s nothing to sniff at Solid, strong, consistent It s what was needed Even if I nearly broke my neck with all of that Gaelic Sorry I m not from Oban, okay Some good advice I can give you is that sgian dubh is pronounced skeen duu , and that sith is shee which means that baobhan sith is bah van shee Now say that three times fast Bah van shee Banshee Cool, right Told you that a shit ton of faerie lore comes courtesy of your good friend Alba On a side note, why are villains always called Sorcha WhyWow, this just got super personal My beef with this book both is and isn t the author s fault What isn t the author s fault is the steampunk, which I absolutely hate Steampunk can eat my toenails I m not even that sure what it is about it that pisses me off it just does But it s annoying because I love, love, that Aileana is an engineer and please, girls, be engineers Live your dreams Change the world Tell your daughters that they can fix cars and built rocket ships Tell them about the women who built warplanes in the thirties and forties Tell them that it was a woman who created the coding that allowed modern computers to exist Tell them these things Just keep your steampunk away from me Like I said, it s not the author s fault that I hate steampunk, thus all of those gears and the ornithoptor and this bag of vomit did not affect my rating What did knock the star off is that this book isn t fucking finished I kept looking for pages at the end, because what the actual fuck That s not an ending That is not how you finish a novel Part of me doesn t even believe that the author wanted to finish this book this way, because the rest of this novel was solid and logical and consistent How was it all supposed to end No author anywhere, ever, at any point in time, has ever written an ending like that in a word document, then hit save and shut their laptop down, with a smiling sigh of, There Done Nobody would ever be satisfied with that, so who made this happen Editors An agent How incredibly bleak.I m definitely picking up the next book, but only because of that cliffhanger And my anger about the cliffhanger is not a cute Tumblr anger like stop torturing us because we love these characters so much and miss them and how dare you end this book It s genuine irritation that a good book was spoiled by a crappy ending Now I m all hot and bothered and it s bedtime I m taking my leave of all of you Blast you all, ninnies and scallywags That physically hurt Let s never do this again. Read 2 January 2019I definitely loved this book when I first picked it up and requested the sequels from the library straight away Andpromptly forgot everything by the time they arrived Ok I don t claim to be a functional mushroom Do not look at me like that Anyway, exactly a year later I reread and my thoughts are mostly 1 lmao I did truly remember nothing and the ending is still confusing 2 I have the sequels ON HAND and will read them this week I hope I have commitment problems 3 I actually forgot it had steampunk magic vibes as well as faeries 4 I m reading it and narrating in a Scottish accent in my head, just try and stop me 5 the UK cover editions which I m reading are an insult to humanity when these US hardcovers are so friking gorgeous afjdksald 6 IT S A GOOD BOOK, BRENT, I just can t seem to hold onto the plot Read 1 January 2018This was full of stabbing, bloody faeries, murderous girls and the occasional explosionso I obviously ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT I m kicking myself for taking so long to read this It was a pure delight with fantastic characters and the kind of bloody stabbtastic plot I need And holy heck so much sociopathic faerie feral wildness going down Yesssss thanks.Although I have to say what the HECK WAS THAT ENDING.Talk about a frikkin non ending omg I need book 2 like I need air and I don t have it so rip me I guess I will go impersonate a waterfall.I really loved Aileana The badass faerie killer.I also admit I can t remember her name and literally had to go get it off the blurb But oh well We all have our failings Mine is never having a clue who anyone is BUT ANYWAY I loved how Aileana chaffed at her proper life as a lord s daughter and doing the balls and dresses etc etc but she didn t diss them. Makes such a difference And she was elegant and also badass and she was an engineer with all these murderous inventions to kill faeries I mean, can she get any awesome THIS is the kind of female heroine I love reading about She s super blood thirsty and also kind of sweet Afajdsklad.Also I loved how heavily this book features PTSD.I often find with fantasy we like skip over the effects and just focus on the battle or whatever But this goes into the actual mental health side Aileana s mother was murdered in front of her when she was little and that absolutely messes with her ALL the time She has backflashes and PTSD metldowns and justthis Thank you I like Please yes.Dark stabby faeries are also my favourite.I loved Kiaran lmao I looked up his name too SO much He s very mysterious and also extremely powerful, but he and Aileana train to kill faeries Aka Kairan is killing his own kind But why WHY WOULD HE TELL US THAT HE S A SNEAKY FAERIE Anyway he was beautiful and deadly and snarky and I freaking love him.And I just really like how dangerous and wild all the faeries are Everyone gets stabbed and bitten and poisoned It s beautiful 10 10 And the pixie who basically lives in Aileana s pocket or on her shoulder is really sassy OK so there is a bit of a love triangle but I almost wouldn t call it that But there s Kiaran the dark stabby fey and then there s Aileana s childhood friend, Gavin, who returns and is suddenly dashing and has SUPER RELATIVE SECRETS I liked that a Aileana was focused on important things and not wishy washing about who she wanted to kiss, ZERO of that, and b Gavin AND Kiaran were both fleshed out and super interesting So it s not REALLY a triangle, but sort of IDK read the freaking book Just do it.I also loved the writing It was really detailed and the added layer of describing all the smells made it really leap off the page I thought the pacing was also pretty damn fine EXCEPT FOR THE ENDING WHICH WAS NOT AN ENDING AND I AM N O T OK WITH THIS.ALL IN ALL This was a fantastic surprise Dark faeries and a steampunk Scottish setting with a badass, engineering, and emotional heroine I absolutely want to read about It totally captured my imagination Plus there s a scene where Kiaran says fite me bet u can t and so Aileana just shoots him.She is my hero We re facing the apocalypse, he replies There is not enough tea in the world to calm me Your eyes glow, I murmur Do you know they glow Like a bloody street lamp Shall I take that as a compliment or a criticism I should have mentioned they breathe burning mist, shouldn t I Your ability to communicate is atrocious, did you know that Kiaran shrugs The closest he comes to betraying emotions is when he stabs something. This has themes and tropes that remind me of Buffy, and I was hooked Fast paced, Buffy with fae, in 1800s steampunk Scotland Oh and there is an angsty romance with lots of banter But warning this book ends in a cliffhanger So now I m off to buy the second one