BOOK ♴ ワンパンマン 5 [Wanpanman 5] ☳

Mumen rider is a class C hero with a class S heart Mumen Rider BOOK ⚖ ワンパンマン 5 [Wanpanman 5] ♭ S THE ART Yusuke Murata is a god.Genos and Mumen Rider are the true stars of this volume along with Puri Puri Prisoner lol, I can t with that one Such good guys And, of course, Saitama is just as OP as ever but his amazing character traits shine through his bored demeanorandwith each volume Overall, amazing series. One Punch Man starts to inject some drama in the series, and that is the gradual acceptance of the people, his peers in the Hero Association that Saitama is indeed a true hero He still continues to prove to the readers that he is the One Punch Man, capable of defeating his enemies with only one punch Even though his enemies seem to get stronger and stronger, I don t want that central theme to change.Volume 5 gives the series some depth and soul without sacrificing the things which has been established in the previous volumes Being the strongest puncher in the world doesn t mean Saitama has a VIP ticket in both rank promotion and crowd acceptance After all, not everybody shares the same philosophy he might be strong, yet some people still see him as a ruse Though Saitama is a self proclaimed hero for fun and someone who doesn t need any recognition, we begin to see that this charming bald protagonist isthan the yellow, white and red He has a heart that hurts too.This fifth book also expands the ever growing roster of diverse heroes, some we might never hear of again while some might stay in the story for a while This gives space for ONE and Yusuke Murata some awesome filler action scenes that allow these heroes some time to shine And that is actually good because the action sequences here are over the top awesome One Punch Man doesn t fail to entertain me It is light, humorous, violent and definitely crazy. one punch man is the bestest thing in the world I still love this series, also the bicyclist for justice is on the cover Not as interesting as the last book and takes some time before One Punch makes an appearance Still an intriguing series but not the best volume and only offers little insight into the bigger mythology of the series. Mangas are exactly what I need at the moment, light, interesting and absolutely enjoyable Plus funny for OPM Great volume Complete action Continues on from the last volume with the Sea King villian He wants to eat everybody and hero upon hero comes to take him on but he s too powerful, until finally One Punch shows up But when the people finally want to give One Punch the credit he says they must give it to the others for all the effort they put into weakening him first First time OP let s his arrogance down Then finally he get s a letter with an upranking and a chance to move up into the next class So while this volume is total battle action, One Punch is developing character and finally making some friends.