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I have found a use for these books I have been reading, putting them on top of my recessed cupboards, I can place my decorative items on them, so they may be displayed It is cheaper than using my Fiesta Ware bowls. This book is a prequel to Lord Wraybourne s Betrothed and The Stolen Bride I liked it better than either of the two sequels Chloe is a good mix of headstrong and decorous She understands that marriage based on physical attraction is not enough I empathize with her dilemma and if I were a well off widow in 1810 I would hesitate to marry again especially a man so similar to my first husband Justin is a bit of a pig He claims to love Chloe but he s tempted to seduce her into marrying him He s not very patient and he has a very hot temper where Chloe is concerned He s caring towards his dependents and sometimes kind to Chloe but I couldn t entirely love him The secondary characters are well drawn and unique for the most part Chloe s stuffy suitor is lifted from Georgette Heyer and I was able to peg the villainous characters right away I also figured out where the missing papers were immediately but couldn t figure out how they got there or what Belinda was hiding I kept reading until I finished the book long after I should have been asleep The book is a bit sensual than a traditional Regency romance but less so than most of Jo Beverley s other books There were a few typos but they didn t detract from the story at all If you find Georgette Heyer s traditional Regencies not romantic enough but enjoy the mystery, this one should entertain you. Kindle ☭ The Stanforth Secrets ☪ The Stanforth Secrets Lovers And Ladies,by Jo The Stanforth Secrets Book Readreviews From The World S Largest Community For Readers Though Widowed Chloe Stanforth Loves Her House By The Sea, Pu Readreviews From The World S Largest Community For Readers The Stanforth Secrets Book Review Buy Books Pro The Stanforth Secrets From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Secret Wedding, A Classic Regency Romance Back In Print And In Trade Paperback For The First Time Though The Widowed Chloe Stanforth Loves Her House By The Sea, A Series Of Puzzling Incidents Has Left Her Unsettled And Anxious To Find A New Home The Stanforth Secrets Jo BeverleyThe Stanforth Secrets Jo Beverley OnFREE Shipping On Qualifying Offers From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Secret Wedding , A Classic Regency Romance Back In Print And In Trade Paperback For The First Time Though The Widowed Chloe StanforthThe Stanforth Secrets Jo Beverley Livres Not Retrouvez The Stanforth Secrets Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion The Stanforth Secrets A Rouge Regency Romance EnglishBoutique Kindle Acheter Un Kindle Ebooks Kindle Abonnement Kindle Prime Reading Offre Clair Kindle Applications De Lecture Gratuites Ebooks En Langues Trangres Accessoires Reconditionns Certifis Forum D Aide ContenuThe Stanforth Secrets Kindle Edition By Jo These Promotions Will Be Applied To This Item Some Promotions May Be Combined Others Are Not Eligible To Be Combined With Other Offers For Details, Please See The Terms Conditions Associated With These Promotions Anecdotes Du Film The Stanford Prison Experiment AlloCin Dcouvrez Les Anecdotes, Potins, Voire Secrets Inavouables Autour Du Film The Stanford Prison Experiment Et De Son Tournagesecrets De Tournage Dcouvrir Comme L Exprience DePDF The Stanforth Secrets Download EBook For Free Download The Stanforth Secrets Ebook Free In PDF And EPUB Format The Stanforth Secrets Also Available In Docx And Mobi Read The Stanforth Secrets Online, Read In Mobile Or Kindle The Stanforth Secrets Download EBook Pdf, Epub, The Stanforth Secrets Download The Stanforth Secrets Or Read Online Books In PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, And Mobi Format Click Download Or Read Online Button To Get The Stanforth Secrets Book Now The Stanford Prison Experiment FilmAlloCin Secrets De Tournage En Taule L Exprience De Stanford Galement Appele L Effet Lucifer Est Une Tude De Psychologie Exprimentale Delie Aux Effets De La Situation Carcrale This is Beverley s second book written when she first broke into the romance publishing frontier It reminded me of a Jane Austen or gothic romance but not written as well as some of the ones I have read under that genre The best thing about this book is the mystery, which was hard to figure out The setting, the dark house juxtaposed next to the sea, gave the perfect mysterious atmosphere Unfortunately, the chemistry between the main characters, Chloe and Justin, was lacking Part of this was attributed to their past, when Justin convinced Chloe to marry his cousin Stephen rather than himself she was seventeen at the time Life is too short to make such mistakes with love, and as the reader finds out, the marriage between Chloe and Stephen was a mistake Another minor detail that irritated me was how Justin constantly doubted Chloe Even though Justin thought Chloe was a spy, he needed to let go of his suspicions earlier in the book in order for their romance to develop faster The two characters who interested me the most were Chloe and her cousin, Randal, who constantly flirted with her What was the flirting about Did he like her or was it all part of the time period I want to read about Randal and his future romance Did Beverley ever write a book about his story Overall, it is my least favorite novel by this author and does not do the writer justice like her Rogue series does. As wonderful as the first story that I read in this series, I agaiin found myself charmed by the clean, fun world in which we found ourselves This one actually takes place a few years before The Lord Wraybourne s Betrothal And now that I ve found out the rest of the books in the series, I ll be snatching them up as well The intrigue in this book was a little upfront from the very beginning but was of a political intrigue that the characters got caught up in Sadly, there were deaths though A definitely recommend this to anyone looking to read something fun, charming, humorous, and clean I literally couldn t go to sleep until I d finished it. Perhaps 4 stars is a tad high but I am so appreciative of Jo Beverley s consisently high standard of writing and research I think it s a shame that new readers to her newly in print Regencies are reading them in totally the wrong order as I did It s worth going to her website to figure it out Just off the top of my head, it clearly should be this one first Correct me if I m wrong.So the story Chloe married Stephen and the elopement was orchestrated by his cousin Justin Fast forward, Stephen is dead and Justin is the new viscount His return home is marred by some very mysterious circumstances Oh, guess who s along for the ride Lord Randall Ashby and he s such a marvelous creation I think of him as a mixture of Nicholas and Lucien. This book is part of a series of books by Jo Beverley that are called love stories They are what the name implies love stories, but without some of the bodice ripping action that we often see in romances these days.The two main characters were likable, and they had a lot of romantic tension between them The mystery plot in the book was not obvious at all I really wasn t sure how it would end up until the characters solved it I enjoyed this book a good bit It was fun, light reading, as is usual with Jo Beverley However, I like her longer, steamy books a bit better. 3.5 stars This was a mellow mystery plot with an easy steady pace Basically an ambling stroll kind of book There was minimal angst, an off scene pairing of the leads who knew and loved each other ages before we meet them, and I suppose mild drama No great feeling of threat to the set up, despite deaths occurring Relaxing overall, definitely not a standout but absolutely nothing to offend or irritate. Author Jo BeverleyFirst published 1989Length 307 pagesSetting Regency Lancashire.Sex cleanHero Soldier, unexpected Viscount Cousin to Chloe s late husband and helped them elope.Heroine Eloped very young from schoolroom now widowed Marriage was difficult.Includes Author s notes and excerpt from The Stolen Bride.A soft romance with a simple and very obvious mystery enveloping the HEA of Chloe and Stephen Easy and simple, obviously an early work, but enjoyable all the same.Sadly, Chloe and Stephen lacked chemistry leaving it a perfectly okay book.Nothing special But readable Very bubble gum for the brain.2.5 stars rounded up.Loosely linked series with recurring characters Lord Wraybourne s Betrothed 1988 Jane Sandiford and Lord WraybourneThe Stanforth Secrets 1989 Chloe Stanforth and Justin DelamereThe Stolen Bride 1990 Sophie Kyle and Lord Randal AshbyEmily and the Dark Angel 1991 Miss Emily Grantwich and Piers Verderan If Fancy be the Food of Love 1991 in A Regency Valentine Chart Ashby and Miss Juno RathbourneThe Fortune Hunter 1991 Miss Amy de Lacy and Harry CrispDeirdre and Don Juan 1993 Mark Juan Carlos Renfrew, Earl of Everdon and Dierdre StowReferences Author s website ISBN 978 0 451 22912 0 CR 3.5 Stars I picked this one up because I ve loved other books Jo Beverley has written, most notably, the Malloren series This book was totally different from the Mallorens though This is a traditional Regency, definitely less steam and excitement It still had good characters, but I don t think they were as fleshed out as they would ve been in a longer novel, neither their personalities or their relationship had a whole lot of time to be expanded upon However, there was a nice little mystery about a missing list of French spies in Britain, and who could have it It was actually a good mystery that kept me guessing for awhile There was also a good supporting cast of characters, Belinda, Chloe and Justin s Aunt by marriage, who is a suspect, the daft old Dowager and her companion, some sneaky footmen, and a lot of fuss about apples and potatoes That s because the list is hidden in wax fruit, but the problem is, in French, apples are pommes and potatoes are pommes de terre correct me if I m wrong, that s what the book says , so everyone s looking for an apple, but the darn thing is really a potato, causing a lot of problems There were some amusing moments in this book that sort of made me laugh, but no real deep, strong emotional connection to the characters This is definitely PG 13, there s nothing sexual between the characters except for a kiss or two, which oddly is something I ve never read in a romance before However, I am a little curious about Chloe s cousin Randal, who has his own book in The Stolen Bride , as well as a couple other people who were mentioned who have their own stories According to the author, and this site, this is the 2nd book in the series, but chronologically, the story in this book takes place before the events in the other books If I see the others in the series for a good deal, I ll probably pick them up.