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A really tough book to read The author is pretty open about the man she was married to who died in Iraq Being a New York Times reporter, she also needed to know exactly how he died for herself and for their son who had only been months old when his father was killed and that was different than waht the Army had originally told her Heartbreaking in places because her grief is very open. This is an amazing love story You know the tragic ending from the outset, which makes reading about the incredible love that the author shared with Master Sargeant Charles King before he was killed in Iraq all the heart wrenching Ultimately, though, I was buoyed by Dana Canedy s amazing courage and by the knowledge that she has a beautiful baby boy to remind her of the love that she and Charles experienced for 10 unforgettable years As an editor for the NY Times, Canedy definitely knows how to write Despite the heaviness of the story, I found the book hard to put down and I read right through every page of notes and acknowledgements because I didn t want the book to end. #FREE PDF Õ A Journal for Jordan Ì In , First Sergeant Charles Monroe King Began To Write What Would Become A Two Hundred Page Journal For His Son In Case He Did Not Make It Home From The War In Iraq Charles King, Forty Eight, Was Killed On October When An Improvised Explosive Device Detonated Under His Humvee On An Isolated Road Near Baghdad His Son, Jordan, Was Seven Months Old A Journal For Jordan Is A Mother S Letter To Her Son Fierce In Its Honesty About The Father He Lost Before He Could Even Speak It Is Also A Father S Advice And Prayers For The Son He Will Never KnowA Father Figure To The Soldiers Under His Command, Charles Moved Naturally Into Writing To His Son In Neat Block Letters, He Counseled Him On Everything From How To Withstand Disappointment And Deal With Adversaries To How To Behave On A Date And He Also Wrote, From His Tent, Of Recovering A Young Soldier S Body, Piece By Piece, From A Tank And The Importance Of Honoring That Young Man S Life He Finished The Journal Two Months Before His Death While Home On A Two Week Leave, So Intoxicated With Love For His Infant Son That He Barely Slept Finally, This Is The Story Of Dana And Charles Together Two Seemingly Mismatched Souls Who Loved Each Other Deeply She Was A Pulitzer Prize Winning Editor For The New York Times Who Struggled With Her Weight He Was A Decorated Military Officer With A Sculpted Body Who Got His News From Television She Was Impatient, Brash, And Cynical About Love He Was Excruciatingly Shy And Stubborn, And Put His Military Service Before Anything Else In These Pages, We Relive With Dana The Slow Unfolding Of Their Love, Their Decision To Become A Family, The Chilling News That Charles Has Been Deployed To Iraq, And The Birth Of Their Son In Perhaps The Most Wrenching Chapter In The Book, Dana Recounts Her Search For Answers About Charles S Death Unsatisfied With The Army S Official Version Of What Happened And Determined To Uncover The Truth, She Pored Over Summaries Of Battalion Operations Reports And Drew On Her Well Honed Reporting Skills To Interview The Men Who Were With Charles On His Last Convoy, His Commanding Officers, And Other Key Individuals In The End, She Arrived At An Account Of Charles S Death And His Last Days In His Battalion That Was Difficult To Face Than The Story She Had Been Told, But That Affirmed The Decency And Courage Of This Warrior And Father A Journal For Jordan Is A Tender Introduction, A Loving Good Bye, A Reporter S Inquiry Into Her Soldier S Life, And A Heartrending Reminder Of The Human Cost Of War From The Hardcover Edition Adult nonfiction Someone else might really love this book, but I didn t Journalists always think we want to read whatever story they have to tell, and they take their sweet time telling it, too Sometimes we do want to read it, but I just couldn t bring myself to care about this one though the mother s letters to her son in regards to his deceased dad probably do make a good story I had wanted to read of what the dad had to say for he also wrote letters to the son in fact, a whole book full of them, and unlike the journalist ma, he had experienced the war in person, and had taken the time to record what he would have wanted to say to his son had he survived , and I didn t want to have to wade through the long winded slush to find it I don t know if it would have been appropriate to publish his writings, anyway, as it was intended for his son, but it would have been a lot interesting. I saw this book come thru found myself reading it for a long time A big NO NO, but I was caught up I read the whole book in one day cried my eyes out The story is very heart warming, but also very sad As a girl from a family where every man was in the military, married to a man whose family is the same way I read a lot into the story that may not be there for people without the experience of dealing w the military or the fear you feel when one of your relatives is off serving their country during a war Dana Canedy s writing touched me deep inside with the description of how frustrating the military can be, the crippling loss of a soul mate, and the joys of a mother even during the most difficult time in your life I recommend this book to anyone that wants to read about how love loss can sometimes be intertwined. Wow What a fantastically moving tribute to an incredible person, relationship and legacy Dana Canedy, a talented journalist, shares so honestly in this memoir that it makes an indelible impression, which is the best possible tribute to her fallen hero fiance, Charles King, and their son, Jordan for whom, ostensibly, this book is written This is truly a gift to us all, written so compellingly.In recounting the story of her life, of that of her now deceased fiance, of the love that they developed and of the son whose life is a testament to a life well lived, the author is unflinchingly honest Frankly, some of the least enjoyable parts of the book are honest revelations about the limitations of her own character, at least until she accepted her fiance s love fully and was transformed, especially by the birth of their son As impressive as her own journey has been, her unflinching portrayal of herself is at times quite unflattering, but adds a depth to the story that makes her transformation all the impressive and amazing.Simply put, this is a love story first between two adults who don t seem perfectly matched largely because one of them refuses to drop this defense pretense and then between two parents and a special little boy who becomes the living embodiment of their love If you are by nature skeptical or have even given up on love, this book will rattle you and, perhaps, give you the courage to hope, as its core love story is as inspiring as it is transcendent.Yet, as well as this memoir is done, one can t help but be saddened by the reality that created it It paints a vivid, all too human picture of the true cost of America s foreign policy, especially its choice to go war in recent years No matter how you feel politically about the Iraq War, you will be indelibly apprised of its cost At perhaps too high a cost, A Journal for Jordan reminds us that freedom isn t free and reminds us to be demanding of our leaders to insure that we achieve it at an effective cost.Read this book and you will have your belief in the ultimate triumph of the human spirit as well as your appreciation for the pathos that accompanies it enhanced It is a compelling read, a touching memoir and a most memorable, inspiring human story. Beautifully written and very inspirational My fiance was in the same company and thought of First Srg King as a father and a guardian angel He shared some of his funny memories he had with him and he was an amazing man My fiance wouldnt read the book He said he was there he didnt need to read it I read it behind his back to see kind of what he went through and to try to understand She makes you love this man Hes truly amazing and the definition of a hero You feel like his family too By the end of the book i couldnt function I cried a lot..and I gave my fiance a long hug She is an amazingly strong women My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. I picked this book up on the off chance and found that I couldn t put it down Dana wrote from the heart, and it s an appealing mix of her memories and the journal her fiance wrote for their infant son Punches aren t pulled she s as critical of herself as anyone else and what comes across is a loving family, a reminder of why we go to war and a beautiful memoir. I feel so honored to have caught a glimpse of Dana Canedy and her husband s love story and experience with the war in Iraq As I tearfully finished this treasure, I wished there was a book like this for the 1000 soldiers who have died since her husband, Charles, in that war I know they each have a story and we would benefit from knowing it.I am so indebted to books like this that teach me the value of a person and help me get back to the reality of life We affect those around us with everything we think, feel, and do I will feel differently as I stand with my hand over my heart and pay tribute to the flag in the next 4th of July parade, that s for sure I ll be thinking of Dana Canedy, of her sweet soldier in heaven, and of their son Jordan She is a very good writer She has a knack with writing so honestly that I really feel I got a true picture She put in the good, the bad, the very personal, yet in a way where I didn t feel, as a reader, that she was being indulgent I felt she was giving me something beautiful I like how she presents a true story and I m left with questions about her husband just as she is I question the value of our involvement in Iraq when it leads to such torn families and devastating results in individual cases I don t think I understand war and why men feel they need to leave their families to go fight I don t understand war on a big scale, but I m very appreciative of the sacrifices made on an individual, personal level. 3.5 stars Having heard about this book in a few magazines, I expected it to be a collection of the writings of Charles King, who wrote a journal for his infant son while in Iraq, then was killed, having spent only two weeks with his son Well, there are snippets from this journal for Jordan in here, but this isn t the main focus of it I suppose I started reading with different expectations of what the pages would entail Instead of just highlighting the journal he wrote for the son, the mom the book s author, Dana Canedy, who writes for the NYT put together this Each chapter is written as a letter from her to their son, telling him about her background, the father s background, how they met, their relationship, and about the father in general so the son can get to know him through these stories and writings Short selections from the father s journal are included to highlight his personality and thoughts The son, Jordan, I m sure, will treasure this book someday in that way, it reminded me a lot of The Last Lecture I thought the book was pretty interesting overall, but it felt like a book with an audience of one ie, Jordan in mind Conversations from the past that were written as dialogue by the author felt a little stiff or wooden, which kinda tripped me up every time, and some of the parts left me frustrated with the people and their decisions I suppose that s what you expect when you read something about real people the author doesn t have the luxury to make certain events interesting Anyway, it was good overall but not something I d reread or necessarily recommend to others But, like I said above, I am sure the son, Jordan, will be grateful for this book someday.