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I m glad I finally took the time out to read this It was awesome seeing Tupac s words in his own writing for me I agree with most of the others who have reviewed the book on the poems, they really aren t much to get excited about but I don t think the poems themselves were what was is supposed to be concentrated on I think his words in general, his feelings, moods and beliefs, etc were and are what should be looked at I got a kick out of all the poems that were dedicated to a different chick Go Tupac Honestly written with no pretense I am not a fan of his music Reading this book made me see the beauty of this man s soul. [Read Epub] ♿ The Rose That Grew From Concrete ☪ Tupac Shakur S Most Intimate And Honest Thoughts Were Uncovered Only After His Death With The Instant Classic The Rose That Grew From Concrete His Talent Was Unbounded A Raw Force That Commanded Attention And Respect His Death Was Tragic A Violent Homage To The Power Of His Voice His Legacy Is Indomitable As Vibrant And Alive Today As It Has Ever Been For The First Time In Paperback, This Collection Of Deeply Personal Poetry Is A Mirror Into The Legendary Artist S Enigmatic World And Its Many ContradictionsWritten In His Own Hand From The Time He Was Nineteen, These Seventy Two Poems Embrace His Spirit, His Energy And His Ultimate Message Of Hope Kim Lechelle read a poem from this collection by Tupac for Poetry thursday over on You Tube and I had to get this I devoured it upon its arrival Such a fantastic collection of poems His original hand written poems are on the left page and a typed version on the right page The poems cover so many themes from love, fear, devotion, youth, desires, family, etc There was a lot going on this young man s head A lotthan anybody could have imagined Tupac would have been 43 years old this year and would have been proud to see his poems bound so beautifully This book would make a beautiful gift to lovers of poems, Tupac, or just simply a moment of reading sensitivity and realness I would rate this one 4,5 stars if Goodreads would let me Check it out The Rose That Grew From Concrete is a really inspiring book to me I personally think that Tupac was a great writer and rapper Just a great human being all around, that had a pretty rough life Like it says in If I Fail , There was never a life as hard as mine No father no money no chance and no guide Although I don t know much of his history by logic and I don t really hear a lot of his rap, I thought I would give this book a chance I have a classmate that all he hears is pretty much Tupac, and he always wants me to be listening I wasn t ever interested till my other friend showed me this book At first I thought to give it a chance just see what was all the listen to this , and listen to that , about And well of course, the cover is awesome, it brought my attention right away.This book isn t really a story, but it depends how you look at it It s mostly like poems and lyrics to his songs, but they are based on his life For example the poem Under he Skies says My child is out there somewhere under the skies above , he s talking about his daughter Most of these poems got to my heart They explain so much feeling and love out to the reader My favorite poem out of all was And Still I Love U This poem just brought so much feeling into me, it was sad but really romantic Even if u changed your mind and said our love was thru I d want 2 die continuously cry and still I d love u , that quote just hit me But, even if this book made me sad at times, I got to admit it is one of my favorite books Not because you don t need allot of logic to read it or because its not a 500 page book, but because of what it made me feel.He s writing style is not really professional Itlike slang, but it s understandable I think the reason the book was published like this is because it was never meant to be published It was just he s own poems and lyrics to keep to him self But, after he s death it was important for people to recognize what he was about, and I m glad I got that opportunity.Honestly, I really liked this book, I thought it was pretty amazing I think that he s writing is really heartwarming and wonderful I am actuallyinto his music now, I actually listen to the lyrics rather than just the beat I think this book is much like other love life poetry books, but different at the same time Just because the fact that is Tupac, I think that s what makes this book have manyhits.I really encourage you to read this book It will show you the kind of person that Tupac really was Always remember Don t judge a book by its cover. I loved this poetry collection I had no idea that Tupac had actually written poetry, though I ll always be a big fan of his music, especially the socially conscious songs A lot of the poems are heartfelt, bemoaning social issues, injustices and racism A few are also very poignant, especially the one where he talks about his girlfriend suffering from a miscarriage There are also some poems dedicated to the loves of his life,Marilyn Monroe, Nelson Mandela, Vincent Van Gogh, etc The poems show his intelligence and sensitivity and you can almost sense him healing and maturing through his words. Tupac Shakur is the only rapper I like Some of his rap songs could be classified as brilliant urban poetry Since I adore poetry I decided to read this book that I found at the library I had already read the title s poem The Rose That Grew from Concrete online I wasn t sure I would like Tupac s poetry and if it would really touch me, but some of it did Many of the poems in the collection were written in his teen years Tupac s poems talk about growing pains, teenage love and lust, being a young black male in America, his dreams and aspirations, his devotion to his mother even when she disappoints him, America s hypocrisy and racism and indifference to the poor and disenfranchised, revolutionaries like Nelson Mandela and Huey Newton, etc Reading these powerful little poems I feel that they are truly heart felt. I bought this book at Barnes and Nobles and it what a bit pricey for a book of poetry but let me tell you.it was definitely worth it.For starters if you love to read poetry, then this is actually a really good book because it has such deep, and powerful meaning.If you like writing poetry, this book will make you want to write poetry like him as in to have real meaning to your poetry.But aside from that, you guys should definitely read this book because although Tupac may be a thug this guy wrote some real shit What people don t get is that Tupac was actually a very smart man Yeah he was a thug and whatnot but Tupac was really smart He read very often and some people didn t see that He wasn t just a thug making music but the guy was smart I keep saying that he s smart, I know, but it s really true A real Tupac fan will know why I say that Even his MUSIC has such deep meaning and if you listen closely you ll understand If any of you decide to read it contemplate his words from his book because it truly is great. Poems are the reflections of an individual soul we should look at the reflections and ask what we see in our own soul reflected back good, bad or indifferent it is one of the purest ways we can connect as human beings As such I find these poems filled with pure reflections of Tupac and appreciate the fact that he shared them with us. Tupac Shakur.Tupac Shakur.Tupac Shakur I ve resurrected you a gazillion times in my mind, but I realize that you re truly gone gone goneHow did you know through your rhymes it was your time to go You predicted it in every line, all in your flowNas In the event of my Demisewhen my heart can beat no I Hope I Die For A Principleor A Belief that I had Lived 4I will die Before My TimeBecause I feel the shadow s Depthso much I wanted 2 accomplishbefore I reached my DeathI have come 2 grips with the possibilityand wiped the last tear from My eyesI Loved All who were PositiveIn the event of my Demise Tupac Shakur.Tupac Shakur.Tupac Shakurwere you crucified like the son of God, when Lucifer lied and make the world think young blacks should be extinct But Thug Life ll never die, we stay high and just link.Still somehow I believe, we always survive