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I ve given out about five copies of this book to friends, which I think demonstrates how much I like it Tripp uses the image of God s big Kingdom and our own personal little kingdoms in order to help us see how easily and often we put our own little kingdom selfish desires ahead of God s Tripp is extremely insightful in the illustrations he gives and really gets to the core issues of the battles for our hearts In doing so, I believe that Tripp helps us to see areas in our lives where we may have replaced God s creation for God himself with the things we desire and worship in place of God I feel that by helping us to see what has replaced God in our lives, we can then clearly see how we should and might enact change in these areas, so that we then give God the rightful place where He should reign in our hearts as Lord.I found the final chapter of this book to be particularly helpful where he describes how a Christ follower can live in the world with very deliberate intention to make gospel opportunities happen instead of passively hoping that opportunities will fall into one s lap. There s some good information in this book, but getting through Tripp s almost trite attempts to be cute and clever made it difficult for me to read The same information can surely be found in sources with depth.I especially grew weary of his phrase, shrinking the size of our lives to the size of our lives, which was repeated far too many times By the end of the book, I understood what he meant, but it still simply doesn t make sense There must be a better way to say that.In addition, his real life examples aren t believable In other words, they come across as preacher stories All that being said, there is value to the concept of living for the larger kingdom of God, as opposed to our own little kingdoms. Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need Matthew 6 33 There is a constant battle that wages within the heart of man between a pursuit of the flesh and the glorifying of God This war is constant and impacts all of us arguably in many different ways Moreover, we may be thinking we are seeking the kingdom of God when in reality we are actually posturing ourselves for reasons that are not that godly if we were honest with ourselves Dr Paul Tripp, in his latest book, A Quest for More, discusses just what seeking after the kingdom of God looks like in the life of the believer and what the idea of kingdom means from a biblical point of view.Tripp begins his book by noting This book is about having a life that counts for something It is about living to make a difference Now keep in mind this book is nothing like the latest Joel Osteen style approach to daily living and success where the focus is on the self rather than the Creator Having a life that counts for something according to Tripp is less an element of personal achievement and about a strict and distinct focus on glorifying God and furthering His kingdom Tripp rightly declares You were created to be part of something big This statement is right in line with the Westminster Catechism question that asks What is the chief end of man , basically asking the question of why man was created The response to that question is Man s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever A Quest for More is dedicated to exploring just how the creation should spend their time glorifying the Creator and enjoying Him fully.Since our purpose for being created is to bring God glory, just what does that look like and what keeps us from having that desire to glorify God This element of the discussion is where Tripp provides extremely practical and useful attention and where this book really shines Ultimately, our desire to focus on self rather than God stems from way back to the exact same thing Adam and Eve fell prey to, namely the desire to be God rather than to glorify God So, our sinful nature continually rears its ugly head with the temptation to consider self before seeking first the kingdom of God What then is the solution Tripp aptly notes True humanity is always connected to glory, and true glory can only be found in the One who is glory, the Lord Seeking the kingdom of God requires taking self out of the picture and placing God in the middle of all that we do, think, say, feel, or desire.Tripp rightly notes the huge impact sin has on all of creation Given the reality that sin has impacted all aspects of life, it is thus necessary to look beyond our personal circle of concerns to see the larger picture of redemption that God has outlined in His word As believes, we are part of that plan of redemption Tripp comments You have been chosen to transcend the furthest reach of your own definition of glory to be part of a greater glory, the glory of God and His work of making all things new What an exciting thing to be a part of Far too often, our little kingdoms become all encompassing and all consuming This becomes quite tricky when we may feel as if we are doing that which contributes to the advancement of the kingdom Tripp declares and rightfully so, It is quite possible for you to be convinced that you are living for the transcendent glories of the kingdom of God when you are, in fact, living for yourself This is quite a statement to consider We have to be aware of when our activities or approach to life is actually an outward costume kingdom as Tripp puts it, rather than a life devoted not to self, but to God Clear evidence of a life focused on the kingdom is the life focused on the things of God will bear much fruit Tripp states To the degree that Jesus is not the treasure I seek, I will not be progressively taking on His likeness This statement is in keeping with Jesus statement that our treasure is where our heart is, thus if we treasure the things of God, we will dedicate our lives to whatever it takes to further the things of God.One final element of Tripp s book I found very helpful was his focus on noting the importance of a Christ centered life Transitioning from outlining what keeps us from a desire to pursue the kingdom of God over and against the kingdom of self, Tripp engages the necessity of being Christ centered Building on the idea of transcendent kingdom living, he avers Big kingdom living means living with Christ at the center of everything I think, desire, say, and do Additionally, he aptly states Living for Christ is the only way you will ever be liberated from your bondage to the overwhelming tendency to shrink the size of your life to the size of your life A focus on self will only serve to draw down your focus to your immediate concerns often taking your eyes off the One who you were created to glorify and Who can meet all your needs A focus on Christ, will center your life on things above where they are supposed to be resulting in kingdom focused living Far than the latest version of a purpose driven life style approach to living, Paul Tripp provides the reader with a Christ centered, kingdom focused approach to daily living Those mired in the depths of self or those who may believe they are pursuing the things of God but in reality are seeking the kingdom of self, will find this book to be a giant wake up call Those who want to find out what kingdom living is all about will find Tripp s work to be a salient and practical biblical approach to ensuring Christ is at the center of everything they think, desire, say, and do Heeding the principles found in this book will assist the reader in doing the very thing they were created for, that of glorifying God.I received this book for free from New Growth Press for this review I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. There s to life than just insert what s most important to you right now That s the gist of the book We as people all live for something Paul makes the point repeatedly that oft that something is far less satisfying and far less purposeful in comparison to the true reason for our existence As Paul progresses through the book he explains through different perspectives just how in every single way living for the kingdom of God overshadows the pitiable pursuits that we have engaged ourselves in He writes with his usual passion for the gospel and the kingdom of God as one who understands the necessity of it, and walks the way himself This book is important for we find ourselves distracted with worldly pursuits time and again This is a good book to go back to time and again to be reminded of the awe and wonder and the all satisfying privilege of being part of the kingdom of God. I adore Paul Tripp in person, and I ve attended three of his weekend long conferences However, his writing style is a bit dry for me I struggled to keep reading this book, even though I loved the concepts It s hard for me to take theological writing and make it practical. Each of us, because of our sin nature, is in pursuit of establishing our own personal kingdom with Myself as King or Queen Instead, God calls us to pursue His kingdom Pursuing our own kingdom results in selfishness, fighting, broken relationships, disappointment, frustration, etc Pursuing God s kingdom opens our eyes to what will some day be and to how we can be involved in seeking his kingdom, in letting him be the King of our lives.This book is good and I found it helpful in many ways But it also got quite repetitive. Really good perspective on the glory war and how all of us are living for our own glory and need to re orient our perspective. *Download ☟ A Quest for More: Living for Something Bigger Than You ☠ Amazing Books, A Quest For More Living For Something Bigger Than You By Paul David Tripp This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book A Quest For More Living For Something Bigger Than You, Essay By Paul David Tripp Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Great book I just wished he gave examples on how to live it out But it opened my eyes in a big way and I ve been thinking and praying about what I learned a lot Hope it sticks with me A Quest for More is directed toward those of us who call ourselves followers of Jesus Throughout the author explores what Jesus meant in saying, seek first the kingdom of God In 21st century, well to do America, saying that s our purpose may become disconnected from how we really live It s too important a Quest not to assure that is the reality.Tripp asserts that we are all kingdom buildersbut whose kingdom we are building He contrasts the kingdom of self or little kingdom living with the kingdom of God or Big Kingdom living through practical, real world examples that often strike dangerously close to home I highlight a few below.Living for Self Little Kingdom Pursuit of earth bound treasures and anxiety bound need Self is always at the center self focus, self reliance, self righteousness, self rule, self satisfaction, self glorification Focused on the here and now me and mine wants and needs physical and material entitlements and rights Because the world cannot satisfy, we re left fat, unhealthy addicted bitter, hurt, disappointed angry, demanding controlling Anger, anxiety, irritation, impatience, envy, fear, discouragement, obsession, vengeance, bitterness, and violence arise from letting lesser treasures control my heart False hope in gaining as many of this word s treasures as possible, leaving me stressed, controlling, anxious, disappointed, and fearful Trying to control what I cannot control and expecting what God has not promisedLiving for the Big Kingdom Kingdom of God Pursuing the glory of God God at the center of life, not self Christ is my Source, Motive, Goal, and Hope Finding my meaning, identity, and purpose in the existence, character, and plan of God The purpose, character, call, grace, and glory of Jesus are the central motivation and hope for everything I think, desire, do, and say A deep, abiding, life shaping affection for Jesus that fuels everything else in life An unquenchable zeal for God s cause and an uncompromising distaste for sin Hope rests in God alone, daily trusting that He is the ultimate source of all that is wise, true, loving and good What He is doing is best What He has promised is reliableTo bring it home, the book asks a variety of questions so that we can line up how we re actually living with which kingdom it reflects For example What are you after What are you living for What in your life right now really excites you What things do you find fulfilling and satisfying What has become your treasure how do you define your needs What kingdom owns your heart where you live and work each day Reflect What is the good life that you daily pursue What do your decisions and how you relate to others reveal Would your dealing with responsibility, free time, how you think indicate Christ is the center Is it possible that your Christianity may, in fact, exclude Christ What tends to compete with Christ for the center of your world Might our schedules actually portray what is important to us and gives us joy What are the things that battle for the place only the Lord is to have I recommend this book as a needed corrective for many like me who have been Christians but can stand to check out what God s word says about what it really means to live first for His kingdom Would you like your life to make a difference This book is about having a life that counts for something It is about living to make a differenceWe were made for the one glory that is transcendent the glory of God When you grasp this, your life begins to make a differenceThe big question of life is What glory will you live for each and every day