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The second book in the Her Instruments series by M.C.A Hogarth The story picks up about a year after the first book Reese goes to a remote colony in hopes of doing some business but gets caught up in their troubles and Hirianthial is kidnapped once again During this he discovers he has some powers he didn t know about and needs to seek counsel from his people Reese realizes this and contacts her benefactor I liked it for the most part but hated that it ended in a cliffhanger The good news is that the next book has already been published and I did not have to wait for it. Great follow up to book one Review to come at some point in time [Free Kindle] ♶ Rose Point (Her Instruments, #2) ♦ Reese Is Only Just Getting Used To Running The Earthrise In The Black And With An Eldritch In Her Crew When A Trip To A Colony World Gives Rise To A Whole New Problem Hirianthial Is Showing Powers That Even The Eldritch Rarely Have, And That Only In Legend He Badly Needs Training, Support And Advice, And The Only Place He Can Find Them Is At Home To See The World Of The Eldritch Is A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity, A Thing Of Fantasies And Rumor And To Finally Meet The Eldritch Queen, The Author Of So Many Of Reese S Windfalls You D Have To Twist Her Arm To Get Her To Admit It, But Reese Can T Wait To Go But A Court Out Of Fantasy And A Breathtaking Land Aren T Enough Compensation When They Come Packaged With A Rabidly Xenophobic Species Whose World Is Falling Apart The Last Thing They Want Any Part Of Is Some Mortal Interloper Is Reese Ready For The Eldritch World Better To Ask Are They Ready For Her BookOf The Her Instruments Trilogy, Which Begins With Book , Earthrise In the second instalment of Her Instruments we move from a science fiction toof a fantasy setting After Hirianthial gets himself view spoiler kidnapped again hide spoiler Could be a bit spoilery, beware.Kickass heroine falls in love with one of Tolkien s elves, rescues and follows him home, when he needs some help after horrible things happen to him during a kidnapping tentative non con warning in a very non graphic way.No, not really But in stretches it felt a bit like that Although my elf looks a bitBenedict Cumberbatch than Orlando Bloom.Actually, despite this being Sci Fi, it does haveof a classic fantasy feel to it than anything else, being mostly set dirtside on a planet with a feudal society and low technology level.You definitely should read Earthrise first, before delving into this It will make the team dynamics of our intrepid crewplausible and enjoyable They don t get as much time on the page as in the first book Here the story mostly revolves around Hirianthial, life and politics on the Eldritch planet and then around Reese The UST between those two amps up someand I really hope it will get resolved in the third book of this trilogy, otherwise I will pull my hair out The really, really bad guys finally show their face in this installment as well and I am biting my nails to find out what happens next.Great adventure yarn, great characters, good plot It has been a while since an author sucked me into her world this hard and fast Great stuff, M.C.A Hogarth, keep going Still doing happy dances Okay, now I can craft a fairly coherent review.Intrepid if sometimes unlucky space captain Reese Eddings is now operating her ship, The Earthrise, in the free and clear thanks to the generosity of the mysterious Eldritch queen But adventure and danger are never far behind Moreover, her personal Eldritch Hirianthial I so heart him is starting to exhibit psi powers that were once thought of as legend, and he s not ready for them.What s a freebooting trader crew comprised of two tigraines, a killer phoenix, a centaur like sapien who likes baking apple pies and a empathetic furball to do Head to the mysterious Eldritch homeworld of course Are the tradition bound Eldritch ready for Reese and her mortal crew There s something intriguing about the heroine having to rescue the hero, and I like it Hirianthial is far from weak, though he definitely gets wounded a lot It s just there are so many layers to his strength and he realizes over his people s very long lifespan that his powers must be tempered and honed carefully Not to mention the amount of guilt and strong sense of duty he carries Yet, being around Reese and her wonderfully motley crew is beginning to change him.And the romantic tension between Reese and Hirianthial is definitely palpable, but like a slow burn These two unlikely people have a lot of personal growth to do and scars to heal, but their relationship feels organic It s not the raison d etre Again, love the covers Love all the diversity and love how the characters and story are just as important as the space operatics Off to read Laisrathera. 4.75 stars There were scenes that could have usedsensory detail I won t reveal which ones due to spoiler content, but at the very times when I wanted to knowabout what was going on, the information I was looking for was only alluded to Otherwise, I continue to enjoy this series and have already started the next book. Overall, I think this was a much stronger book than Earthrise there s a stronger throughline for the story when a speculative trade trip to an out of the way planet lands the crew in the middle of a civil war, and then they go from the frying pan into the fire when they journey to the Eldritch home world to get Hirianthial some desperately needed tuition for his esper abilities and get caught up in politics that might just be another civil war on a far worse scale Big political changes near the end nicely set up for the next book.Besides the plot feeling less like a fixup of unrelated stories, the characterization feelssolid though most of the crew still doesn t feelthan sketched out to me I liked the slow changes in Reese s character, though I would have liked them better if there wasn t a neon sign pointing at look how much she s changed every fifty pages or so Hirianthial changed as well, but he didn t get that as much, and I m not sure how much was the book and how much was reviewers that seem to really dislike Reese for some reason but sometimes I felt like Reese s character was a problem to be solved in a way Hirianthial wasn t, despite their changes often mirroring each other.Big trigger warning for sexual assault about halfway through the first section the book isn t split into chapters to spoiler with a littledetail for those who need it, this is a male aggressor assaulting Hirianthial Also content note for incest between the Harat Shar siblings on the crew which is still present and normalized as well, and characters talk about their expected future children. This story picks up about a year after Earthrise Reese and the crew are hoping for a little less space pirates this time around and some peace and quiet Well, we know that s not going to happen This time, they end up on a mission to help their space elf friend, Hirianthial, who reminds me of this guy The crew ends up on the sexy space elf s home world because he has some issues he needs to work out with his mind mage mojo stuff The Eldritch planet is like a regency novel, with a ton and lords and ladies and no electricity They be riding horses like Except instead of the cute little doggy, they have these Because you know, aliens and sci fi and stuff Although these books feel a lot like high fantasy mixed with sci fi Sci hi fantasy But no electricity No indoor plumbing And they hate outsiders But the Queen is a forward thinker and has a special plan to bring her people into the modern world and it includes Reese Our slightly grumpy and people hating captain ok just most people, a woman after my own heart gets caught up in all the DRAMA There is a good spattering of it too So, anyway, here are the pros and cons Pros1 Reese has growth She was slightly irritating in the first book, but she realizes her flaws and begins to work on them So GOOD 2 Great world building 3 The author uses many words I had to look up Smart words Ohhhh I like.So smart.4 Supporting cast which makes up the Earthrise crew are just so darn lovable The tiger brother and sister are funny and loyal and let me just say I find it cool how the author chose to make them horny for each other since it s part of their culture and natural instincts to bang like bunnies, but it s also a little And the phoenix is cool He s aloof, but a badass And then there s the one I can t quite picture a cross between a centaur but with paws and has both feathers and fur She s cool 5 I liked the queen and the other cousin or sister or whoever she was the pregnant one.Cons 1 Pacing issues.2 Drama.3 The Eldritch are boring and act like this all the time 4 There was a LOT of talking talking talking and I just wanted a bitsomething, like, to happen 5 Then, it finally exploded and the villain was so villainy and predictable eh.6 Cliffhanger Not the worst one, but still.So, okay To wrap this up, not a bad book at all by any means I actually liked it I just didn t love it What can I say I ll still read the next one The MacHalos made me read it. 4 A buddy read with the wonderful MacHalo Freaks We love Elves in space This was different I am not even sure what category I should shelve it under, so I went with Sci fi Fantasy, since it is a space Opera with genetically engineered creatures, most of them derivative of Humans and Animals, and few from Humans and Fae folks from the fairytales One of those legendary races are the elusive and mysterious Eldridge They are so rare and their mythology so vague, that they have become a primary target for the Dragon Slavers who want to find, enslave and subjugate their world And they have targeted a specific Eldridge, the one who travels with the human Captain Reese and her crew of cat people, a Phenix and a centaur like feline scientist Let s not forget the pet sized plant like entity who switches color depending on mood and can act as a calming influence on everyone around I want a Flitzby so bad So, after visiting a horse raising Humans on a Faraway planet, a bad experience brings on some unexpected and unwanted telepathic abilities for the Eldridge and the whole crew heads up for the hidden Eldridge Planet Little do they know about the political machinations and powerplay going on in court and how they will be used as a spark to start a planetary revolution in which the planet and our crew will have to make alliances and embark on a flight for their livesThis series is very imaginative and the creatures absolutely stunning This being the second book, it reads much better andcohesively, the story building in layers and ending on a cliffhanger which is forcing me to start the next book right away Speaking of, what am I doing still writing I have volume 3 to read Now I wish you all Happy Reading and manywonderful books to come